Ready to See my New Tummy! Tummy Tuck With MR and Vertical Scar - Atlanta, GA

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I am a mother of two and have a wonderful husband...

I am a mother of two and have a wonderful husband but I have wanted a mommy makeover in forever but I was too chicken to do both surgeries at once. So now its my turn for a skin only tummy tuck with no muscle repair (doctors recommendation). At first, I was scared of the full scar and was only interested in getting a mini tummy tuck but later decided why not get the full and pray that my scar will heal nicely and not be so long! Yes I am terrified of scars...LOL. I work out about 5x a week and was tired of being so frustrated with my stomach not looking like the rest of my body. Not only do I want to be able to wear a two piece bikini but a two piece workout outfit and not feel self conscious about my wrinkly stomach. The joke amongst my husband and friends is that I say my stomach looks like Freddy Cougar...hey I have to laugh at something to stay sane about this stomach.
On another note I am 118 pounds and can't wait for the day however I know the hardest part for me will be not being able to workout....ugh. My doctor and husband are making me promise to stick to the 6 week rule but I am so not looking forward to that. Any other ladies who workout alot? What did you do to stay sane? LOL! I am so nervous its not even funny. 2 years ago I had a BA and was not near as nervous as I am now.... I haven't told many about this surgery mainly because I always get the girl are you crazy look. And I have to say no I am not crazy but I just know how I want my body to look. I am blessed to have two wonderful kids and the battle scars to prove it however its time for mommy to get her body back! Anyways wish me luck and thanks to all the other reviews!!

Some more belly shots

2 weeks to go!! Woohoo!

So my date is has been moved up a day! Woo-hoo!! One day closer to the flat side...LOL. I have my pre-op tomorrow and surgery is scheduled for 10:00 am on April 2 nd...I can't wait. I will have to be honest and say I did go through a period of questioning myself. I have been asking myself am I a vain person for this? I look great in clothes and then I smacked myself out of it and realized me having this surgery is not saying I am not thankful and happy for my body...but I just want my body back and I am a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes after having kids!!! I have been sticking to my healthy diet and working out because I am hoping this will make recovery a little better.
Has anyone's doctor told them to stop drinking certain shakes? I will confirm tomorrow but this is what his coordinator told me when she called to change the appointment. Otherwise, I am ready and counting down the days!


Height - 5'2
Weight - 117
Waist - 25

One week to go!

The countdown has officially begun! I have all my prescriptions filled. I haven't been as strict with my eating habits like I have been in the past and I have worked out only 3X a week these last two weeks. I don't know if this is part of nerves settling in or what but I don't like it...LOL! I have upped my water intake which I am proud of so I guess I can be happy about that. Next week this time I will be recovering...gosh I can't wait!!

My last weekend!!

Woohoo! Next weekend I will officially be rid of my Freddy Kruger stomach!!! I am so excited. Yes, the nerves have set in...I can't believe I am so nervous...I usually never am. I have been wanting a glass of wine sooooo bad.....and I am trying to adhere to the rules! I plan to have a nice weekend with the hubby and kids and get a little cleaning started. My hubby will have to be mommy for two days before the kids start spring break so I am crossing my fingers. He is an amazing father but nothing like mommy when it comes to planning and getting off to school ON TIME!! LOL I am a stay at home mom so I am use to doing it and love it. Have a great weekend everyone and pics of my flat stomach will be here soon!!!

It's done!!!!

Welcome me to the flat side!!! My surgery was today at 7:00 am had to be there by 6. I was so nervous in the car riding to the hospital I could feel my stomach knotting up. They hooked my IV up and I requested the patch for nausea and the next thing I remember was the nurse waking me up. I didn't feel much pain just a tightness like I had completed about 500 crunches. We made it back to the house , I got in our bed, took my medicine and the rest was history. Gosh did my body need that nap...LOL
I can honestly say I am not in alot of pain. I know its different for everyone so we will see how the rest of the day goes. If I had to describe the pain I would say it feels like I have been doing crunches all day. I am not sure if my doctor tightened my muscles or what kind of scar but I will find all this out from my phone call tonight or appointment on Friday. I have been able to walk pretty good with just a slight hunch in my back. Even though I haven't seen anything I am pretty amazed already because of the pain levels. I did not have a C-section with my kids so I haven't had the experience with that to compare the two. I can say the worst part of all this are these DRAINS! They keep poking and sticking me so I am over them already and its just day one...LOL
I will try to get a peak and post photos. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Day 2!

I made it to day2!! woohoo! The pain once again has not been too bad. I did make a mistake and take my pain medicine a little late earlier and I felt every bit of pain so I know I won't be doing that again. Remember ladies if you can try and take your pain meds about 15 mins earlier than scheduled helps. I slept great last night in my own bed. I had a couple of pillows behind me and one under my knees. I have been going to the bathroom non-stop but just to pee. I started taking my stool softener and laxative yesterday. I did have a lot of gas pains in my stomach so I started walking around so I could hopefully get things moving. The tight stomach is no joke ladies so drink plenty of water and try to move around as soon as you can. I don't have a pic of my husband is to chicken to loosen my binder...LOL. But I was able to lift it up and see a little bit. My first docs appointment is tomorrow so hopefully I can get some pics.

Still feeling great!

Today was my first appointment since the surgery. Everything looks great except I was a little bummed that I had to have a vertical scar but he assured me that would heal and I eventually won't notice it. He said it was either a vertical scar or leave some of the stretch marks. I must say ALL of my stretch marks are gone so I am happy. I go back on Tuesday to get my drains out and glue off. I am walking pretty upright...they were shocked at how fast and upright I was walking. I am down to only 1 pain medication every 4 hours. Still no #2....hopefully it will happen by the weekend.
My appetite has really picked up...I got on the scale which was probably not a good idea...I am at 121 pounds...I am blaming that on water weight! Oh last night I picked up my walking around the room and that really helped with getting some gas out and walking upright. So ladies if you can the sooner you start walking the better I believe for the outcome. Have a great weekend!!

Swelling, Tightness, and Rumbles!

Today is the third day and not much has changed. I am a little on the fence because I feel like I look like spongebob square pants! LOL. I know its just the swelling so I have to tell myself to be patient. I am still not liking the vertical scar however the nurse keeps assuring me that will heal better than the horizontal scar....hmmmm. My best friend keeps telling me in the long run you will be happy with the vertical scar and no stretch marks. I must say I still can't believe he was able to remove all my stretch marks because they were so far above my belly button.
I have not made it to the bathroom for #2....patiently waiting. I don't feel constipated I just have a lot of rumbles and gas going on in my tummy. I started taking the miralax twice a day now as well as the stool softners. I was down to taking one pain med every 4-6 hours but took two earlier because I was tired of feeling the burning sensation from the drains. I know this sounds crazy but I really believe the drains are the worst part so I can't wait to get these bad boys removed. Crossing my fingers for Tuesday! Happy healing ladies and here are some pictures from today for those who asked.

Heaven on Earth

So late last night was the worse. My body kept telling me I needed to make #2 so I thought I was ready being that I was taking the miralax and stool softners but boy was I wrong. What I thought would be a short bathroom trip turned into a couple of hours on the toilet. It was the worse feeling of my joke. I was so constipated that while nothing would come out everything was sitting halfway in and out and I couldn't pee on top of that. Also, my lovely hemroids (sorry if TMI) that I received from birthing two beautiful kids were now out and in full effect. I say all this to say ladies make sure you take an extra dose of laxative and stool softners or whatever you choose to use just to be on the safe side because last night was not pretty. This morning, I was determined to get everything out so I did. It was uncomfortable and painful but I felt like I was in heaven afterwards! I even think my stomach stopped feeling so tight. I stopped taking the hydrocodon and started on Advil so we will see how this goes!

laying down....middle of day

Hello Back Pain

Yes this is me being a baby...LOL. I AM OVER THESE DRAINS....and this back pain is not cool either. Otherwise so far so good. I must admit that I tried to get up and cook for the family today and my hubby was so mad at me. I can't help it...I am not use to sitting for this long. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old...they never allowed me to sit...LOL. Today was my first real day of emotions. I went from feeling good, to miserable then depressed. I think its more of me wanting to do things. I am so not the sit around type of person...I am that person that feels its always something to do. Yes I need to get out this I would give my right leg to be able to go to the gym...Ok I will stop being a baby and be positive for all of you soon to be on the flat side. Yes, I still think its worth it but just having my own pity party.

Its a beautiful day!!!

Extra Extra read all about drains are out!!!!! Woohoo! You ladies just don't understand how excited I was to have these things out. And the best part after that was that I finally could take a shower! Woosahhh!!!!! I think that was the best shower ever...LOL! I didn't want to get out. I wanted to shave and do everything but I kept it pretty normal bc I kept reading about how some got dizzy but thankfully I didn't have any problems. The drains coming out were not that bad at all. My PS numbed the areas a little bit and then pulled them out. I feel the pain a little bit in my rib cage on one side where I could feel the drain through my stomach but other than that piece of cake....nothing to worry about.
He explained in detail about the vertical scar and said bc I was so small to begin with it was either a small vertical scar or have my scar keep going around my back and he made the decision on the vertical scar. All in all I am no longer worried about it...I feel confident in my PS that he knows what he is talking about! And the main thing is that now my stomach will match the rest of my body!!! I am so was a good day. Oh I am no longer on the pain meds and walking pretty straight! My PS still wants me to take it easy....he doesn't want me to start walking around or anything. He said I can take a light stroll to the mailbox...yippie! LOL..So even though this will be harder than the actual surgery and maybe those darn drains I will listen and not mess up the masterpiece! .Happy healing fellow TT's! I can't wait to see our bikini pics soon!!

One more thing...

Oh I forgot to the time I got home and showered...well we stopped by the grocery store hello kitty looked like a catchers mitt! Holy cow....just a little warning! LOL!

Almost at 2 weeks!

What can I say....each day gets better and better and you start to believe you did the right thing! I think on day 7 or 8 I felt like I was going backwards with my recovery. I was walking more hunched over, my back was aching and even my left knee was starting to hurt. I was feeling like a loser mom who didn't help around the house and play with her kids. My husband sat me down and told me to relax and take a pain pill (I had stopped at like day 4) and so I did that night. I don't know if it was the pain pill or what but that morning which ended up being a Saturday it was like I was a new person. I woke up with energy. I wasn't walking so hunched over and I didn't have a lot of pain or swelling was crazy. We ended up going to 3 kids birthday parties (yes I said 3) and when I got home that night I was tired but just a normal tired and went to bed and woke up with the same energy! I say all this to say hang in there because the pity party for yourself will come and its completely normal. Also, if your feeling pain from walking hunched over just break down and take some real medicine. It did wonders for me and this is coming from someone who hates taking medicine.
In regards to my incision..I am still loving it however does anyone know when the glue and dried blood comes off? My PS did tell me I could wipe it off with peroxide but I have been scared to do that...don't know I just look at it in the shower and hope it will magically disappear by the time I get out. LOL! Oh well, Happy Sunday fellow TT's and just know everyone is so right when they say take one day at a time because you feel a little better and closer to your old self as each day passes!

2 weeks and swell hell!

So its my two weeks mark and I feel great. Still a lot of swelling especially as the day gets going but I hear thats to be expected. I still wear my binder...24/7..I only take it off to shower...yeah bad I know but I feel so much put together with that thing! My 2 week appointment with my doctor is tomorrow so I am curious to see how that goes. Here are a couple of pics. I am very swollen but you get to see how differently everyone heals. And yes I have not did a thing to my scar or belly button. So it still has glue and dried blood on it but I don't want to touch it or pick it off. Its falling off on its own as the days go by and I am comfortable with that...however it does look like I don't shower....LOL. My PS doesn't start any strips or anything prior so we will see if he starts them tomorrow. Take care all my fellow TT's and happy healing!

2 week appointment

So everything went well! I thought I had a seroma....stomach was feeling weird but nope just swelling. I can't remember when everyone says the weeks are for bad swelling but I hope I am going through this now. I guess I am getting anxious to see the real results. I am down to 113....yes I will soon disappear I feel. I like to be thin but with muscle and tone. I feel like the rest of my body is sagging...ugh. I know it seems like I am complaining but I am not its just when you have worked out as much as I have and are use to your body having a certain muscle tone it can get depressing. But hey the bright side is now I have a flat tummy. I still am not cleared to work out...he doesn't recommend starting anything until after 4 weeks including sex (bummer). I can't start using any strips or anything until the glue is off. I think I realized I need to come up with a new hobby that requires sitting..LOL. I am starting to get bored during the day (I am a stay at home mom) however by the time the kids come home I am tired...does that make sense? I have caught up on all my ratchet t.v shows so something has to give. Just kidding, I am going to behave and keep it simple until I have the green light.

Question for you ladies...when were you able to start sleeping on your side? This whole back thing is killing me. I have been sleeping in my bed since day one so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I tried it a couple of nights ago and it was not a good look!

What a difference a day makes

Ok so I know this is going to sound weird but earlier in the week I upped my water in take and started back drinking my green tea with honey every morning and on Thursday evening and today I haven't really had swelling. I have read on other reviews to drink lots of water but I mainly concentrated on that right after surgery but I can tell you both things have really made a difference for me. This all can just be in my head but just thought I would share.
Also, I have two questions...has anyone's appetite increased since surgery? Granted my metabolism has always been high but I am literally hungry all the time..kind of scary since I can't do my normal workouts. Also, does anyone have like a wave feeling in their stomach from time to time? I don't know if I am describing it with the right word but it happens daily. Happy healing and enjoy the weekend!

Another day...more swelling

I have almost reached the 3 week mark and I must say time does fly by. I can remember like it was yesterday when I couldn't wait to get here. I say this to say if you are at day 1-3...just keep pressing because the weeks will go by before you know it. I still swell throughout the doesn't matter if I have a light day or not. I actually think anytime I get up to start walking and moving around I feel like I immediately feel the swelling coming on. It all rushes to my hello kitty.

Things I notice and can do:
The glue is slowly coming off. I am making sure not to pick it. My belly button is still weird looking and swollen. When I have been sitting and get up I start out a little hunched but then end up a little straighter as I take more steps. My scar is starting to itch a I am happy because I hear thats a sign of healing. My stomach still feels tight but trying to get a little softer if that makes sense. My legs only have hair on them a little below my knees to my ankles! For some reason in the shower it feels funny to bend all the way down....yeah I could probably get a seat to sit down but oh well what the heck. I am horny as hell....but scared as a chicken to actually do the do! My lovely husband told me over the weekend that he promises me that no surgery took place on or near my mouth.....HA! Sorry is that is TMI. But heck this is REALSELF! Just one more week...doctors orders...LOL! I refuse to be the wife in the show "Being MaryJane"...(you had to see it to understand)! Other than that my energy level is picking up....sleeping on my side is still not completely comfortable. I still wear my binder but its now starting to rise up and I can feel in the middle of the night it gets looser. The weather has been nice for a change in Atlanta so it makes me want to go more week and I am free! Happy healing!

3 weeks baby!!!

I know it hasn't been that long since I posted but 3 weeks sure makes a difference! I am able to sleep on my side...hallelujah! I am walking with more pep in my step. I can lift up in the bed from a straight position to sitting straight up (woohoo)! My back doesn't hurt as much but my shoulders and neck are a little stiff which makes me believe its time for a massage. I haven't tried to sleep on my stomach yet but will start trying. It still feels funny when I bend over so haven't shaved my bottom part of my legs yet however I think that's a good thing because it keeps me inside the house and not doing much...yes I can be vain (I hate hair)! Here are some pics....I am especially excited about the close up of the scar. I still have the glue on but its slowly peeling off. Oh, I will say I did go through a moment the other day of thinking I can't believe I spent this money but it quickly went out the door....happy wife, happy life right?!! Happy healing! Off to lurk on this site at your pictures.

Finally made it to 4 weeks!

So its been 4 weeks since my tummy tuck with MR and vertical scar and I have to say it all gets better with time. By all means I am not at 100% but I would say maybe 70%. I say that because I have not worked out yet, I still get a little tired faster than I would have normally would before my surgery, I am still swollen here and there and I notice if I am sitting for a while I start out walking a little hunched and then become straighter. Other than that I am happy with my results however I am hoping my belly button flattens out and become an innie. My PS says its still swollen so I will just wait and see. The glue is slowly hanging on to a couple of spots. I was told to not pick at it so its just a waiting game. I don't see my PS until next week so I will wait to see what I am cleared to do and if I can start using any special creams, strips, etc. My scar doesn't necessarily itch but has a stinking sensation at times.
For those that have been concerned about themselves having a vertical scar I will say I am so pleased. I can barely see it just like my PS said. That incision will for sure be faded sooner. Here are a couple of pictures and happy healing everyone!

Another quick update

I always like to read reviews where people say what has changed and hasn't and forgot to add in my previous post. My weight is now at 115. I can sleep on my side but not for the whole night. For some reason my stomach area and back starts to hurt and I turn over on my back which is weird because I was a side and stomach sleeper. I have been able to lay on my stomach but not sleep. I try to lay on my stomach for atleast a couple of minutes a day. I don't know why...just something I am doing. I bit the bullet and shaved my legs first sitting in my tub then I got in the shower. It still feels funny on my tummy to bend over for long periods of time. Most importantly I got my monthly wax and oh boy what a feeling?!!!! Everything was so sensitive down there I wanted to scream. LOL. I am pretty good when it comes to pain but I wasn't ready for that. I think the more it was closer to the incision line the more I squirmed. I can get out of bed pretty quickly but if I make a wrong turn I feel it. My stomach has started having a dropping feeling like I am on a roller coaster....has anyone experienced this? I am still wearing my binder....yes its my security however you would think as much as I wear this thing I wouldn't be so swollen. I swear I feel like I am the only one still so swollen at 4 weeks.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday are a few pictures of me in the morning. I am still swollen but I guess that is to be expected for some. I notice when I stand up for longer periods of time most of my swelling is still down below...I pray this goes away before June. I am celebrating my 35th birthday with my girlfriends in Miami and don't want to have to worry about being swollen all the time. Next week is my doc appointment so I can't wait to see if he says I can start using anything or if I can switch my binder up and most importantly start working out. Did any of you start with squats? Or was that something your docs wanted you to wait on? My butt is so saggy...ok enough complaining!

Happy Hump Day!

Hi ladies! I haven't been on in almost a month...but I feel good! There's still some swelling down the middle of my stomach which includes my BB. But I am hanging in there. I still get the zingers every now and then but it doesn't hurt as much to sneeze or cough anymore. I have been cleared to do all exercises and I have tried them all. I can do almost everything except full on abs like I use to. They started to hurt after a couple. I haven't tried my headstands in yoga...still really scared about that but give me a couple more months...LOL. My scars are healing nicely. I went through the red faze a couple of weeks ago. Now I think its going through a dark faze. I have only used coco butter on it. I wear my binder every other day and not a night. I also swell more when my eating is not as good I downfall are chips and the swelling and tightness really shows. Other than that I need to get serious about the gym to start toning up but otherwise I am a happy camper. I can't wait to see how I feel and look in a year! It gets better ladies....I promise!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

From the moment I walked in to the moment leaving I felt comfortable with Dr. Crispin and his staff. I wasn't a stranger to plastic surgery so I knew what to expect but I felt at ease with him. I didn't feel rushed, and he didn't have any problems answering my many questions. He also didn't sugar coat anything when it came to my working out questions and me possibly having a vertical scar. I have went to and read about several consultations where the doctor will tell you anything you want to hear to get your money and then your not happy with your results and I am so happy that wasn't the case. Overall I am happy with my decision with Dr. Crispin and to top it off his lovely staff members Jennifer and Stephanie are hands down the best!!

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