36 Year Old DONE Having Kids and Ready to Get Body Back

After much searching, found my surgeon Dr. Farà ...

After much searching, found my surgeon Dr. Farà in Atlanta, GA. My pre op appointment is this Thursday 11-17. So excited this is going to happen!! I've been through this before a long time ago after a car wreck that I had so I'm dreading the recovery time. This time around I'm going for a pain pump and more rest. I will keep everyone updated.


Had my PreOp completed last week, and I have been cleared for surgery! My surgery date is 12/5 @ 7:30 am, and I have to be at the hospital by 6:00 am. My doctor gave me a list of everything that I need, and what to start and stop taking. Boy! It's a long and intimidating list... I've ordered everything off of Amazon (including a walker), and now it's all a waiting game. 9 more days and the day is here.

Today was the DAY! And so Day 1 of recovery begins

I arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am and was rolled to the operating room at 7:45. My procedure full tummy tuck with entire back liposuction ended at 1:15. I have a pain pump that will expire on my follow up visit which is this Thursday. My back is leaking and making a mess from the liposuction, and all the numbing medicine had officially wore off, so I'm in a great deal of pain, mostly my sides and back, but mostly from the drains. The drains feel like a burning pulling sensation and I will be so glad when they are removed.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good. He is the chief of surgery so I think I'm in pretty good hands. It's a little different for me picking a surgeon, because I look for different qualities in a surgeon than the average female, because I work in the OR. Yes, bedside manner is important, but closing techniques and hospitals matter most to me.

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