Smart Lipo on my Upper & Lower Ab, Arms, Bra Roll and Flanks - Atlanta, GA

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My name is Mrs T. I am 5'1 and 165 lbs to be...

My name is Mrs T. I am 5'1 and 165 lbs to be exact. I was approx 132lbs( which is a normal and max weight for my height)a year a go and recently found out that I have hyperthyroid dec 2010. I have gain unexplainable weight that can't be accounted for. I am a healty eater and have been dieting since I can remember. I am a 31 yrs old female with no children and work out at least 3 - 4 times a week and play tennis. I am married and would like to start working on having kids. My biggest fear is packing on baby weight on top of this current weight. My friend told me she would be having this procedure done after countless research and suggested that I try it. She will be getting hers done on Feb 22nd and I am counting on her results and level of experience through the procedure and what I see her go through in order to move forward with my procedure. Even though I have put my deposit down, my doctor said that it is completely refundable.

I have flabs under my arms and my flanks hang when I wear my bra and the bra fat spills also. I hardly have a tummy, but I will like to get it as flat as possible. I am going in for my consultation March 1st and my procedure will be done March 3rd. I have done alot of research and watched videos on youtube about smart lipo. I am scared, but I want to get back to my normal weight and need a jump start since my healty eating and workout is not producing a fast result. Reading all the comments on this site has been really helpful and it seems like this procedures has worked for 90% of the people and just 10% are not satisfied.

I will keep you all posted on my journey through this procedure. I would like to help the next person as the research from the previous people on here and their results helped me make my decision in getting it done. Wish me luck yall!

In preparation for my upcoming Smart Lipo, I have...

In preparation for my upcoming Smart Lipo, I have done a lot of research from real self and read lots of helpful post people placed on here including other sites. I went ahead and purchased some things that will help me prepare for my smart lipo. I asked the nurses Opinion on the following items below:

Bio Oil /Vitamin E - Used after the procedure to heel the scar faster (Really not sure if it helps but its worth trying after)
Bromelain-Used for pain reliever and helps reduce swelling of the fluid
Arnica tablets - helps relieve pain and blook clots (my Dr told me not to take it unless he instructs me)
Arnica gel- helps numb pain
Vitamin k gel- should apply to areas before surgery so that it will help prevent swelling after surgery. ( I was told it will help if I bruise easy but I shouldn't use till after surgery)
Infrared light heat lamp hand help- it helps the lumps that builds up by massaging it. (Highly recommended by my doctor)

I also call the nurses and ask them questions daily concerning new information that I found. One of the biggest concern for peope is the lumps that appear after the smart lipo. I was told that the lumps are suspose to appear between 2 - 4 weeks after the surgery because it is new tissues forming and it helps the tighten of the skin. This was a concern for me because people were scaring me, but it is perfectly normal from what I was told. I am just trying to do as much research as I can and help the next person who wants be informed like I was.
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