I Developed a Deviated Septum from a Botched Nose Job - Atlanta, GA

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Before the first surgery: Nothing was...

Before the first surgery:

Nothing was structurally wrong with my nose. The only reason I had a nose job was because I was unhappy with the bump on my nose. I also agreed to have my Dr refine the tip of my nose. I had no deviated septum, my nostrils were evenly sized, etc. I asked him if the size of my nostrils would still be even after the surgery, because to me that was the most obvious indicator that someone has had a nose job, and he said yes they would still be even and that the look of my nose wouldn't change from the front. He wasn't into discussing details because he already knew what I wanted (which should have been a red flag). He told me everything I wanted to hear, even if it was a lie.

After the first surgery:

He finally showed up about 2 hours late to my surgery. I followed all the aftercare procedures and came in for post-op check ups. A few months after my surgery, my nose healed enough for me to feel inside, the swelling to go down, and allow the changes to settle. The right side of my nose wall fell in and made my nose look crooked. My septum also collapsed to left and blocked a good portion of my airway. Since the left side of my nose had limited airflow, when I would breathe in- the right side of my nose was getting double the airflow/pressure and my right nostril would collapse when I breathed in. My septum bent in a "C" shape so the cartilage in between my nostrils also shifted, making them look uneven. I have recorded opinions from other doctors confirming that I developed a deviated septum since the surgery, because I never had one before the surgery.

My Dr insisted my nose was great, that there was no deviated septum and no one else was as qualified as he was to make such a diagnosis. He said there were no complications or problems during surgery and everything went great. However after going through my medical records he had me scheduled as having "major septal repair" and after reading through the notes of the surgery I found that cartilage from my septum "was harvested to use for grafting...to preserve the nasal valve which had been disrupted". Ooops, I guess he forgot to mention that or maybe he just lied to cover his own ass.

I also developed severe allergies. I got recurring, non-seasonal hives, rashes, swollen lips, and puffy, ichy eyes a few months after the surgery. I got tested at an allergy clinic and was found to be allergic to 27 different things, including: ragweed, mold, cats, dogs, dust mites, pollen, multiple types of grasses, etc. I asked if rhinoplasty could make me more sensitive to allergens and he said yes, because of sensitive tissue and increased airflow. I was put on medication everyday and started allergy shots.

After the second surgery (now):

I went in to get all of the above fixed (septum straightened, nose holes evened, right side of nose straightened, and right nostril strengthened -to stop it from collapsing) by the same dr and get my terbinates reduced (to help with my allergies).

He said he would waive his surgeon's fee and charge the rest to insurance (since now it was a medical disaster, and not just for cosmetic purposes insurance would cover it--which is a good indicator that he made my nose worse). He never admitted to making a mistake, he blamed it on "God's will" and my cats (which I've had all my life with no problems).

I went to the hospital and found out when I got there that the Dr gave me the wrong directions. Hospital staff directed me to three different hospitals before they finally found the right place.

The surgery went fine, but the results weren't worth the trouble. My septum remained deviated, as well as my uneven nostrils, I get headaches that make my face throb. My right nostril still collapses and my allergies are still a problem, I have to continue with allergy shots for the next five years. He took and grafted cartilage from my ear to straighten the right side of my nose and strengthen my right nostril. However, since he didn't fix my septum, it's still difficult to breathe out of the left side of my nose and my right nostril still collapses. Now I have a bulge of useless cartilage on the inside of my right nostril, that has done nothing but block more airflow and botched up my ear.

I went to a post-op check up, mainly to let him know that I was unhappy with it and find out what he would suggest. He came in the room, glanced up my nose and said everything looked perfect and everything was healing great. I was ready to walk out right there, but stayed and calmly told him all of the things I was unhappy with. He checked again and suddenly found a deviated septum! I asked him why it wasn't fixed during my second surgery and he acted like my deviated septum had just appeared and this was the first time he'd seen it. He offered to do another surgery, again fully paid for by my insurance. I said I wasn't comfortable with another surgery and I left without making another appointment.

I don't ever want to see him again. I felt this way after the first surgery, but I decided to give him a chance to fix his mistakes. I wanted to know if there was any chance of getting my money back (of course he said no). He not only didn't do his job- he made it worse. I really don't understand how he's entitled to my money, all he did was mangle my face.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

He made my nose worse. After two surgeries, I am left with a crooked nose and a bent septum and I still have a hump on my nose

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