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I had been wanting to get my lips done for a long...

I had been wanting to get my lips done for a long time but the thought of needle poking me in the lips always held me back.. But after months of contemplating i decided to go for it. but as soon as my doctor pulled out of a needle i wanted to cry. My doctor being the awsome guy that he is, he applied some numbing gel on my lips BEFORE injecting the pain blocker and after that it wasnt too bad.

I had it done on friday afternoon, put the ice pack until i went to bed. After the pain blocker wore off i could feel a little bit of throbbing sensation but ice pack takes care of that.

Saturday morning it was a little swollen and still numb but no brusing. Thank god!

It's sunday morning. I see blue dots where the needles poked but its about the size of ballpoint pen tip. still a bit numb, something only i can notice, like when you come back from a dentist office. But so far i love it and I'm so happy i didnt suffer from swelling and brusing!

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