46 YO, 145 Lb, 5'3",ashamed of Arms and Back Fat, Lipo Scheduled! - Atlanta, GA

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So, I had multiple answers from doctors, as well...

So, I had multiple answers from doctors, as well as a couple of in person consultations with Atlanta doctors, and one photo-consult with Dr Arguello in CR. I've decided to go with Dr. Zubowicz in Atlanta. It is close to home, and surprisingly, the same cost as going to Costa Rica. That is BEFORE travel and after-care costs! For some reason I thought it would be less expensive, given that there isn't such an issue with malpractice in Costa Rica vs US. It is not all about cost, but if I could get the same quality and spend a week or two in paradise, AND less expense-how could I go wrong? Regardless, I feel really comfortable with Dr. Z. He is well-known locally for his conservative approach but fabulous results. With it being somewhat minor compared to a TT or facelift, I think my husband will be an excellent nurse and I don't want to spend all of that travel time. I made my down payment and I'm scheduled for next Tuesday. I love the people in Dr. Z's office. I go there for Botox and everyone is very down to earth and open. Dr. Z himself is very handsome and distinguished looking, but is straight forward and no-nonsense, which makes me trust him. I don't want a sales pitch. This is my body and I want it straight!

I've done my homework and felt pretty certain that is who I wanted to do the surgery, and confirmed it today at my appointment.

I'm married with 3 children, 2 grown and one in junior high. I have a high stress/high travel job and do not spend enough time eating well and exercising. I've become ashamed and embarrassed of the way I've let my body go. Working out every day used to be a part of my life, but over the last 4 years has taken a backseat. I'm hoping this will jump start me. Don't get me wrong, my arms have always been an issue. I remember one time in my life that I was happy with them and it was when I was doing a tremendous amount of rowing. Anyway, they are just really big!

I'm not a newbie to PS. I've had BA and TT 16 and 6 years ago, respectively. Keeping my fingers crossed that the pain and suffering won't be too bad!

Added pre lipo pics

4 days until back fat free!

I am nervous, but really excited! Paid for rest of procedure today and talked with Dr. Z's nurse Melissa. She patiently answered all of my questions. I still don't know how to define what I am doing. It says waist, bra rolls, and arms. I get the arms-they are the worst. But does bra roll mean all of that back fat popping out above and below my bra-or just below where it kind of creases over? She tried to explain, but also said he would draw on me day of so I could see where he would be working. I had not thought about my waist. It's relatively small. But when Dr. Z examined me he grabbed that lower back/waist area and said, "See all of this fat, if you contour that..." LOL. He had big hunks of my back in his hands. It cracked me up, but it was kind of embarrassing too. I didn't realize how much fat was back there! I need to take another pic so you all can see those big hunks back there!

Can I wear a bra right after lipo?

I got my scripts filled. There are four-phenergan, antibiotics, hydrocodone, and Xanax. They said I take them with me and take them before surgery. When I get really loopy, they'll take me back and get busy! They said I won't remember anything, but will be able to follow instructions. I plan on wearing loose workout pants and a zip up front top. The only question I have is whether I will be able to put on a bra after lipo on my back. Do any of you know? I'll feel quite odd leaving the surgery center bra less- I don't think I've left the house without a bra in about 30 years! I'll only be riding home, so I guess it's not a big deal either way. Let's just hope we don't have car trouble or something!

Added a pic with "lower back fat"

I have no idea exactly what to call that part above my butt, but below my bra fat, so I made up a new term, "lower back fat." Maybe other people call it flanks? I dont really like that word-sounds kind of like "Boston butt roast" or "Pork loin," or some other cut of meat. Maybe it's just me, though! Tomorrow is the day. I had my daughter take another pic. Sorry about the backne - I timed all of this just right to be that time of the month, and the acne comes with it for me, rather foul mood as well! You oughta see my face! LOL. Everybody wish me luck!

One day post lipo

Everything went fine. Not sure how much fat they took out. I was very sore last night, and nauseated. I'll try to list anything - pros and cons - that might help someone else.

The staff and dr are wonderful and instill confidence that they have everything under control.
They tell you what to expect.
The surgery center nurse was good.
I wanted to make sure I knew exactly where he was going to lipo on my back. The nurse said you can see when he marks you up. Well, by the time he came to mark me up-I was waaaaaayyyy under the influence of some pretty heavy drugs, so I don't remember any of it, much less have an intelligent conversation about my back.
We waited quite some time beyond the appointment. I was supposed to be there at 9:30, surgery around 10. I think it was about 11 before I even went to the surgery area.

The combo of drugs must have really knocked me for a loop. My husband said when we were driving home there was heavy traffic, and he thought I'd made some new friends. I wore a zip up sweat jacket, and post surgery had on the compression garment with arms but no bra. He said I kept unzipping the jacket to scratch, and he would look over and see me sitting there with my boobs hanging out. And then look around at the cars beside us, where people were definitely noticing, but he couldn't stop in traffic to zip my jacket up. Oh well, hopefully it was no one I knew!

Get ready with the pads on your bed. When they say it will ooze, they mean it! Those lower back holes were gushers! I smoked three bed pads and my garments. Fortunately I have several body shapers, so used those while the other garment was being washed. It takes two people to get you in and out of the thing.

The arm compression garment works well, but is extremely uncomfortable. It rubs against my armpits and makes them raw. I found another option. I had some XS compression socks, so I cut the toes off and pull them on like sleeves. Same amount of compression, but I have more mobility.

I also have swollen up all over today. I'm including a pic of my lovely marshmallow hand. GF_L, I knew I would swell up! Thought I would steal your idea of posting a hand pic.

And Amber1980-I think they did lipo the hell out of me! I feel small around already!

Added photos

Still sore...

So this is day 5 day post lipo. I'm still surprisingly sore, but have minimal bruising. The photos are from 3 days post, but I couldn't get on RS. Not much difference, but I measured my arms and they are 1 in smaller around. That is great! I am a small from under my boobs down, boobs are XL, and arms are L! Try fitting clothes on that! I think I will be happy when all settles and I don't have to wear these horrendous compression/torture garments.

Not really feeling it...10 days post op

I don't really feel like I'm swollen, but I don't feel like I look any different. I had my 1week follow up, and Dr. Z said I would see 80%+ of my results in 3-4 weeks post op. He said he took 1320 CCs of fat. That seems like a lot, but I'm thinking that I'm just too fat to tell a difference with that much! I feel good, but hoping that I didn't spend $5k and lay on the couch for 4 days and still look kind of yucky naked! I am posting pics from this morning. I am standing in direct morning light, which does me no favors, but figure honest is better in this particular situation! Any feedback from others would be welcome. I still feel very confident with my dr, he is wonderful, but not so confident with me and my body image. I know my arms are 1" smaller in circumference, so that is positive. I've seen photos on here of people whose silhouette is totally different post lipo, so just disappointed that I don't look like a supermodel. LOL. I really don't have that expectation, just want to look okay, with no bulky farm girl arms and bra roll!

Swollen again! CG Advice Needed.

Surgery was two weeks ago this coming Tuesday. I wondered why everything looked so bad yesterday, and realized that I was tremendously swollen when it felt like the circulation in my arms was being cut off by the compression garment. WTH? I thought all of that was over!! I did drink for the first time night before last- celebrating the night after New Years, so maybe that's what caused it. I also laid around a lot due to the lovely hangover I had. I feel better today, but still swollen. I will get out and about, so hopefully that will help.

On another note, the compression garments I have are not working well for me. The sleeves that are connected across the back go up under my armpits and cut into my skin. Kind of like a really short bolero jacket. They also leave a portion of lipo'ed area between my arm and my back uncovered, and therefore not compressed. I have a constant feeling of "Big guy in a little coat." The one piece "singlet," for lack of a better term, offers great support through my mid-section, but then cuts into my butt so far that it looks like I am wearing a pair of way too small granny panties under my clothes. I have to go back to work tomorrow and will be traveling first thing on the morning. I have multiple shapers or "Spanx" so intend to switch over to those, but they offer no arm support. Hoping I can get some advice. FYI, the girdle garment has straps, which also cut into my armpits on the front. I've been wearing fitted t-shirts under all of it, but that simply is not going to work in a high profile meeting tomorrow and Tuesday. I did order a Marena vest with sleeves yesterday. It should stop at my waist, then I'll wear a pair of compression shorts...only solution I've found so far. What have others done? Am I only one with the armpit issues?

Two months post lipo

I've been trying to be patient, but if I honestly look in the mirror, it's obvious that I wasted several thousand dollars. The back fat is still there, with creases. The arms are smaller at the top, but are exactly the same size (and fatness) above the elbow, which gives me an odd "melting" kind of look. My clothes fit no differently. I do have 6 more scars on my body. I'm going to give it another month and see how I feel about it before I say not worth it. In defense of Dr Z, I haven't been back for my final follow up yet. He may say, "Holy cow, I should really have done more!" But somehow I'm doubting that. I'll update with pics and a final rating after my follow up. For anyone who is considering lipo on arms, I can tell you that it has been painful. The back didn't really hurt at all. My arms still hurt and feel numb. I'm wondering if a full blown arm lift would not have been a better and less painful option. However, I'm not going there, even if it was. I guess it will be shirts with sleeves for me from here on out!

Garments post arm and upper back lipo

I also meant to mention that anyone considering arm and upper back lipo should ask for a vest. I initially had a sleeveless body suit and separate sleeves that were kind of like a bolero jacket-connected at the back. Both cut into my armpits and were very uncomfortable, while leaving some areas uncompressed. I then ordered a Marena vest with sleeves that you slip on like a short jacket and hooks all down the front. It eliminates the need for a bra and offered consistent compression on arms, bra fat area, arm pits and back. It was MUCH more comfortable and I could wear it under anything as long as the neckline was high. I wished that I had ordered two, as I found that I hated taking it off to wash! Lol. And I also hate to do laundry every day. I tried ace bandages for a bit, but they would roll up or come loose. The best was the perfect option for the procedure I had.


It's been almost 4 months since the procedure. I took photos this morning, and the results are interesting, in that I look a lot worse now than prior to lipo. I am within 2 lbs of original weight. I'm going to schedule the follow up with Dr. Z and see what his opinion is.

A little over 5 months

Now 3 pounds lighter than when I had procedure. It is only getting worse.
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