Great Look, Didnt Get the True Details

I got the Lifestyle Lift done because I had the...

I got the Lifestyle Lift done because I had the classic turkey neck look. I had no chin definition.

I was told I could go back to work the next day for the pain level. There was no way I could return to work the next day. I had taken off three days plus the weekend and thought I would be fine. I worked on Monday, but I dont know how. I took off another two days and survived. Tomorrow will be sx weeks. I am still experiencing swelling and tingling.

Call me crazy that I did not get the full details. I was just too trusting. I am satisified with the look, just want to feel good again. I have a scar under my chin and still have some sutures behind my ears that have not dissolved. It was affordable and I don't have the best credit but was able to get half financed, something no one else would ever do. Thanks Lifestyle Lift!

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ask specifically about the procedure. What will you do to me? Ask to see the surgery suite. Ask lot s f questions.

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