Fat Grafting to Buttocks Ad Hip - Dr Jimmerson - Atlanta, LA

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Hi ladies, so im new to realself however i have...

Hi ladies, so im new to realself however i have been viewing all of your post for the past 4 years, deciding on what surgey to have done (implants or fat grafting) what country to go to and what doctor.
finally i have come to the decision of going with dr andrew jimmerson in atlanta.
i havent contacted him yet as for the past 3 years i have had my head set on going to columbia to get my surgery done - as i believe latin ladies have the most amazing bodies, and when i found out that so many latin women get buttock surgery my hear was set on going to south america for surgey.

I havent contacted Dr Jimmerson as butt augemetation in columbia total to no more than $3500, however ive noticed that dr jimmerson is around the $10,000 price tag- so i have some saving to do.

i plan to go next year so i will have my consultaion this month as ive heard he gets fully booked for 9 months straight.

Im looking for people to follow and to hear other peoples experiences as i will be travelling from the UK to Atlanta, fat grafting is way more popular in america than it is here in the uk.

i will be starting a waist training journey soon and documenting on youtube so ill keep you all in the loop.

As always im Wishing For Curves xx

2 months post op columbia - dr henao

it was so funny reading my first post so many years ago.. I decided to go Columbia and I had the best experience im going to fill you in with everything, but for now I will say for fat transfer small waist, big butt and safety go to Columbia...Dominican republic is the best but not safe or hygienic / consistent. Columbia is 100% safe no deaths, burns or infections and 100% professional & clean, if you are considering Columbia doctors: Alder Henao, Harold Villalobos & Hugo Sacristan and Florez are the top surgeons everyone in my recovery house used one of these 4 Villalobos being very popular.I stayed at Albers recovery house & will be going back to hers for round to. It is amazing!

Changed to Doctor Alder Henao in Cali Columbia price $3000 bbl, liposculpture, fat transfer to butt and hips

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