Just before 40 and getting my Sexy Back!!! (Mommy Makeover) - Atlanta, GA

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I don’t know how often I thought of writing this j...

I don’t know how often I thought of writing this journal and I figured I just needed to sit down and do it. Hopefully someone finds this helpful. If not, at least it will be therapeutic for me. ? My Bio I am a married mom of three beautiful, intelligent, and energetic kids. I had my first child at 25 and then every two years after that. I got married at a young age and this year we are celebrating 16 years. I can’t really say that I am doing this for myself or because I want a confidence booster. I think I am pretty confident already… that is, when I have all of my clothes and makeup on. When it’s just me in the mirror, sometimes I don’t recognize whose body I am in. That mirror doesn’t seem as accurate as when I look at myself from the inside out (hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone). I still feel like I am 18 years old... Or maybe 22 tops (tehehe)! In this vision my knees don’t hurt when I walk and my hands don’t have these huge looking aged veins in them. On a man, veins are sexy, but on a woman, it just doesn’t translate the same. Let’s get personal As if we haven’t already. I am 5’7”, 170lbs, with a cup size of 34DDD. Not sure if you know how hard it is to find that bra size but it's not like I can run down to Target... If I'm lucky Kohls may have one granny looking bra. Forget getting panties to match. Like many of the dolls on here I too have shed a few pounds. My highest was with my last child when I nearly topped at 200lbs. My weight has been up and down ever since and as low as 155 (ah, the good ol days). This go round I am determined to maintain it. I refuse to be anything other than my ideal version of me next year when I turn forty. Sooo.. Here I stand naked and exposed to myself in my floor length mirror. As I take my hands and massage out the stretch marks by pulling the skin to my sides. Thinking, that I just need to make an appointment and find out if anything can be done to help me. Did I mention that I feel like my boobs hang down to my belly button?? Let’s not even discuss what happens when I lay on my back and these things go everywhere but where I want them to go… This is how I ended up on RS. I was looking for a referral to a PS in ATL. I came across Dr. Okoro and Dr. Celestin. Both doctors are highly accredited and knowledgeable in their field. I scheduled my consultation and my husband came with me. Not sure what to expect, I was put at ease immediately. Georgia Plastics has a kind and professional staff. I love the fact that the surgery is done in house, the hospital where I delivered my babies is up the street, and the center is close to my house. I determined all of these benefits from their website. I decided to go with Dr. Celestin because she is a woman and because plastic surgery is starting to become more prominent in black culture I really wanted someone who would understand my fears and concerns from a female perspective. Did I mention Celestin received best in breast two years in a row… I’ll have the… please At first I struggled with this decision but I finally decided to go for it and I am doing a BL, TT w/ LP. I am so excited!!!! My surgery is scheduled for June 9th. They had a few dates in May but I had to push it out so that I could close up a few work assignments. Dr. Celestin told me that I had enough tissue to do the BL without a BA. I’m nervous to see what the results will be like in a few years. They suggested that I come in so I could get my second long list of questions addressed. So I had another consultation with her last week. Dr. Celestin put me at ease, again, and told me that if I help ‘support’ them the results should last longer. I really want the natural look; however, I noticed that all of my wish pics look like they have implants. In the end, I don’t think I want the up keep of implants, and I do want to be able to say ‘this is all me’ hahaha This site has been so helpful to me. Since I am on the road to the flat side I should pay it forward. Feel free to ask any questions. Ah!!!! I am toooo excited!!!!!!!

PreOp shots

Figured you all may want to see my before. Let's agree to destroy these after- hahaha

PreOP photo (2)

One more sitting down

My nerves

Well ladies, my nerves are starting to get the best of me. I'm doing so much research online looking at YouTube and what not I'm seeing some scary stuff out there. I know I want to do this and it doesn't have to do anything with vanity. I'm ok with my body either way. But if I can change it, shouldn't I??? Anyone else scared that they might have bitten off more than they can handle?

Spiraling out of control

I'm undecided about posting this update but here I go. My husband and I are separating after what will be 16 years of marriage. He is my best friend but other aspects of our relationship are not working out. We haven't told the kids yet. So much to think about. I don't think this is a good time for me to do the surgery. My mind is all over the place. Actually the only thing that keeps me grounded is this site. Guess it helps keep my mind off the other stuff.

He tells me that he will take care of me post op and I don't doubt that he will. It's just... Idk my heart feels okay right now. My mind, not so much. I keep telling myself I'm strong, I'll be okay

Even now I just want to delete this post like it never happened but I can't really talk to anybody about this

is there really no such thing as a stupid question??

okay as i promised here are the questions that won me another pre op. Celestin told me to relax, bring my internet searching down to few notches... do nothing. They are all inclusive so I dont have to worry about garments until I see better what my size will be.

Some of these sound silly. Feel free to laugh with me but I figured I better ask to put my mind at ease… Perhaps as we get closer to June 9th the questions maybe come more absurd. I appreciate your candor and time.

Anything that I should/could do now?
e.g. build up my immune system, work out more, purchase post op items, etc. I did get a zero gravity chair that came highly recommend on realself

Same size breast/ aerials
what is the percentage of risk that my sizes will come out different. I am pretty much matched today, to the eye, but am concerned that there could be some noticeable differences post op.

Will my nipples be put back on straight?
My nipples curve up, when put back on will they still curve up ( i hope so) or is there a chance one could be south the other east

Drain removal process
Will this hurt?

Shown how to clean the drains
I am guessing that at my preop this will be covered but want to make sure

When do I schedule the massages
are all five scheduled in advance? is it one per week or is this scheduled a few days apart
how soon after surgery?

Dietary restrictions pre/post op
like eating clean?

Automatically given antibiotics
I know there is something that will be automatically dispensed for the pain the first three days but how about antibiotics?

What other prescriptions will I have to have filled. I doubt my insurance will cover it, how much should I expect to pay out of pocket?

I have seen online that some women prefer to wait for a "tummy tuck” after the have gone through menopause due to severe bloating.
Has this been a big issue in your experience?

Scar treatment plan
What is exactly is the scar treatment plan at Georgia plastic?
Is any covered with my current fee?
Are over the counter medications recommended, if so which ones and how soon can I use them?

Vertical scar under belly button
I dont see on my drawing but is there a probability that I will have a vertical scar under my belly button?

Jagged scars??
Dr. Celestin does have steady hands, right? Not any of her work but I did see a few jiggady jagged lines on the realself site

do you guys practice leach therapy? I guess I dont mind but if its gonna save my life. Just curious really

Preop is Tuesday!!

I'm so excited!! I'll post how it goes :-)


All, I had my preop on Tuesday and I signed a boat load of forms. Got all paid up :-( that's a lot of money... Then I spoke with the dr and tried on my garment. Did I mention dr Celestins fee is pretty much all inclusive?!!! Stage 1 and 2, plus more.

Garment fit good (marena) but I'm sure swollen it will be tighter than a mug.

6/9 here I come!!!

Wish pics

Getting close...

Sunday and bloated :-(

Me trying out my chair. I bought some egg shells and put it in my chair. I spent the whole day in it and had to force myself to get out. Sx coming soon I'll be in it more than enough.

Sx Day

Well ladies, here's what I remember. Being nervous as heck. I walked in to OR anst guy and I spoke for a sec and then someone started calling my name. Literally I felt like I woke up a sec later and the whole thing was done. Walking from the car to the house was not bad. Getting in the chair not bad... But I wasn't prepared for how many times I had to pee last night. I was really glad that I bought the adult diapers. At first I wasn't trying to go in them then said that was silly. Glad I had the protection in place. Other than that last night not bad. The pain was more like a stinging sensation. While sleeping I could feel the vibrations I experienced when in sx but that didn't hurt. Weird! Like I was living it all over again. I have one drain that was a little painful and then just being sore from lipo. I could see why you wouldn't do a whole body lipo at once. For my abdomen it's like someone put me in a machine and made me do 2 million crunches.

Post op day 1!!

Figured I could do these two postings in one day. Getting tired so will make it short. Today I saw what was done. My girls look good. My left one she did lipo. I didn't even realize one was bigger than the other. So one is more swollen. In all I'm happy. Uncomfortable but happy. My drain was clogged and she had to flush it twice. We are watching it closely. My husband has been a godsend. Maybe we will get closer as we go through this experience together. More photos

Guess what Chica's

Want to see a clip of my surgery?? It's posted on YouTube by GaPlastic. Video has Tom's first snap shot (2:26). I'm sharing digital video space with the owner of Realself ????????????????????

7 days post op - feel' good

Ladies, I had my one week post op and so far so good. I got my drain out!!! Yay!! I tried to go in thinking that it was going to be another few days but after looking at my log I was given the ok. I was nervous about the removal of the drain but it actually felt good. The press I felt was instantly removed and the suction feeling felt like a minor pop sound. Think of the sound you make when you suck on a Popsicle. If you can resonate a sound to a feeling than you know what I mean. All bandages off! I can see my progress and wow what a difference can make. Trying to remain positive was my task over the week. I had only one emotional wet eye moment. No real tears just frustration because every time I finally get comfortable I have to get up to go to the bathroom. It's so much better now cause no drain to baby :-)))).

11 dpo!!

Today we all went to the park. I walked around a bit around the lake. Turtle pace but it was good to get out. I wanting nothing more at that moment to kick it up a notch and run. The fresh air in my lungs was good just the same. Tomorrow we plan on going to the movies. Life will pretty much be back to normal this week. I have a hair appt and need to get my toes done before returning to work. After the walk o had enough energy to even try on my purple bikini. There are before shots of me in it to get an idea of the progress I've made.

I'm just sooo pleased!!!!

Decided to try on a few more clothes while my garments where in the wash

Finally fit my Walmart swimsuit

21 dpo!!!

Yay!! Ladies, I can't tell you enough how pleased I am. One breasts is still a little larger than the other but I'm really ok with it. I think I look damn good!! :-)

Wish I would have done it sooner. If youre on the fence, don't be. Get your paper together and set a date.

Better full pic

Manual massage

Any one else getting finger cramps from all this massaging?

I purchased this con air massager at Ulta, about $30. It really helps. I still apply the pressure but this way my fingers are not cramping up. Anyone else have some massage tips to share?

Missed me?? 9 weeks later

Ladies, it's been a while since I posted. Wanted to let everyone know I'm feeling great! Looking and feeling sexy as he//. Loving my body!! I had a check up yesterday... Y'all I saw my before and after side by side... Yuk!!! That's all I care to say about that. I hope my surgery sisters are doing well and healing fast. Best wishes everyone

i don't know where to begin. Dr. Celestin is awesome!!! I'm so excited about my results thus far

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