Hair Loss Treatment Journey/Non Surgical. Atlanta, GA

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I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Griffin for my...

I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Griffin for my first visit on January 15, 2016. While, this was mostly a consultation-I've done a total of three with other Doctor's. I never once received the quality service he has given me and time. I'm now on a non-surgical journey for my hair loss. While, he didn't guaranteed anything he gave me some options. I've decided to take the non surgical journey first and then see how the results. I will post pictures of my hair at the starting everyone can stay with me on my hair journey. Last options will be surgery.

Starting Point

I took these pictures and will continue to post based on progress (HOPEFUL)


So... Not sure if much has changed ???? But at least it's slowing down the thinning. I'm being optimistic. I will see !

Can anyone see a difference ?

Some Improvements

So, while no hair is falling out and some areas of my edge is growing. It's not enough for me to say that's it. Therefore, I'm currently looking into FUE here in Georgia or possible Turkey. One very very good thing is in the middle definitely LOOK way better!!!!! I will post some pictures later today. I continue to stay on the regime given to me my Doctor. I have consultation with him for FUE which is definitely going to give me the best result. But, I'm most grateful for the improvements in the middle. At least it hasn't gotten worst!!!!!!!!!!

NEXT IS FUT for edges/AEK DR K In Turkey 4/9.

I will upload some pictures later. I'm happy with the improvement little to non shedding/thinning. I saw some growth around edges, but no enough to keep me from moving forward with FUT. My dermatologist told me his goal was to stop any further damaged and he accomplished it! Again, he also said the best results will from edge will come from HT. He is awesome and good at HT, but I can't afford him this moment. So, Turkey (AEK) Dr. K, here I come and my post will start on my journey with


Pictures...definetly a few growth on mostly one side and nada on the other. Middle looks better. That's my reason FUT it is for my edges !!


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