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Hi! I'm 19 years old and plan to get liposuction...

Hi! I'm 19 years old and plan to get liposuction over the next couple of months. So far I have booked two consultations, one with Dr. Windell Boutte and another with Dr.Okoro. I would like to get my full stomach done and maybe my back. I plan to lose 15 pounds before I even plan to have the surgery by working out and changing my diet. I hope to get the surgery done in July 2017.

Date set!

I've officially set my date for July 20 2017 for my smart lipo with Dr. Windell boutte! Her work is amazing and she was right around my price range. I will be getting my whole stomach, love handles and bra rolls done. I was able to catch the summer special right in time. Follow me on my journey! Any tips or comments leave them below!

2 Weeks Until my Surgery!

I have been out of town for 6 weeks so time has been flying by. I only have 2 weeks until my surgery and I couldn't be more excited. My pre op appointment is on July 12 2017 and I feel like I'm even more anxious for that. Does anyone know where I can order an ab board and some good inexpensive stage 2 faja? Also I don't think I'm going under complete anesthesia so I'm extremely nervous about that.

11 days away!!!

As the date gets closer and closer I am very excited. I really hope I am able to get the results I am looking for. I am skeptical about not meeting the doctor and all the patients that haven't been able to meet with Dr. Boutte before the procedure . I hope I can meet with her and share my vision.

Pre op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on July 12,2017 and it was quick and easy. During the appointment they drew blood and took my blood pressure. The nurses also explained the vitamins and antibiotics needed before and after the procedure. All of the staff was very friendly but I did not meet with Dr.Boutte. They said she does meet and greets with patients on a set day and if I would like to meet her prior to surgery I have to go on that day. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to go meet her but I do want to express my vision to her. Surgery is 7 days away!!! I'm more excited than nervous.

3 days left!

Wow 3 days away from my surgery date with Dr. Boutte. Time has been flying by and I'm so ready for Thursday to come and go lol. I hope everything works out perfectly!


Good Morning today is the day I've been waiting for, surgery day. My appointment was at 9:00 am but got pushed back until 2pm. I would have rather gone in the morning but it is okay. I am extremely excited as well as nervous. I will try to do an update tonight after surgery but if not I will definitely do one in the morning! Prayers up for the best outcome and a healthy outcome!

Last before photos

Surgery is in 2 hours! Last before photos

Day after surgery!

Hey dolls, so yesterday I had my surgery and it went smooth. The only thing is my appointment was at 2 but they were backed up so I didn't get started with things until 4. Dr. Boutte is great! I was not put to sleep but I could not feel anything from the surgery!

I do have drains though but I am hoping they will be out by next Friday because they definitely do get in the way. I am very sore but it is tolerable. I cried when my mom tried to help me wash up and I get dizzy when I stand up too long or take off the garment.

I am in love with my results! Even though it is only the first day I hope they only get better!

One week post surgery Dr. Boutte

Hi guys so I'm here to do a one week update. So recovery has been a struggle, the main reason is because of the drains. The drains get in the way and I'm also never sure if I'm draining right because my bulbs are not filling up but I'm leaking at the incision site.

I still love my results but unfortunately I have developed the dark spots that you see in the picture (not sure what they are called). They came from my garment being so tight that the skin in rose areas wasn't getting enough blood (something of that nature). Nurse lee prescribed me an ointment to use to help with those spots so I will keep y'all updated on that. They do not hurt but I hate that they are there but I will be patient because although I didn't sign up for extra scars anything can happen with surgery so this is to be expected.

Tomorrow is my one week post op and I pray that I get these drains out! So I can actually leave the house and get around Better.

One week post op appointment

Did not get my drains removed but nurse lee said come back in 2 days and maybe I will be ready. Everything else was fine and I have to continue to use the nitro glycerin ointment on my dark spots.
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