3 months post op w/dr cortes Oct 2014

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So here goes. Every since I was younger I desired...

So here goes. Every since I was younger I desired a rounder bottom but the issue was never pressing in my mind because I was always busy being in the military and a single mom. Now as I have gotten older, im married now to my beautiful husband who I met while deployed last yr while I was 210lbs and I have made the decision of having a tubal ligation I so badly want a curvy bottom like yesterday. I have always been told I was fine as hell but the one thing I was always lacking was the ASS. Dont get me wrong, I aint like a board back there but I dont have no DONK either. I have more of a desire to get this done now because I dress differently and honestly the way the women look on tv is enuff to make anybody wanna get up off they ass and do a crunch or sumthing. Yall, I was so obssesed with not having a butt that I went out and purchased those butt pads. You know the ones that come with the panties with the pockets inside for the foam butt pad. Well yea I purchased sevral different sizes and while those did give me that curve I wanted, it was also temporary. So here I am sitting in the dust bowl aka Afghanistan with nothing but time on my hands and I decided "YOU KNOW WAT?, I BEEN FIGHTING FOR AMERICA FOR TOO LONG TO NOT HAVE ALL THE THINGS THAT I TRULY DESIRE". IM DOING THIS DEPLOYMENT FOR ME!!" So yea I volunteered to deploy so that I could save up enough money to pay for what I want as soon as I come home in June 2014. So I accidentally stumbled on Dr. JIMMERSON on imstagram and I have been obssesed with his work. Last night I went on the site and requested my quote and this coming up week I plan to have a virtual consultation. I know exactly what I want and my expectations I feel are more than realistic. I know that I may need to gain some weight but we'll see what Dr. J says. The only thing I am unsure of is weather or not I can achieve the look I want without doing a Tummy Tuck and if I do need a Tummy Tuck should it be a full or a mini and will I have to sacrifice my tattoos by being cut so low, I also want my hips taken in just a tad, and especially my inner thighs. I hate the fat pockets that has developed there over the years. Gross!!! ?? The hips and thighs are a must but arent a proority just yet. I cant wait to get this inner tube of fat from around my waist. I work out M-F bcuz im in the Military but that has been there since I was a teenager Now I know I have expressed over and over a dislike for certain parts of my body but dont get it twisted. I am not shy at all lol. In the meantime in between time Im gonna post my pics and start my journey. Oh by the way my measurements are: 36/26/42 I weigh about 168lbs and I am 5"10.5. Side Note: I know I was looking crazy in one of my pics but gimme a break I had just woke up and wanted to take a pic on an empty stomach. Lol. These pics were taken almost 2 months ago when I was battling with my weight. Its hard trying to stay the Army Standard. Anyways, Thanks in advance for your support RS ladies!!!

Missing Booty. if you have amy infoation on its whereabouts let me know!!!

Here are a few more pics that didnt upload during my initial post. These too where talen back in August 2013.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of my BUTT please contact me asap!!

More pics from August 2013

My Wish Booty

Found this fun app on Dr Okor's website. This is what I want.

Heard back from Dr. Salams office today...also photos I sent up for review

Heres what was said!!!!!!


Good evening. I hope you’re doing great today. Thank you for sending in your pictures. Dr. Salama was able to review your pictures and he had the following comments:

“Patient is a very good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are the mild fat deposits in the abdomen, the flanks, lower back and upper back. Specifically more so in the flanks. These areas can be lipoe’d considerably and improve shape substantially. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape. All fat grafted will be used to gain projection and volume. We can certainly add some fat to the hips for more hour glass accentuation. Transferring at least 1100-1400 cc’s per side. The waistline will be reduced substantially as this will create more definition to her back. We can always address other areas of fat with liposuction as that is a very common request. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results.

“Surgical opinion is based on photos and Dr. Salama reserves the right to change opinion at time of live consult”

As you can see based on his comments, he’s quite comfortable with what he’ll be doing with your body. The total cost of the BBL is $8,999. If you would like to add additional areas of fat with liposuction, it will be an additional $500 per area. That pricing is all-inclusive so you don't have any other out of pocket expenses.

We require a 10% non refundable deposit to schedule surgery and hold your pricing. Please fill out and sign the credit card authorization form that has been attached.

Please let me know your thoughts and when you are interested in scheduling surgery.

Cynthia Perez
Patient Coordinator

//////The only thing that bothers me is the fact that she said he would DEF add more to my hips for the hr glass. My hips are already 42.5 and Im kinda ashamed of them...maybe because im not as shapely as I would like to be... Thoughts anyone????

Pics I sent to Dr. Salama for BBL

These are the 3 pics I sent to Nancy at Dr Salamas office. I have lost a few pounds since I took the other pics I posted on my intial review.

E-mail from Dr. Salamas Office answering all my questions......

Good morning Chasity,

I hope you are doing great today. Thank you for your interest in our office. Dr. Salama is an amazing surgeon and you will be very happy J Please see below for answers to your questions:

1. I was told Dr Salama offers military discounts, is this true? Yes, this is true! We love our Military patients and offer a 5% off discount.

2. once the fat is removed from around my waist will I need a tummy tuck? It does not appear that you need a tummy tuck as you do not have loose hanging skin. Although, the doctor reserves the right to change his opinion once he sees you in person.

3. Next thing is, what will happen to my tattoos? Your tattoos will remain the same as no skin is being cut out.

4. I guess my question is, how much wider will they be after he adds fat to them or will they just be more curvy? You will not be wider. We will fill in the lateral gluteal region just enough to make it all more even. It will look great! It will just be curvaceous.

5. ? And I def plan to have my inner thighs done as well. You may add your inner thighs. It will be an additional $500.00

6. I am currently deployed and I plan to schedule immediately upon returning in July or Aug. Are there dates open during those months and can I email the documents to you rather than faxing them...we dont have fax capabilities here. Dr. Salama is currently booking into August of 2014. If you would like to have it done in August, you must schedule the surgery now. My first Available date is August 15th. Does that date work for you ? if it does, please send in the email the credit card authorization form with the deposit. you will be required to come in one day prior to the procedure and must stay for a minimum of ten days. You may stay in the recovery house. The fee is $1899.00 and includes transportation, round the clock care and all meals and snacks. It’s in a very nice cozy and comfy house. Like a home away from home.

Looking for earlier date..help!!

Ok so I have returned from deployment early. I was originally scheduled for 9 July 2014. Well I want a sooner date and so far nothing is open. If you have already booked with Dr. CORTES and would like to swap please get in touch with me asap. Thanks girls!

update: weight gain pics 2 months pre op

Ok so heres me today after adding 12lbs per the docs instructions. The pic with the purple panties was taken back in Oct 2013 I believe and the blue panties was taken today. See the difference? I do! Tattoos all outta place lol. Yup I know that pretty darn disgusting but I guess im cool with it as long as Dr Cortes takes it alllllllll out. Its his fat, he wanted it, he can have it.

Going straight home after release from hospital?????

Any ladies out there have had your surgeries and went straight home without staying in town where your doc is located? I had planned to do this but after speaking with cutiewaitingforabooty she got me second quessing myself. I have mamy surgeries in the military and have been sent home the same day including two breast reductions. I dont really see what staying close by does. Im aware the nurses come by and check on you but really is that necessary! ?

Preop today. 2 weeks to go!!!

Ok so here goes I am currently at my preop appt. Well today started off just fine until....I went to the Conroe location as my instructions and the website insturcted. I arrived about an hr early so I decided to go kill time in Target which was next door. Well once it was time I showed up to the location of Dr Cortes office and the doors were locked. I called and they told me I was supposed to go to the Houston office which was 55 mins away I was furious! So I hoped on 45 and made it to the Houston office where I was pissed cuz it hot as hell, I jus had my hair blown out yesterday and I was getting sweaty. Well I eventually found the entrance to the building. So now I am officially about 35 to 40 mins late. I get here and they want me to fill out another packet. Some shit I couldve done bfr I got here. Now I have been waiting a half an hr and they done called about 5 ppl in and im still sitting here mad as hell!!!! Ill update yall once I get in there with the doc. I still got a 245 appt at Houston Medical.

11 days to D Day!!

Ok so I jave about 11 days. Im scheduled for 25 July. I have to ne there at 0500 and my surgery wouldnt be til around 0700. Im glad I got the goose chase over with. I have completed my pre op last week, as well as pre registration at the hospital. My final apt with Dr Cortes went very well. I stressed over amd over that he BET NOT add no fat to my hips. He assured me he wouldnt and even told me as he adds projection that will reduce the appearance of my hips as well. He also informed me that after I have this BBL chances are very high that I will need a Tummy Tuck becausey skin under my belly button is already loose and will only wrinkle up once hes done. That kinda hurt my feelings cause this shit is getting old. I honestly am jus ready to get this over with. I tried for 3 months to get an earlier date but none was free and to find out I gotta do this all over again did not make me happy. On top of that depending on how much loose skin I got he gone have to cut my tats off or they may not be straight anymore. Well that gives me one more reason to get more work done! But on the bright side my husbamd agreed to a breast reduction so I can knock all that out at once. Oh well I dont wanna bore yall so I will be in touch again the day before surgery. Oh yea I will be paying the hospital fees by phone before the surgery. I got about 3, 700.00 that I owe. If your wondering how Im handling thisentally Im cool. A very small about of anxiousness built up. Oh yea and I had them to explain thiswhole gaent burn mess to me cause some of these ppl on here seemed a bit confused about the difrerence between a Garment Burn And a burn from Aggressive lipo. I aint worried bout neither one but hell I thought Id ask. Any questions lemme know!

5 days til the day.

Ok so its Sunday and I head to Houston on Thursday evening. I been thinking bout my surgery lately. It still hasnt hit me fully yet.Im ready to get rid of tthese nasty ass love handles. If any of you ladies ate having your SX on Friday we should link up. My surgery is at 0700 Friday morning.

4 days til the day.

Ok so today I am at work and to be honest I am really not giving a pluck about nuthin. I really dont care bout a damn thang, or tommorow, and the day after that either. Today I am actually focusing on taking care of the things I will need to for the surgery. Today I plan on going to pick up a MuMu for my departure from the hospital. I am thinking about ordering a full body compression suit but a part of me wants to wait cause I dont even know what my size is going to be afterwards so I dont even understand how I am supposed to prepare for that part honestly lol. I may just end up getting a new on from Dr Cortes when I go bak that Monday to get my drains removed. I am going to drop of all 6 or 7 of these darn prescriptions to have them filled. I began taking the Arnica pills I was given by Dr Cortes as well. Not sure i f theres anything major I left out but lemme know girls if I did. I will be in touch!!

2 days til Surgery 25 July!!!!

OK so I can honestly say I am slowly starting to realize there's a major change about to come. I'm actually blushing as I type this. So I'm at the pharmacy dropping off my prescriptions at the pharmacy right now. I know I said I was doing that 3 days ago but like I said, I wasn't hyped up yet. I also went and purchased my food lots of veggies and fruit and water. I want to minimize any chance of me not being happy with my end result. So after Friday I will not be chomping on my hot cheers.....As much. I purchase a black maxi dress and one of those silk my my gowns to wear home. I opted for dark colors cause I want these to last and be able to use them as long as I can. And no I don't already have maxi dresses. Chick's wit no ass don't like maxi dresses lol. I also purchased sum Benadryl for the itching that I have heard many mention. And if i don't get itching i made sure i got the drowsy formula so at least i can use it as a sleeping aid haha. I have opted to not purchase a new garment just yet. Oh and if you don't already know my current dimensions they are:

Age 30
1 Child
Height 5"10.5
Current Weight 220

30hrs before Hospital check in....

Yall its 1054pm central time here in Killeen Texas where I live. I got about 30brs to go. Well lets jist say I was so overwhelmed earlier with ezcitment and happiness I got tired......so I went to sleep. But, not before I troed on some of these too lil ass outfits I bought this month. Man I looked so ridiculous eve. I had to laugh. My girl Copper123 who has her procedure the following Monday gabe me words of encouragement and even shared some of her personal pics to show me I wasnt the only one dealin with the big gurl struggle. I cant waot to get up there because she loves local and I want to share my experience with hwr so thay her heart can be at ease when she goes under. I habe a follow up appt that Monday so depending on what time her sirgery is im gonna go to the hospital to see her too before I head back home!

Just summin I noticed...

This post will be quick. I noticed summin. Alot of us that vain weight to have the surgery rarely speak about our eating habits after the work is done. One thing I would like to note. After months of pigging out our bodies become acclimated to that type of lifestyle and its hard to just stop. Not only that bit fat is only being removed from certain area. Weight gain is all over. So we end up with small waists and big ass football player upper bodies. To me thats a tell tell sign that a woman has had work done and personally I dont like big arms. So I just wanted to share my thoughts because I did sit back with my son amd create a14 day menu of various healthy foods we will eat on a daily to help me lose the weight I gained in my arms and face etc. I began preping today and I just wamted yall to start ooening up about this if this applies to you. I think its an important part of the recovery. And I also know that it will assist with the end results once you ate done healing. All I did was toss out all the pizzas and burgers and beef and blah blah in exchange for chicken brest, fish, and shrimp with veggies. I preped almost everything to include our drinks.

picked up my meds. look at this is

Ok so im at HEB a local grocery store pickn up my meds. Yall this is what I gotta go go home woth hahaha Dr Cortes a trip with all these meds. Also we talked about burns and etc, I dont think I will get any but just in case he offered a burn cream and he said it cost about $100 and would be provided by an outside company. I requested that an since im Military my govt insurance paid fr that. Hell they paid for all of my meds.

only 11 hrs to go and im chillin

So as you all kno I am not staying in Houston after I am released. I am goung home which is exactly 2hrs 48 mins. I decided I was going to have my homegurl drive me back in my work car. Its a Dodge Caliber. I plan on laying down in the back. I have let all the seats down and made what we call a pallett or a very thick layer of nedding in the back so that I can lay down. I was almost worried if I would fit being so tall but it worked out jist perfectly. Check out my pics. Dont laugh. I improvised.

10hrs til surgery, 5hrs before we head to Houston

Look at what I did to my car tho.

be there n less than 2 hrs

started n killeen now we here

We made it

Check in is in 25 mins

Me and my gurlfriend made it. We cant get in or check in til 5am. We was gone valet but then I noticed that didnt start til 5 so we parked in the emergency rm parkn area. Right now we hangin out in the ER til 5 and then imma head on around the corner.Copper123 has been soooo sooo supportive of me. She is a real friend indeed. Planning on seeing her before I leave.

getting ready

Getting Ready!!

Before they took her back.

6:23 a.m. (3 to 4 hours until shes done)

These are the marks that the Doctor place on her. Around 11:00 a.m. I will update you, she should be done by then.

In Recovery

I haven't seen her yet but she is in recovery. I will post a picture once I see her.

Extreme Dull Acheing Pain!!!!

She is in a lot of pain she don't even want the cup of ice they brought her lol.

My baby's first step lol

Im woke yall

Its me. My hips are aching like hell. Wordt pain in my life and I have a very high tolerance fr pain but thos shit feels lik they had been broken. I keep dozing off si im giving the fone back to H.y pain is tryna come back too so im gnna try to gt moreeds bfr it gets too mad.

4:30 p.m. First attempt to standing up.

She wasn't able to stand long, but she was able to get that feeling out of the way. I think she should have waited but at least she was able to experice it. Lol now she tried lol.

Adjusting herself.

She wanted to use more pillows to take pressure off her back.

first time gettin up on my own

3am update

My catheter was removed jus after 10. Its 303am and I had to pee and they notice I was lying n a pool if blood and other medical fluud. Thy chamged the sheet amd opened my garments to change the leaking bandages. Thepaun meds hav worn off amd i im feeling super stiff. Like an old dish towel. Tmmrw I will gt a bath and go home hopefully.

Day 2 at hospital

The only good meds I get r n the IV I cant say I notice what the pills dr cortes gave me do. My lower hips stilk ache but not as much. I can barely lift my feet off the ground so I will practicing walking. I get realeased today bt nt bfr I gt a bath. I got out of bed on my own and went to the bathrm on my own. Once again I hovered backwards on the toilet see so I could pee into the bowl. Im n a little pain but that's expected. I looked under some easily accessi le parts of my garments to see wat I could see in the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea. Lol nursery rhymes. The pain is real ppl so I laugh my way thru. As I told other members there was one point I wanted to cry.....but nothing would come out so i was layn there makin cry faces lol then things gt better.

Dr Cortes Visit today

Ok he came by around 800am and askd howni was doing. We spoke about the stiffness and he said in time it will become easier. About 3 to 4 more days. He say its the swelling that's gt me tight and sluggish. The nurse jus requested me new garments top and bottom. Cortes said I can leave wjenever im ready so I told him 11 o'clock. He said ok cuz all ur discharge paperwork is already done. So since im leaving early thy gnna gimme a bath early andthey gonna giv me my IV pain killer early as well. The visit was short. I barely saw his face bcuz of the way I had lay but I kno it was him cuz I could see him out the side of my eye. Ladies this ache aint no joke. Hahaha it is real. I will add pics of hw I hav to bath and of cojrse my body wiithout the garments.

6 days post op

This here gone be short, sweet, and to the damn point. Im still n some paun. Been vomiting fr the last 3 days. Body is shaping well. Dont really care rit now though cuz I ca t gt comfy. My period came 2 days ago. That sucked. I was placed in my new garment monday. Today is wednesday. I had take exactly 4 showers while wearing this cuz I cant gt it off by myself and the pain aint worth it. This thong goin up my buttcrack hurts like hell despite me nipping little bits and pieces away from the opening. I still have sutures tht will be removed next week. Im walkn better but my stomach. Wont let me do nuthin. Thank u ladies fr all the praises but this is hardcore shit!!!!!!! Worst pain in my f'ing life. I will not do this shit again. Hell no sir.

31 July 6 days post op

Honestly......im not typing ish. Still a lil sore lots of bruising. Just got over a serious antacid problem that had me pukin 3 days straight. Had my first bm today. Ackward as hell. But water jus look at the pics. Thts wat we all wanna see anyway.

12 Days Post Op w/Dr Cortes

Ok im feeling better. Still dont have any complaints with Dr Cortes. He did a damn good job on my ass and I never told or showed him what result I wanted. I simple said dont touch my hips and dont gimme a big ol wide fat ass. Its veey early butt the projection is evident. The cuff is so real. Its softening up already. This compression suit is an absolute B1itch to wear. Had my damn crack tender and I kno I saw a droplet of blood yesterday. Anyways, I got them itchn ass stitches removed today. I was about an hr late and was seen in bout two mins. I had alotta swelling cuz I hadnt worn my garment since the day before but my ass meeded a break. Anyways, look at the pictures. I actually have a waist now. Oh I purchased a new garment that im gonna have altered to lengthen the thong part jis a bit. I swear I cant do this shit. They said the uard part was over. My ass be hurting so bad when I ne tryna pull that garment off I be shivering and gruntin tryn not to scream. I aint lyin!

my booty today.

This is mu booty 13 days post op and I love it

self customized garment

15 days post op


Im feeln myself

Im 2 weeks post and everything is going well. Very bruised, tender, and sire but nuttin thats gone keep me down!!! Im liking the new me and so is my husband. Got me sum ice packs yesterday. Omg they make life so much better yall!!!!

first time sitting longer than 30 secs

Ok so I had a craving fr a mexican pizza frm taco bell. So I told my son to but on sum shoes and grabbed my keys and a pillow and hoped n my 2 door like a bad ass. Well needless to say I dnt fit n my car with a pillow so I had to grab a blanket and hop in. Well wen I got in i still didnt wanna sit all the way down so I used my elbiw to prop myself up on my console. My head was all touchn the roof wen I hit bumbs. Need I remind u im almost 6ft tall lol

2.5 weeks post op Dr Cortes

Ok so im about 16 days post op to be exact. Still have bruising and swelling in thighs. Minor bruises on butt. Butt got sum jiggle to it.took new pics of the tummy. Looks much better.

with clothes on

Copper123 got me started.

19 days post op update

OK so I'm 19 days post op today. So its safe to say 3wks post op. Well my hips ache and ass cheeks itch like hell. They r still hot and a little hard and a little soft. That's normal. But this itch tho. The only time I dont itch is when i don't have clothes on. Yes I bathe and do my laundry. I took benadry but I can't honestly say it did anything. Well let's talk about this ache in my hips and the sides of my butt cheeks. Its insane. It got so bad I called Dr Cortes office and asked if they could give me something low dose to help me out. Helpful as always. I left my name and number and was given a call back a few hrs later and within minutes a new prescription for pain med was sent to my pharmacy her in Fort Hood. Dr Cortes has done it again. Amazing customer service. Also he peep my booty on my Instagram. Does your doc do that? That's that Cortes Treatment. If you have doc problems i feel bad for you hun, I got 99 problems but Cortes ain't one. Oh and another thing. I initially requested 3wks off. I'm n the military and I ain't gone be ready to go back to running 4 miles and jumping in and out them big ass trucks. I requested an extension from Dr Cortes which will be emailed to me tommorow. How great is that?

Fluffing? WTH is fluffing.

Hey yall so my tush is still doing fine. Got a few dents aka cellulites but hell they was there before the surgery . I'm cool wit it cuz it just makes it look more natural. They not too bad. Also I'm not sure I fully understand this fluffing thing these girls mention but I will say I think my butt got softer and more natural looking. Itisnt so tight and hard and plastic looking. Which gives it a softer appearance. I'm still happy with my results. I will def bebgetting more lipo to my back and my arms done and my love handles are still there. I don't plan on doing this til next yr. I wanna kno wat my final look is bfr I make any addtl changes to my body. And I actually got fully dressed yesterday. Combed my hair too! Lol oh yea I plan on scheduling a follow up with Cortes this coming up week or next week because I do need a smaller garment. Mariel told me if you cab stick ur hand inside your garment it is too big. Mine is way too big. The bruising is still present but my thighs aren't as swollen. I don't wake up as stiff anymore. The Talwin has made my life so much better. So make sire you request an additional prescription because it comes in handy if you still have to work and get the kids ready and shoo etc. It takes thebpain away. I can almosttouch my toes too. I couldn't at first.

A couple more pics

Need a smaller garment badly. I was not wearing my garment in these pics. I was wearing a waist trainer. I didn't have it on very tight because that required too much work that I didn't want to do lol

1month post op Dr Cortes 2014

Hey ladies so I will be about 30 days post op in 2 or 3 days. So I figured I would go ahead and post. Straight t the point I am still n pain. I still have to lay on my stomach. It still hurts to sit I dont care how many cushions or what type you use. It is indeed getting old but he what can I do about it. I am out of my second prescription and they just. Need to prescribe me summin for real pain cuz this Talwin ain't working. I am sure I lost sum projection tho it does not look like it just by looking at my butt. I tried on sum pants that I tried on before at two weeks post op and I was able to get them up and over my crack. I'm still happy with my results. I'm not concerned at all about the dents because that's jus my cellulite. Cellulite is a skin issue and not a weight issue and honestly it looks better now than it did before. Also alotta ladies have added me to their instagram. I appreciate y'all for being so forward. You guys are not afraid to engage me with any questions. Just about every lady that has added me we sit back and talk like we been knowing each other for years Lol. I like that. Women helping women. Anyways I'm still reviving just nicely. No I haven't been wearing my garment because its too big and I'm waiting to go see Dr Cortes for my follow up so I can get a new one but I have been wearing the one they gave us at the hospital just to help with swelling and discomfort.

Before and after Cortes June 2014

I decided to do abside by side comparison for those that are just tuning in so you can see what I was working with a month ago compared to today. Its a damn shame but imma show you anyway. Yea yea I kno I looked nasty but I gained 40lbs for this booty!

4weeks and 2 days. Yea my booty still hurt.

Hey y'all long story my booty does still ache but I can sit. I have been sitting more often with a pillow as long as I can tolerate it. My hips for sum reason hurt. I didn't get no hip work done but whatever it will go away. Well I'm not here to talk halls head off. Y'all just wanna see the ass anyways so here ya go. If ya got any questions just ask ladies. Oh and by the way if u had cellulites and dimples n ur ass before thebsurgery . THEY WILL COME BACK. I got dimples in my booty now quit a few but the tush still looks great.

Cortes: 2 1/2 months post op w/pics

I haven't been on for a while but here are sum pics post oo. Yes I still have bruising. This is normal and I am not worried about it. I received bleaching cream from Dr. Cortes and it does work. Yes I got dimpling. This also is normal. I had dimples/cellulite before. My next plan is my Tummy Tuck. It will cost $8,010.00. That will include additional lipo to the back and stomach. I'm in love with my booty. To hell with what these chicks taljin bout on here. They got they own issues. One day they happy with Cortes and the next day they mad at him and talking sh1t. Just dont bring that to my page. My meausurments have not changed much also ladies My waist is about a 15.5 yea I been eating. My hip is 50. My breast not that they matter are 36DDD.
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