Bbl Revision of Sillicone Shots - Atlanta, GA

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Hi,dr matteo taerri md abaarm is doing a bbl and...

Hi,dr matteo taerri md abaarm is doing a bbl and torso liposuction.If you also caught in the illegal sillicone trend this review may be of usage for you.Ok about 9 years ago i had sillicone shots no complications (im lucky)i know anyhow its hard to find someone even willing to to touch your butt, what was used in my bottom i think was sillicone oil .Any way it wasnt hard its soft but does not stand up like it use to dr. Matteo says its close to my bone he says typically they put fat in several layers he will use different ones in conjunction with where the sillicone was placed ive gained a lot of weight 50 lbs to be exact hes very classy educated and informative who put me on a weight loss pill also 2 weeks till surgery omg!!!

Hey guys three days post up if u had illegal sillicone call this doc now

I love the way its looking hope the fat will survive.i smoke cigs and didnt read the directions thouroughly the sent me didnt know but im allergic to clear tape in the booklet they tell u not to use it only paper tape the dr is so professional i feel bad cuz i keep calling him let me tell u there are not many who will touch illegal sillicone shots. In the u.s. l was miserable and unhappy ladies he fixed me he lipo my yhighs n waste back in reshaped my but right now if you had sillicone n arent happy go to him his assistant was nervouse about the sillicone operating over sillicone he assured her he knew what he was doing hes worldy and classy people here in atlanta just turn to the popular surgeons n pay twice as much .i think hes done this 20 years n italy and france n those ate well off place for the most part or i dunno im uneducated nomo cigs i quit im glad i did this with him

2weeks post op

Im already noticing differences and the doctor matteo taerri and his assistant are both very helpful and caring people i was prescribed perkesetts but couldnt take them they made me itch more i just take i.b profain it itches theres numbness n it hurts they say its painful but uncomfortable is an understatementi also got prescribed a water pill for swelling i love the results already i think i can feel abs cant oh ya u must get messages it takes my swelling down n made me able to touch my skin again without a horrible numbing pain

Almost 3 weeks

I love how its turning out omg not quite 3 weeks

More pics 3weeks postop

One more week than goodbye faja it itches me but just because tight things chafe me after a while but putting a shirt on under the faja use oral benadryl as needed hot showers
Atlanta Physician

Very informatice and professional

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