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I want to get smart lipo done but I feel ashamed...

I want to get smart lipo done but I feel ashamed to pay for it and I feel bad spending so much money on something I can work out to get. But I want it to feel confident. The date I scheduled was for December 18th but I canceled it out of fear. She told me I can reschedule at any time but I have cold feet. I just don't want to spend that much and be disappointed because what I really want is fat transfer and I'm quoted at 5k for that.

Still can't make up my mind

I am having a hard time deciding who to go to for surgery. It's between dr Boutte and Findley and I'm leaning towards Findley it's just the procedure date is so far away and I really didn't want to wait that long. If I go to Boutte she will take me dec 28 but faster isn't always better. I saw some reviews that make me run away from her especially about long wait times, scarring and everything else. Findley did work on my friend and I see her and love her results but I just hate that date so much. January 12???????????? why??? Smh help me you guys

Got a date for Monday!

I am so excited he cares medical just called and she said someone had an emergency and couldn't come for their spot Monday so she asked if I wanted it. So soon but I'm so ready to lose this stomach y'all just don't understand. I am so insecure about it it's ridiculous! I may get transfer also I'm not sure yet! But I am so excited!! I go Wednesday for blood work and so forth!!

Tomorrow I go for my blood work

Wish me luck. Tomorrow I get blood work done to make sure I'm ok for the procedure. I don't know what to expect. I read some stuff on here but it's so overwhelming I stop reading lol. I just pray things go well. Any tips would be lovely...

Before pics... Trying to decide if I should get fat transfer

I like my butt but I do wish it was bigger but I am told lipo would make it look even bigger so I didn't want to get it and it already looks ok ya know? My mom told me if I get anything in my butt she would lose all respect for me smh but I want it bigger lol. What do you think? I'm getting lipo in my upper lower and bra rolls and love handles btw

Here for physical

I am here now for a physical and blood work. They are some nice people haven't met the doctor yet but since my apt is so close I have to hurry and get my meds today and also make sure I leave Sunday night because my apt is at 8 am. I'm so anxious! I was so mad I lost even more weight lol I weighed 162 when I first wrote them now I weigh 148 I'm like really!?? Lol well I'm in the room to see him now I'll update soon.

Crying and really frustrated

I'm so annoyed and really just about to say forget this because nothing is going right. I tried to get my medicine and it's not covered by Medicaid because he isn't Medicaid contracted so my medicine is like 200+ and I had no idea. Secondly my bf , ex, whatever he is is trying to talk me out of it saying work out and blah blah then says he supports me whatever I choose. You aren't supportive at all.... I'm just really annoyed right now. Please help me out

Which shaper?

I am not sure what shaper to get... Which do you think?

I won't post anything else until the day before and day of hopefully

Sorry about all the post. And the emotional outburst lol. Just wanted to show my wish pics

One more day!

Well today I got a body pillow and the mattress protector I really forget what to get every time I go to the store. Still haven't decided on the whole fat transfer yet because I just don't want that down time with the butt and him saying he could get 600 ccs isn't much to get. I been eating like a hog to gain weight lol but idk if it'll help. I have my meds and the itch creams and I have bio oil on its way with the urinal and so forth. I just pray I look better and I am satisfied because I hate spending money to be disappointed. My appointment is at eight am I leave tomorrow so I can stay over night before the procedure. I'm nervous.... But excited. This will be a new journey for me. I want my waist to be in like the picture

Tomorrows the day!!

I just want to thank you all for the support it means a lot to me! I just took my meds before bed and I'm going to sleep and say a prayer. I have to drive forty minutes to the facility and my mom is right here with me and my bf got it in his head that I wasn't changing my mind so he made a plan to help me through this. So thankful for the support. I'm nervous, excited and anxious lol. I will post pics tomorrow.

Up and in pains can't really sleep... Why do I do

This is my first night I'm in the hotel and I'm trying to rest but o can't rest at all while on this pain. It's not extreme but I just wish it wasn't there... Anyway it went good they said I did great lol and they joked on me about having a dunkey booty :D please give me tips you guys

Day 2 and walking around

I know I need to lay down somewhere but I Just hurt when I lay so im staying up moving... for today I have drained and peed a lot and I do hurt around my stomach. I am itching but I don't know what to do yet I know I'm supposed to keep on my compression suit but until when?? Any way I'm tired from no real sleep. Been back and forth last night. Pain meds do work for the most part. I do not know if my stomach is actually flat yet because it is wrapped so much in like three different things lol here are pics of my butt though


HeAaded to my bed cause this back seat isn't life.and I feel so uncomfortable. The checked and changed bandages today I have to go by me some and change my own also they gave me a lfm. Painful but I saw the fluid Coke out. They want me to come back adapter to get drainage out but idk when sap will be.

Excuse the last post I was on drugs lol

I was saying now I'm in my bed thank God because the backseat of my little car isn't life lol. I am sore I roll a towel up to pee and I also washed my suit since it was bloody. I'm in my bed now watching tv hoping for some magical relief lol how do I look?

Not worth it

Today is a horrible day my bf left talking about how he needs to get some money up and all this since I wouldn't lend him 400 last night so today he leaves me in pain claiming he needs to get some money. So I fell asleep and my sons bus driver didn't leave him since he is so young so when I woke up I had to deal with finding him and driving sitting on the butt I just paid for then my eye infection has come back and I don't know why and I'm hurting in so many places. I'm just so frustrated and tired of this already and wish I could go back and tell myself you are fine as you are. I just reall am down right now I can't do this

Am I doing this right?

If I don't have on my garmet I wear a waist shaper and I massage myself daily as well as change my bandages. I don't when I am supposed to shower so I just clean my main areas. I don't have any public swelling anymore and my drainage is still coming out but it's not as bad as day one. Two tubes have fallen out and I haven't put them back due to fear of contamination. i take my meds Daily and I bought a pillow to sit on and some strivecta whatever it's called for stretch marks. I pray I'm doing this right. I lay on my stomach and if I just have to sit I roll a towel under my thighs. I eat normal but I have been drinking a lot of water and eating salads and the other stuff I normally eat. I still haven't had bowel movement since before surgery and that scares me so today I bought stool softener plus laxative to make me go. My stomach doesn't have knots in it and it feels normal but sore and my back feels sore as well. I am just so ready for this draining to be over oh my god

No more drainage but I can't fit the garmet

The garmet I had hurts to get into now is this normal? I am also moving around and going to places as well now. For short periods of time. I am going to go to Walmart and get a new garmet either there or tjmax or Ross.

Things I've noticed

So here are some things that work for me personally and that I've noticed since I had the surgery. As I've stated before my garment doesn't fit so I either wear a trainer or this compression top I purchased from Fred's. Or my wrap that they put on me the day of surgery. If I go through the day with ought wearing any compression ( due to the pain of compression I may take it off) I will swell and have a pudge but as soon as I wrap myself up tightly the swelling is pushed elsewhere and I think I urinate it out. I also eat as I please due to the directions staying to not diet for a month I believe and I don't work out but I do have to walk up and down stairs daily and I have been doing push ups for arm toning. I did go out this past Saturday and I was fine and I got so much attention it was lovely lol. Anyway I do sit down on a pillow or I kneel. When I sleep I sleep on my stomach mostly but I slip up sometimes and sleep on my sides with a body pillow and it's weird because I am a stomach sleeper but since I've had surgery I hate sleeping on my stomach. I get faint after being out too long and I get sleepy but that may be due to my anemia and not surgery related. I still massage myself I'm not sure when that is supposed to stop. I feel like I got surgery a few weeks ago and it's only been a week.. Sigh lol. I still have pains more so in my back and it hurts and itches so badly. So today I bought allergy medicine and it really helped with that itch and I also use itch cream on my back. I place neosporin on my incisions as directed and they are healing well. I can clean, dance, walk around, drive, and almost anything I normally do. I do not have sex because I am in pain and sensitive around my stomach and my butt is still firm and sore from transfer. I take Tylenol because of it as well. Well that's about it... Ask me anything :)

Left butt is swollen

My left cheek is swollen and sore and I'm not sure why. Also I need to get something to ease this pain in my stomach so I can wear my clincher all day and I can't because the pain in my back is just horrible. It's like deep tissue pain and anything that rubs against it makes it feel raw and sore. And I want the best results but goodness. I go in and out of feeling like I have a change in my body. I don't see a big difference sometimes and I feel like I wasted money then some days I feel like lira and miracle. Sigh lol I'll post before and after pics

Patience is my best friend

Just got fussed at for doing things wrong and I may have messed up my results because of it and I am sad now. I have been feeling like I got this done so long ago besides the pain I have and I just go about life like I didn't just have surgery. I have to give myself time to heal and do what my doctor asks. It's just so hard because I have a five year old I have to assist and I live alone with. Sigh... So I was told not to lay on my sides, don't sit at all even on a pillow, wear my garment all day and night and to not massage my butt or apply pressure at all. I saw so many different things online so I thought I was ok ...*pouts

Get molded for braces today

Still perfecting me as much as I can. As far ass how i feel I have soreness and the itchiness is minimum now. Swelling here and there and I also have felt lumps recently but I massage them out. I'm supposed to visit them today or tomorrow. But they are a few hours away from me so we will see. Other wise I like my results I will love them once I can be normal again. How are you guys?


My swelling is gone, healing great, only have pain rarely now and my butt is soft. My butt still hurts on the left cheek and my incision area gets sore if I apply pressure to it on my left side by my hip. I haven't started working out but I plan to start soon I want abs. Lol I'm good after a month and I'm almost a month post op. I live my results just ready to tone my butt up because it looks like it went down then sometimes it looks big. Lol idk but just an update kisses and hugs
Dr. Findley

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