Lipo of Abs/Back/Arms/Chin & BBL Fat Transfer

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I have been wanting to do this for years and have...

I have been wanting to do this for years and have done many PS consults around Atlanta before finally taking the plunge and committing to doing this. I am getting a tummy tuck with lipo of sides, back, and chin. I was planning on doing a fat transfer to rear, but now plan to wait to do that later now. I think I'll have enough going on with trying to recuperate on the front side, let alone trying to also stay off of a freshly lifted rear. So I'll do my BBL next year.
I have decided to go with Dr. Fara Movagharnia in Atlanta metro (Marrietta). There aren't many pics of his work on this site, but there are some elsewhere on the web. After hearing positive comments about him on RealSelf, and not seeing some of the horror stories I've heard about other PS', I scheduled a consultation last week. I was able to meet w/ Dr. Fara, not a PA, and have him tell me firsthand what I would need. Also, I was able to get an appointment in June which was impressive. Other famous local PS' are booked up until the end of the summer. When comparing Dr. Fara's before/after photos to that of others, I feel confident I have found the right one. His prices were also reasonable to me. Additionally, I found him and his team to be helpful and accommodating which I think will be very important down the road. I've been turned off by the staff alone at another doctor's office.
So this is the beginning of my blog. I will post before pics soon and update you on my progress once I go under. I'm a bit nervous and will continue lurking this site to help mentally prep myself for this upcoming procedure. I've never done anything like this before, and it's been helpful to hear others experiences on this forum.

3 Weeks Pre-op Photos

Here's snapshots of the body rolls I'm trying to get rid of.

More Pics

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. The night before the appointment, I was having major anxiety about the tummy tuck and spent the whole night wide awake evaluating my body, looking at online info about tummy tucks versus lipo, pondering what I really want from this effort. I ended up arriving about 1.5 hrs early to my Pre-op with a changed mind. I discussed with the PS scratching the tummy tuck, and instead doing lipo of back, sides, abs, arms, and chin with fat transfer to buttocks/BBL. I feel so much better about this whole thing. Although I know the TT gives the flattest, best looking result, I was not sure that should be my first procedure. I've seen Dr. Fara's lipo work in pics and know he does a great job with those too. So I may be content enough with the lipo without having as invasive a procedure as a TT. Plus if I wanted to do fat transfer at all, it made sense to me to do that first while I still have so much fat available for harvest. If I feel I still need a TT later on down the road, I'll do that but I'm optimistic it won't be necessary. So I had my labs done, paid the balance off (which was slightly higher due to my adding arms, BBL and taking off the TT). I got my Pre- and post-op instructions, and am going into this feeling much better about my decision. The staff was also very understanding with my last minute changes. I'm sure I'm not the first to do that. So it's very close, a few more weeks til the new and improved me. Will update more then.

2 Days Post Op

I have had my surgery. I'm still wrapped up in a bunch of bandages, and am not supposed to shower until tomorrow. I will definitely take some pics before I re-wrap after tomorrow's shower. I'm anxious to see myself.
The surgery went fine, it felt like I just took a nap and was awaken shortly after with a bunch of bandages. Most of the nurses were great, very helpful. My husband did comment that the last one seemed less than compassionate, but I didn't care at the time. I just wanted to get home and rest.
I just wanted to make sure to tell anyone who is doing this procedure to make sure you know beforehand what sort of garment your PS will have you wear out of the hospital. And if you aren't sure it will offer the best support in the long run, go ahead and order one for yourself before the big day. I got a tummy binder (like the ones moms get postpartum) , and for some reason it created a hard mass of bunched up fat on the top of my bum and lower back--it was extremely swollen there. That also happens to be where most of the fat from the transfer was injected--the top part of my butt. Some girls on this site have different recommendations for fajas that are specifically made for this sort of surgery. I looked up lipo express ( and got their #1625 Sleeves, half leg, and derrière one. It makes sense to me that having a shaper to smooth over all the areas would be more functional than just a belly binder going forward. For now I have rewrapped in the ace bandages and put the belly binder on in a way where it's not causing the type of swelling I had day 1. Will post pics in the next day or so.

More Before Pics

Swollen lower back 2 Day Post-op

My lower back, top bum was very hard and swollen Day 1 post-op. I had to adjust my garment so that it didn't squeeze the lower back so tightly.

Day 3 Post Op Pics

I'm still very swollen and unsure if my wraps are helping or worsening matters.
My transformation, so far, is not as big as what I was hoping after dropping 11k. But I will try to reserve judgment for a few more weeks because right now I still have quite a bit of swelling which may be skewing the look. Check my 3 day post op pics and see for yourself.

Feeling Normalish Again

The first few days were tough, but I'm almost feeling back to normal again. Everything the PS tells you about things like needing a stool softener is 100%. I had no bowel the first couple of days and on day 3 finally started having some normal movement again. I'm staying hydrated and doing my best to keep the compression garments on around the clock. I'm still taking Vit C supplements, getting high protein in, and taking some Arnica, Bromelaine/Fresh Pineapple, antibiotics, and1 baby aspirin a day. I haven't needed the pain meds as much the past couple of days.. The swelling I had the first few days has gone down a lot, but there's still quite a bit of it in my abs, and also some in my arms and back. I'm trying to be mindful of my salt intake and anything else that could worsen it. My understanding is the swelling could take several weeks to begin going away, so the compression garments and wraps are my best friend until then. No compression on the rump, and firm but not overly tight compression on all lipo'd areas. I will post more pics once I notice the swelling is down more.
By the way, my starting height and weight before op was 5'3, ~175 lbs. I have no change in the weight which is as expected. I mostly just expect to see physique and contour changes.
Of all the prep items I bought or had on hand, the most useful by far have been: the female urinal (w/ handle and closed catch at bottom) , toilet raiser, pill organizer, baby wipes, non-absorbent pads for bed, disposable panties, large reusable water bottle w/ built-in straw, protein shakes, and boppy pillow. My first post-op apptmt is later this week. Will update more then.

Feeling good 3 weeks post

The recovery phase is no joke, but I am over the hump and back to normal routines at this point. I'm still glad I didn't do a tummy tuck. At this point a lot of the swelling I had in the first 2 weeks has gone down, thank God. I have come to the conclusion the ace wraps and binder method didn't help my cause there. I finally bought a Marena garment after trial and error with other garments and shapers. I tried a faja from lipo,express, but the fabric irritated me and was hot. My Spanx put too much compression on the rear, so I took those off right away. Other shapers I had on hand caused swelling in my lower back and hip area. The Marena is MUCH more comfortable and provides firm compression. Highly recommend!
Also, I started getting lymphatic massages even though I was told its not something worth paying for. I would strongly disagree with anyone who says that. Every one heals differently, but the massages have helped tremendously with my swelling as well as softening the scar tissue. The masseuse I'm using is from Wellness Sanctuary in Atlanta, her name is Tiana: By the way, she also can get the Marena garments at a discount which I wish I'd known before ordering mine but I just started working with her a week ago. I also got a 3panel medical grade binder on Amazon for $40 that is more flexible and adjustable than the single panel binders.
Now lets talk results, I will post pics soon, I promise. Now that the swelling is going down I am starting to see some nice contour changes--mainly in my waist and my lower back above my butt. There's a nice inward curve in those parts that wasn't there before. I haven't noticed as much of a difference in my chin or arms at this point. My butt is a little more projected than before and looks sexier in my opinion, but I can tell I will definitely need a Round 2. PS said he extracted 4100 cc of fat from my body, and injected 500cc in each cheek. I can't afford to absorb or lose 1 cc or it will look the same as my before pics. At this point, it's still looking a little bigger than Pre-op, so I'm hoping I don't lose any more volume. But I'm already mentally preparing myself that I will need to do a Round 2 at some point for the butt I really want. Hopefully the fat sticks even better with the second round, because I really don't want to have to do this any more than 1 more time.

Eh....Not So Much

I know I am extremely late updating this, so I am on here to close out this review with my final assessment.
All in all, I don't know that this BBL procedure was worthwhile for me. I'm not blaming the doctor though--the reason I don't blame him is that I had several areas done, and in hindsight maybe I should've just focused on 2-3 areas instead of adding arms and chin. I just wanted to get it all done in one stop instead of having to come back. But because I am not thrilled with my results, I'm going to end up having to go under again anyway for a round 2.
The changes in my physique are minimal in almost every area with the one exception being a more noticeable curvature above my butt at my the lower back. Otherwise, it's almost like nothing changed unfortunately. So, I will probably do a 2nd round in another year or so. Next time, I may go to the Dominican tho. My lymphatic massage therapist sees a lot of patients who've been to all the popular docs and she swears some of the best results she sees are from those who've traveled there for the BBL. I was nervous about going out of country for something like this, but am more open to the idea for next time around.


I am looking around in prep for round 2 and am disgusted by the number of planted reviews I'm seeing. All sites have them bc business owners work the system to market their service/products, but if I see a dr w/ obviously fake reviews, I have to wonder if he/she is worth my time when they have to resort to such things. Shouldn't your stellar work be able to speak for itself? I'm starting my own personal list (not posting it) of planter docs to steer clear of.

Very kind doctor and staff, but my results were not what I'd hoped. I had multiple areas worked on which may not have been the best idea in hindsight. I'll probably do a 2nd round of BBL in 1-2 yrs. Read the last post for more details and pics.

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