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I'm getting a few things done from dr J I recently...

I'm getting a few things done from dr J I recently did my consultation and I'm going with a tummy tuck,lipo of abs,bra roll,lower back,flanks and arms and a breast reduction/lift. Basically a mommy makeover with lipo of arms in april 2013 (hopefully sooner) I thought long and hard read all these reviews,talked to patients,went to other consultations and I'm confident on dr j. My ??? Is has anyone had lipo of arms from him?? I also need any helpful advice post op. Anything special used?? How was arnica? I know he does not recommend it but plenty have used it. I'm scared but excited at the same time!!! Help!

My date was moved up yay!!!!. im so ready to get...

my date was moved up yay!!!!. im so ready to get it over with !!!!!! I'm terrified

So I'm losing more weight so he can lipo out as...

So I'm losing more weight so he can lipo out as much as possible. I took advice from ladies on here about eliminating white flours and sugars and it's going well so far!!! I'm excited but ready to get it over with!!! I really wanna talk to dr js arm lipo and BL patients to see how they are doing and if their results were what they wanted. Ladies plz holla at a sista!!

Also trying to post before pics from iPad!!!! Help

Y people gott talk shit I'm less than a month away...

Y people gott talk shit I'm less than a month away from my sx and this nigga wanna play on my self esteem talkin bout I'm not the one buying a body!! Wow. Really this was the agreement since I had the damn baby! Boy I see what I gotta do and I pray dr j make me so damn sexy I climaxx just looking in the mirror and imma be sure to act the part. Since he wanna make me feel low imma do the same. Imma change my name to mrs BRAND NEW. Imma tell him I don't understand the language of people with fat stomachs!!!!! Lmao see if he like that

Do I buy the pill pack the office days no need...

Do I buy the pill pack the office days no need just vitamin c and iron but I'm concerned about bruising? ? Also posting before pics

Omg them prescriptions 389.00 thats that...

Omg them prescriptions 389.00 thats that Bullshit!! Lol Im ready but I'm starting to freak out. Talked to doc j about my wish pic to ensure I was being realistic. Lol I just love how curvy Beyonce was before all the weight loss. I hope he does a great job.
I bought all my supplies including a bed and pillows my bed sucked lol in all id say about 700 $ that's not including my mani/pedi and my Dominican blowout lol. That's another 100 ugh! !!
PREOP was simple but my bp was 135/90 Kim said im nervous. I guess so lol

I'm ready so ready. I'm trying to think I'd...

I'm ready so ready. I'm trying to think I'd anything else I would need for that week. Did anyone have one thing they couldn't live without during recovery? ??

My baby girl got a cold im wearing a mask so I won't get it and delay my sx Lol. She trying to get me too lol. All these Damn pills are ridiculous after this surgery lol

I'm feeling good so far I'm tired of these haters...

I'm feeling good so far I'm tired of these haters saying I shouldn't do what makes me feel good. I'm thinking they just jealous I'm gone be super bad while they fat and pregnant. I've did my time and tied my tubes and if my husband wanna fund my transformation y U MAD???? Get somebody that loves u on that level then I won't be on ur mind like that ugh. Lol.
Any who I started my mmh vitamins I feel great health wise but my baby girl is sick. I hate wearing a mask around her but hey. Somebody gotta be well in the house.

Whooooo one more day until my transformation. ive...

whooooo one more day until my transformation. ive added those gross preop pics and my wish pics of beyonce. he said im not being unrealistic but our frames are different. i dont have to look like her just as neat and evenly porportioned as she is in these pics. i dont wanna look like a blow pop lmao!
nesting has kicked in and im preparing and working full time all at once. can anyone say tired. :( up at 530 am and not down till 1 am. i cant wait to be knocked out thats some needed sleep!! lol

Ok its 430 am. I'm up with the baby. I did sleep...

Ok its 430 am. I'm up with the baby. I did sleep ok im in a good head space but I have stomach bubbles. I'm gone shower and dip out at 530 . I wanna be early just in case there's traffic. I'm exactly one hour away from the office. Its almost time

Hey guys im ok. Yes yes yes this is painful so be...

Hey guys im ok. Yes yes yes this is painful so be ready. Ok so got there at 640 and talked to the anesthesiologist and nurse can't remember any names yet lol. Took pics and dr j came in and marked me up. We talked a while and I really felt more comfortable with him. I told him he had a real case ahead and I hope he had his coffee and scone already Lmao. He seemed to be in good spirit. He is really really caring. I then got the cocktail in my iv and remember nothing else.
I woke up to see two nurses, , the anesthesiologist my cousin and dr j. Standing over me. He told me he stopped my surgery due to the heavy bleeding I was doing so he didn't do my Lower back or arms. Hes a doctor before a plastic surgeon and my blood loss and life was more important than anything. I was refunded that portion and he will lipo those at a later date if I desire no problem. He also said he got the other parts and I will be satisfied. His bedside manner is awesome I will recommend him to all of my people. If ur reading this Thank you for caring for me your a a+++ In my book but I hate this motherfucking corset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now about this pain. Wowwwwwwww my breast are very sore, this Damn corset sucks ass it's digging in my sides badly making the lipoed spots hurt worse. I'm super swollen and got lots of padding on that can't be removed until tomorrow I can't wait!!! Getting up is kinda hard but waking is pretty simple. Peeing is easy but hubby has to wipe me. I'm staying hydrated and my appetite is normal in just eating soup Cuz that breathing tube makes ur throat very sore. Out of all this work my throat and chest is the most irritating. I'm in true Bitch mode. Lol. I only had 3 pain pills and muscle relaxers I'm talking arnica and bromelain with my recovery mmh vitamins its no pain until I sit up and down. I'm glad my arms weren't Don e yet because I need em lol.
Again this suit sucks monkey balls !!! Also I was suppose to wake at 1230 I didnt until 340. They were all concerned I told them hell I was tired just catching up on my zzzzzzz's

Monday all the tape and gauze is off and I got to...

Monday all the tape and gauze is off and I got to see my girls and my tummy and Back is smooth but I still want my lower back and arms lipoed ASAP. Other than that I look very neat.
I hate these drains there always leaking and clogging up. I had to cough up a lot of phlegm and I wanted to die I cried to hard. He is very aggressive with his lipo. I got my daughters cold im guessing that's y I'm stuffy. I'm taking my garments off today and taking pics after my sponge bath.
My sister said work out the other parts but I want it lipoed! !!! I think ill be fine getting the other parts done before I return to work. After I post let me know what u guys think

Im moving around ok. This corset sucks. Im still...

Im moving around ok. This corset sucks. Im still super swollen its a lot of fluid on me and its draining slow. The right drain keeps clogging up. I see a difference in my breast they sit up nice but itch bad lol. My back isvery sore and somewhat smooth. I cursed. my sister out she said it looks the same when. its obvious im swole as hell. I hate. stupid ignorant ass females. I dont know what to expect he said he only did the abs,bbroll. ,love handles and flanks. Not lower back and arms all i can do is wait. I dont think my drains will come out at post op on friday. Ihope and pray i drain it all out. Im gonna get penny to do my lymphatic drainage massages next week if dr j clearrs me.
Im still stuffy from this cold my kids have which makes everything 10 times more irritating. Cant post pics yet phone broken. And i just got that stupid note. I have the worst luck when it comes to things i want to do for myself :(

Sooooo went to my post op Friday kim took pics and...

Sooooo went to my post op Friday kim took pics and took them god awful drains out whoooohoooooo. That hurts but I managed. I'm done with the shots,meds, everything but the mmh vitamins. I'm in no pain but I itch sooooo bad lol. The cuts under the boobs burn bad and after my shower I burned all over and had red whips everywhere. Whoooooo. But I guess the water was irritating idk. I'm up walking fine and I got another compression garment. A full budy magic from ardyss. I look like catwoman lmaooooooo. It was sooooo painful to get into but we did it. Then mary came so I wearing the corset for a few days until its gone the back to my catsuit lol. I just put maxipads around my waist to keep it from pinching the incisions. The corset and surgical bra is a 3xl my full body magic is a large that's a big difference to me so ill wait my 5 weeks to really tell. I looked at me back yesterday and its a major improvement. But I need my front bra roll (side boob) and lower back done to be completely smooth. He said wait 3 months and hell suck it on out. Its already paid for so y not. I think he did a great job considering what he was allowed to do. Hopefully I won't have any issues the 2nd go round since its just lipo. Do I have to be put under again for just lipo??? Does anyone know? He did said those areas would only take 30 to 40 min so I won't be out long if I do need to go back under. So ill post my pics soon as I go to the computer.

Breast finally healing after calling the dumb...

Breast finally healing after calling the dumb nurse 100 times with no return call I decided to call the emergency line just to have a conversation with him. Kim treats him like he God. He told me to send him pics when I call she tell me to send her the pics instead. That was 830 am my call was returned at 5. Smh. My tit could have feel off by then man damn. But it's okay now and that 125 $ santle cream is more than a 7 day supply what the hell I do with it now? ?? At 6 weeks I need a j curves outfit not a tshirt lol. so if anybody have any skin necrosis ill give u the cream don't buy it. Everything else is good. Waist is a 34 now sooooooo good I was a 16 lol ugh. He is good but needs to be more attentive if yo nurse doing pre and post ops u too busy! !! I didn't pay to see them broads. Slow down money ain't that serious or more important than a persons life.

Ok when u take your garment off after a tummy tuck...

ok when u take your garment off after a tummy tuck does your stomach suppose to hurt? after my shower i cant wait to be compressed again for some reason i feel safer lol. breast are healing ok itching like crazy i wanna rip em off lol. the bottom of my tummy is hard still i wonder when if softens and y my vajajay is pufffy ugh. i feel sooooo fat and hideous and i cant ask anyone is it normal because no one i know has done it. :(
I return back to work this week i know everyone is gonna be all in my face cuz im smaller than i was when i left and i need smaller uniforms lol. BYE BYE 16 plus size girl!!! WEIGHT DAY OF SX 200LBS. TODAY 185LBS!!!!!!
Anywho here are some pics of me now somewhat halfway through recovery. SMOOCHES

What's going on i feel so fat I swelled so bad...

What's going on i feel so fat I swelled so bad after work and I'm very moody. I have more men inquiring abiut my surgery than women ugh y u wanna know! ?!?!??. I stormed out the mall yesterday because everything I wanted was size 0135. I feel like I should get thigh lipo too. I feel like a whale and no matter how much he told me I was beautiful and sexy I see fat Bastard in that sumo outfit in gold member.
Breast still healing slow and now my tummy incision hurts bad and burns. I don't know what to do anymore. The scars are raised and irritated. He lipoed a hella curve in my waist but under it bulges out. I look fat but ill put up more pics to show what I mean.

I typed a6 week review it got deleted ugh! !! But...

I typed a6 week review it got deleted ugh! !! But I went in on the 8 of April and saw Kim. She took pics and we talked about scar treatment. I bought
The scar guard md and so far the scars are flat but still dark but fading. For 70 $ this better work better than this. I asked If I could tell Dr j Thank u and he wasn't there yet. They were getting ready to film a surgery but she let me wait. I was already dressed and in the lobby and he said he wanted to see how I looked. I was shocked. He was in a great mood.So I went back again and undressed. This fool talkin bout look at u with then perky breast! ! Lol I was like Yea my docs the bomb u should work for him lollll. We talked and I told him of this new found confidence I have and I never wanna lose it. I look in the mirror now and it's all because of him. Hes so humble and genuine and thanked me for choosing him.
We also discussed the completion of my surgery lipo of arms, front bra roll and lower back to give me my final shape. After that I'm done. We hugged I thanked him again and left.
I got my date is May 10th at 1pm. Im sooooo ready. I just got another job so I can't take that long off. I'm hoping a weekend is enough. She also rolls me

She also told me I will have a drain. Ugh! !!!!!...

She also told me I will have a drain. Ugh! !!!!! Thats some bull lol but its Ok at least I know how to carte for it now. If any of u ladies had a lower back drain Plz Tell me how that is! !!!!! Posted pics as well. Oh yea waist was a 40 now it's a 34. Biaaaaa!!!!!!!!#what waist

I will update tomorrow I'm so high

I will update tomorrow I'm so high

Ok here is a pic. Day 2 lower back arms abs and...

Ok here is a pic. Day 2 lower back arms abs and side boob. I m sooo adore. Ladies how do u slerp with lower back drain? ??

Lol I meant to say I'm so sore. How do u guys...

Lol I meant to say I'm so sore. How do u guys sleep with lower back drains? Lol this medicine have me seeing double lol.

week 2 pt 2 dr j curves

My second surgery was may 10th at noon. When I got there I went Back and Blake was my nurse. I like gida she's the best. So this girl attempts to put in a IV and after the 3rd time she still didn't get it. By then I was pissed the other lady tried she didn't get it and last was the anesthesiologist Lina. She got it in. They decided to go with general anesthesia because conscious sedation wouldn't be best for arm and lower back lipo and that id be In alot of pain.
So he came in and marked me up and I waited like a hour after I took a nap lol. I woke and he informed me that things went well no issues this time and I was happy.
Now it's week 2 gida didn't take my drain ou last week she said I was just draining too much fluid. I feel like I still am plus I'm working 2 jobs barely sleep so tired and I now have a virus. So sick 2 weeks post op, throwing up and migraines. Ugh im to sad. Back is very sore arms purple and hard cant really tell what they gone look like. Ill post pics

transformation complete! !! w/pics

Ok 2 weeks po. Arm lipo lower back and front bra roll. Idk where all this booty came from!!!! Damnnnn

stop lying on dr j!!

It's sad what some women go thru for attention! ! Don't ruin his practice cuz u can't get in before anyone else. Take yo ass to another doc! He won't even touch u without a Medical clearance I don't give a Damn what any of u say ive seen him twice and each time was done professionally and safely. Women kill me. Lying on him will only hurt u he has too many happy patients that will stand byhim!!!! Dr j Latoshia gotcha back! !!

I'm behind dr j!!!

Apss staff u have my support

Former patient, current and past pics of patients, and my consultation he knew exactly what i needed and explained it to me with confidence. I hear hes the man and they made me more than confident with my decision.

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