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OK so where do I begin.....How about the beginning...

OK so where do I begin.....How about the beginning of the "Booty Stomach" (as I refer to it).

I am 35 years old with two wonderful children ages 15 and 10. Im weight 154 pounds and stand 5'3. With my first daughter I had to have an emergency C-Section and I received a diagonal incision. My second daughter was delivered by C- section as well and I received a vertical incision. And the rest is history. The baby weight that was never lost, the stretch marks and the diagonal incision created a make-shift wrinkly booty on my stomach. And to top it all off the diagonal incision became infected and left awful scarring , such an awful mess! For the last 15 years I have never worn any shirt that reveals my stomach and swim suites, well you can hang that up.

I did not think my stomach could ever be fixed until I stumble across a story online where a women had the same story as mine and after a TT her diagonal incision had been removed. I wasn't very familiar with a Tummy Tuck so I started goggling information, when I seen the scar the TT left I said " oh man look at that scar", then I looked down at my stomach and said " oh man look at that scar". So after 4 seconds of debating I decided a Tummy Tuck was for me. Because I am not overweight I was unsure if I even qualified for a TT, I started looking for doctors in my area. I ended up going to four doctors before I decided on one.

Doctor A: staff was very nice, wait time was about 10 mins, and there was no consultation fee. The doctor can in and said " lets see, your here to see about a TT, well you can certainly get one and lipo on your love handles". He stated he did not use drains, the procedure was done at the office, recommended at least a 10 days off. Shook my hand and he was gone. I went to speak to the lady who worked in the admin department, she told me it would be $8,700.00. I thought I would die right there in the chair ( that was the first time I had even heard how much the procedure cost) I became so excited after seeing the story online I never bother to look up the cost. LOL..

So I went home sad and defeated by the Booty Stomach, knowing I did not have that type of money just lying around. When I got home my oldest daughter said " so, when is the booty going to get cut off"? I told her how much it cost and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She said " just charge it to your credit card mom" it may take you a life time to pay it off, but at least the booty will be gone and you will be "sexy again". I said to myself, my credit limit is not that high, butttttttt I bet there is some type of credit care just for cosmetic surgeries. So I jumped on the computer and came across care credit. I apply and in seconds I was approved for $4000.00. I WAS BACK IN BUSINESS. I called a friend of my who has a security contract with a movie theater and I said "I need to work as many days as I can, I need to make a quick $4000.00 dollars". He said you "got it".
My dreams were back in effect " BOOTY STOMACH, you will not win after all" LOL

Doctor B: the staff was nice, the wait time was about 10 mins, no consult fee, the doctor came in and said " so lets see what we have here, ok you would make a great candidate for a TT" . He stated he does not do lipo with TT's because he doesn't believe it is safe, he said the surgery is done at his office and you would stay overnight in the recovery suite. After I took to the Dr I spoke with the admin staff and she gave me the price of $10,230.00, I went into minor shock .

Doctor C: the staff was nice, wait time was 45 mins, no consult fee. The doctors assistant came in and spoke to me briefly and informed me the DR speaks kinda of fast so if I need to just ask him to slow down. The doctor came in and said " wow, someone did a job on your stomach", I said yeah I know, he said oh yes, a TT would do you very nice and lipo of the love handles it will turn out very very nice. I will fix you right up. The procedure was done in the hospital and you go home afterwards. Afterwards, I was placed in another room to wait for the Dr again. The Dr came in and he was talking a mile a minute. I didn't have to ask him to slow down because I could keep up with him, but I'm sure some people would not be able to. Once the Dr left I waited another 20 mins I finally went to the front of the office and informed them I needed to go. I was given price with the total procedure priced at $7,5000.00.

Doctor C: staff was very very nice, wait time 5 mins, no consult fee, the Dr came in and talked about different things the weather, sports, ask about my job and final he said " ok, lets take a look, he said oh yes you would do well with a TT I can remove that scar with no issue". He said, I don't do lipo with TT but if you find you want it because you don't look like you should need it, you should do that afterwards. he stated the procedure was done in the hospital and I could stay overnight if I choose to . He shook my hand and made a little more short talk and left. His assistant came in the room and took pictures and stated the Dr scar placement is wonderful and she showed me where she had a TT by the Dr. Her scar was almost invisible. I meet with the admin assistant she gave me a price of $7,100.00.

And the Winner is (DRUM ROLL PLEASE).......... Dr. C.
I was the most comfortable with him and he made me feel at ease from the second I walked in his office.

So now I wait until my two week appointment which is on OCT 4th where everything will be discuss and I pay for the surgery. I am not really nervous, but I am sure that will change as the days pass by. I have had this BOOTY STOMACH for so long, I just want it gone. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and not frown up. I am going to Jamaica in May and I WILL be in a two piece that is the goal.

So it is a little less than a month to go and I am...

So it is a little less than a month to go and I am trying to figure out everything that I am going to need for after the surgery. Seems like so much, I wonder if my doctor will give me a list.

I have been reading different things and it seems the raised toilet seat is a must have, has any other tummy tuckers used this?

So far I am not nervous and can not wait to go to the flat side. Just seems like I should be doing something else...... The wait is killing me.

Well I posted some more pics of the booty stomach. Man I can't wait for this thing to go away. 28 days and counting.

Correction to initial post: Sorry just notice...

Correction to initial post: Sorry just notice something I must have been asleep when I was typing the first post. I have two Dr C's and it should be Dr. D and I went with Dr. D not Dr. C...

OK...... so I am officially addicted to viewing...

OK...... so I am officially addicted to viewing post TT pictures ( I am soooooooooooooo jealous,) but you guys all look great!!!! Congrats to everyone who made it to the flat side.

I want Oct 19 th to come right now. I am going to be standing at my PS office hours before my schedule time tapping on the door saying " OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN" (like that old ROSS commercial). LOL

I think I am getting concerns about the scar. Although nothing can be worse then the BOOTY SCAR lol. Has anyone found anything they think is the best for scar healing?

I am starting my list of questions for my Dr on Oct 4th. I have the basic questions about: dawg ears, recovery, the binder, surgery questions, going back to work, drains, swellings, diet after the surgery, scar healing, scar placement, things needed after surgery, walking around after surgery, signs I should look for to be concerned about. Heck all these questions I might as well ask my DR his blood type and driving record ( hehehe).

Have I covered everything? Are there any questions ladies that I am missing that you asked during your pre op visit?

My younger daughter just told my older daughter she wasn't allowed to ask me for a IPAD because that would mess up the TT fund. My older daughter said to my younger daughter "dang this TT is going to cause us to be living in a box". I told both of them " you know they have some really stylist boxes these days". LMBO. Nothing will stop the TT, not even the two innocence looking children smiling with big brown eyes. BOOTY STOMACH YOU WILL NOT WIN!!! (hahaha, evil laugh).

Well gotta go run errands, so I have to go find a shirt that holds down the Booty Stomach. Until next time......

Is it October yet? I mean what is the hold up?...

Is it October yet? I mean what is the hold up? (Smiling extra wide and big).

So I have been reading allot of post from ladies who are now on the flat side (yahhhhh) and I am starting to think 2 weeks is not going to be enough time to go back to work. How much time do the PO ladies think is enough time off of work? Just in case I need to request more time.

Well I guess I will review more stories from ladies who made it to the flat side.

This wait time is killing me slowing. Trying to remember why I set my appt for Oct 19th instead of today......Hmmmmm oh yeah, I had a lot of training I had to complete for work. Dang it, I guess being a responsible adult comes first ( crossing arms, bottom lip poked out).

Ta Ta for now....

Oh yeah, not that I am going to miss the booty stomach at ALL, but it does make an excellent lab top table. Hahaha...

So it is finally October and I was sooo looking...

So it is finally October and I was sooo looking forward to going to my pre-op appt on the 4th however, when I called my PS office they informed me the Dr was out of town this week. They wanted to know if I wanted to come in to fill out the paperwork. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I will be waiting for the Dr. to return..... soooo my appt was changed to October 9th. Mannnnnn more wait time, so not cool. Any who I have been getting all of my things ready for after my surgery and it just seems like I am messing something. But I will find out for certain on the 9th.

Now my biggest concern is swelling. I have been reading and swell hell is nothing to play around it. How long does the swelling actual last? If anyone has any advice or information on swell I would love to hear from you.

But I would not care if I swell up as big as the Good Year Blimp and floated away as long as the Booty stomach is gone, I can deal with Swell Hell.

Well bye for now, I must go look at more post pics and be jealous...Flat side here I come, oh don't run...I'm coming.. LOL

Ok, so I have not been here in a while as I...

Ok, so I have not been here in a while as I changed my mind on my doctor at the last mintue (gut feeling). Now today is the day and I am waiting on 10:00am ( hope I don't change my mind) I am very nervous but I really want this so I am going to go through with it. I am all ready, I have everything I need ( I hope). Well the next time I post I will be on the flat side........

SO this is what the flat side looks like and feels...

SO this is what the flat side looks like and feels like woooow. I am not in too much pain but yestruday was a different story. I became very sick during the car ride home and toss my cookies as soon as I got out of the car (soooo thankful for that). so ladies who have not reached the flat side yet, remember to have fill your phenergan medicine its a life saver.

I am still taking my pain meds and hopefully looking to let them go shortly but as of right now they are my best friend. I have not been able to get a good look at the incision but I did unwrap my garment and could tell it was a BIG BIG DIFFERENCE. I can not say I enjoy these shots I have to give myslef but if it avoids getting a blood clot, i am all for it. My doctor said he was able to get rid of the entire old vertical scar which is wonderful. I cant wait to have the banages removed. I only have one drain, not for sure why but it doesnt seem so bad.

I have a couple of pics to post.

Day two is much better than day one. I am still in...

Day two is much better than day one. I am still in some pain but nothing to pain. The worse part is the bending over and the incision burn. How long does that last? To anyone who has been through this. My stomach is numb in some areas which is to be expected. I had terrible gas yesturday but today is better, now thinking I should start taking the stool softner. GEEZ all this medicaitions, I am not a big fan or meds. Anyways my mother has to fly back home tommorrow, I hope I will be ready. If not I do have a few stand by people and my boyfriend.

So far if the question was ask would I do it again my question would be " sure would" although I have not seen my full self yet without the dressing I think its going to be good (Crossing fingers). If I don't know on thing I know the BOOTY STOMACH IS NO MORE.

Day 5 is much better. I am still hunch over and...

Day 5 is much better. I am still hunch over and uncomfortable but it is getting better. I just want to stand straignt up. If I had to give any advice about a TT it would have to be about the back pain, that has to be the worse so far. The swelling is certainly a pain in the butt but I guess that is to be expected. I did get a chance to look at my incision a little. So far I am happy with it there are a few places that look wrinkling so I am hoping that will go away. I have my first appt tommorrow so I am looking forward in seeing what it all looks like. I have yet to go anywhere, have not attempted to put on any panties (the daines are in the way). Acutually I am not for sure if I can even fit any of my clothes yet but we will see. Still taking pain meds one at night to ease the pain but hopefully tommorrow will be the last of that.

So its day 8 and I finally showered and let me...

So its day 8 and I finally showered and let me tell you...the swelling is hell. I still have stiches in that will be removed next week. Scar looks as good as a 8 day old scar should look. Guess it ony gets better from here. I HOPE!!!!

DAY 9 I am still walking hunched over and this...

DAY 9 I am still walking hunched over and this swelling is out of control but I am would pick this stomach over my old stomach any day. I know this is going to be a long recovery therefore, I am not excepting much. I just hope i am able to walk straight in enough time for me to go back to walk, but it does get better every day. My stomach is still very tender so i have not been able to get off all of the tape markings from the banadges but in due time everything will fall into place, I HOPE SO...LOL

DAY 20. I AM FEELING SO MUCH BETTER. I went to see...

DAY 20. I AM FEELING SO MUCH BETTER. I went to see my ps last Thursday and told him I needed to be able to stand up straight for work when I go back which is jan 14TH he said time is really the only thing that is going to help but he would give me valium. Well thank godness for valium it has really help loosen up the tightness. I have been driving and went to the store a few times. I figured I cant just sit on the couch for ever. Lets face it movement is going to loosen up the tightness. My incision is rised due to the swelling but I know that will go down when is the question lol. Now I want to know when I can start on scar treatment? Does anyone know? I also was having a haard time keepinf my binder in place so I put on my griddle panties with a high stomach area ( what I use to wear to hide the booty stomach) and let me tell you that works wonders. It keeps it in place and adds a little more tightness for the swelling. My friends have been asking me was it worth it and I tell everyone " if I had two stomachs I would have had two tummy tucks. LOL. NEWBIES IT DOES GET BETTER EVERY DAY. HANG IN THERE.

Well its back to work for me tommorrow.... oh yeah...

Well its back to work for me tommorrow.... oh yeah and my new best friend mr swell who doesn't seem to want to leave me alone. But hey its cool because even with Mr. Swell my stomach looks a whole heck of allot better then the Booty stomach. Lets see a quick up date.... I am able to stand up so much more by taking the valium they have worked wonders so I would really suggest anyone having issues standing staight after a long peroid of time to ask their doctor about them. My incsision is still a little raised due to the swelling but it has went down a great deal so I know there is nothing but great things to come. My healing process has been really good and I think I will be able to start scar treatment soon (Woop Woop). There is a little bit of hair by my incision that I want to shave soooo bad because my incision is so low by my bikini area but I am afraid to get close with a razor so I will leave it for now. The more stable the CR the better I feel so I have put together something for work tommorrow to make sure I am comfortable ( hope it works). As far as curves, I don't think I will be seeing the good ole hour glass shape, but I don't care about that, it's not like I am going to be a panty model for VS or anything and one can only wear a bikini for so long haha. All I wanted was the booty off my stomach and my PS has completed that mission. with flying colors. I look good in a tank top and there is no muffin top, my scar is low so the heck with an hour glass figure. I will NOT be doing any lipo to get that look...

Well I added a few new pics. Wish me luck TT ladies tommorrow, I know I am going to need it. And if all else fails me and mr swell are coming home early. LOL
Happy Healing All

I have been bac to work for three days now and it...

I have been bac to work for three days now and it has not been too bad. I get pretty stiff after sitting for a while. I have not had to wear my gun belt which is great as I am still in the office. I hope when I go in the field my gun belt wont rest on my incision but my incision is pretty low so I should be ok. I am walking about 96 percent straight and cant wait for that other 4 percent. I have a dr appt tommorrow I am going to ask about my bb maybe he will clean it out some yuck lol. the good thing is on my first day back to work about five of my coworkers said " you look like you lost weight" whoop whoop was all I was thinking so I guess mr swell isnt to bad looking under clothes, some days I think it is going away pretty good then other days I feel like a stuff whale you win at the state fair hahaha. Anyways I know the road is long but come june mr swell has to KICK rocks I am going to Jamaica and SEXYand FINE I will BE.
Hope everyone is healing well amd loving the flatside.

It have been a little over a month and I am...

It have been a little over a month and I am soooooo glad I had this TT. I didn't think my recovery would be so easy but I am glad that it hasn't been bad at all. I am still dealing with the swelling and the MT but overall the experience has been good. I can't wait to start my scar treatment in a few weeks. I have been reading anout Bio oil I think I will go get some today and start using that. My BB is healing pretty nicely and my scar is healing great too. When I went to the Dr about a week ago I ask him if he thought I could obatin an hour glass shape, he said Nope, because of your body structure. I laughed and said that is ok I wouldn't want to go through the lipo to achieve the goal even if i could. My laughed and said you don't have a inch a fat to lipo,,,LOL. Guess that is a great thing. I am loving the way I look in my jeans and the way my shirts fit, no belly rolls woot woot.....I added a few new pics. Happy Healing All.

I havent posted in a while so to catch up. I am...

I havent posted in a while so to catch up. I am still swellling to be expected. I still wear my CG just feels better. overall I am very happy with results and my tummy. I am going to Jamaica in june and will be bikini ready. I went t see my PS today and showed him my BB he say he would need to do a revision on it because my scar contracted. I was glad about that because the scar did widen then I liked. so in a few months my BB.scar will be fixed. I will have to take a pic to show you guys what I am talking about. All my coworkers think I have lost weight so it the TT worked wonders. so glad I did this. oh yeah started scar treatment two weeks ago. I am using oleeva shapes silicon strips they seem to be working good. it makes the scar smooth and lightens it up. so I will put before and after pics of my scar as well. I think I am going to buy another brand to wear when this one is drying. Hope everyone is enjoying their results.....

OK, so here are some new pics I added. Notice the...

OK, so here are some new pics I added. Notice the BB scar is raised. PS said that is an easy fix Thank goodness. Also included pics of scar treatment that is currently in progress and a new body pic. Does any one have any scar treatment products that they believe to be very helpful?

1 year and 3 months WOW time flies.

I wanted to do a fast update as I have not been here in a long time. It has been 1 year and 3 months since my TT and all I can say is it was the best thing I ever decided to do. Although my BB did not heal exactly the way I wanted it too the injections are working out just fine. If you are looking for the prefect and flawless TT don't get your hopes to high nothing is perfect in life. But after you have your TT done or already had it done, your results will certainly be perfect from where you came from.
Here are a few answers to some of the questions I have seen on here.
Yes, you will still swell after a year, but it is not to bad. Watch what you eat, but of course we should already be doing that. lol I am guilty of not following that one big time.
Yes, the scar does fade tremendously after a year. I stop using scar treatment about 4 months ago. I didn't see the need and it didn't seem make a different after a while. Not to mention the scar treatment can get expensive.
Is there still numbness after a year? This may not be for everyone, but I still have slight numbness but I have gotten use to it.
I started working out about 5 months ago but that was only because I was lazy. I could have started sooner.
I have added some recent photos.
Good luck to all who have not made it to TT land and show that tummy off this summer to those that are in the land of TT.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I selected my PS after reading a review on realself. I was impressed with what I read so I made an appointment. This was the best decision ever. Dr. Nakano is very experienced in what he does and his approach is great. He makes you feel very comfortable and never rushed. He does not tell you things that you want to hear but want is right for your case. He returns his own post op calls. His staff is absolutely wonderful always smiling always eager to help. I don't think I have ever waited longer then 15 MINS in his office. The office is equip with updated technology throughout the waiting area along with a spa center. Hands down Dr. Nakano is one of the best PS by far.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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