Tummy Tuck with Lipo of the Inner and Outer Thighs, Flanks, and Upper Arms - Atlanta, GA

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I am 30 years old. 5'4 169 lbs. After having two...

I am 30 years old. 5'4 169 lbs. After having two kids and being very over weight throughout both pregnancies. I finally started a weight loss plan and I have lost 75 lbs. I have kept it of for 4 years. But I am left with loose skin in the stomach.
I have been thinking of doing a TT for 3 years now. I have researched, looked at tons of photos, read lots of peoples reviews. About their fears and their recovery. Iam super scared and excited at the same time. I hope my recovery will not be so bad and I will be able to handle it. I am afraid of waking up in real bad pain. Wishing for the best.
I have finally decided and my surgery it tomorrow at 12pm. I have been preparing for a week. Bought all of the supplies I need. I even went out and bought a recliner to sleep in. I have read that it’s the most comfortable position and place to sleep in. Cooked, cleaned, and prepared everything.

My husband has been so supportive and encouraging. I want to have a flat tummy again. He says the scar will not bother him. He will be with me throughout the recovery.
Tomorrows the big day........

Surgery went well. Woke up with pain in arms and...

Surgery went well. Woke up with pain in arms and legs. My stomach did not hurt. I had a on q pain pump. So good to have that. Came home the same day. Pain medicine is good and i dont feel anything.. Just walking hunched over.
post op day 3 still doing good. So good to have a recliner. Dont know what i will do with out it. Stafted to eat normally today.i did not take my binder of yet. Iam scared to maybe tomarrow. I will post pictures soon before and after.

Iam 5 days post op feeling much better. Took a...

Iam 5 days post op feeling much better. Took a shower today. When i took my garments of i felt real dizzy and faint. Looked at the scars and every thing looked like it should. I am glad i had shower chair and could sit. With out a chair i would have fainted. Took it slow and everything went well. Diefinatly have some one help you for the first time.
I still can not stand straight. Still hunched over and back pain. I have muscle relaxers and that seems to help. My drains are still in and producing less and less fluid. Hope fully by next week i can stand straight and the drains can be removed.

10 days post op. I am doing good standing more...

10 days post op. I am doing good standing more staight now. I am not taking no prescription medication any longer just motrin for swelling and discomfort, mostly for lipo areas. They are real brused and uncomfortable. Muscle relaxer for back ache. This helps for me to walk more staight up. My tummy area have not given me any pain in the last 5 days. What really bothers me are my drains. They are coming out tomorrow. That would be awsome. I have pictures on my phone will try now to download and post some.

11 days post op. I got my drains removed. It did...

11 days post op. I got my drains removed. It did not hurt as I thought it would. Just felt weird. I can walk straighter now and it does not hurt . My doctor gave me a size smaller compration garment said it would help better with skin thighting on my thighs. I am ready to sleep on my own bed but I dont know if I can, I will try today.

2 weeks and 2 days or 16 days post op. Iam doing...

2 weeks and 2 days or 16 days post op. Iam doing great. I drove my car today for the first time. It was not so bad..i thought it would be difficult because I have a big suv. We went out to dinner and movie last night. During the movie my compresion garment started to pinch my incision and it hurt. I think due to position i was siting in.
Every day its getting easier and easier. Iam walking 90 percent straight, trying to stand straighter everyday. Through out the day I get exhausted. So iam taking it slow day by day.
I have made some more picture of my progress and my results. My legs are so bruised from the lipo on my thighs. Some areas have hardining under the skin. Iam trying to massage those areas and hope that will resolve the problem.

3 weeks post op... Today doing good. Couple days...

3 weeks post op... Today doing good. Couple days ago my period started and it was real bad. I had lots of swelling and cramping. I have never had it so bad. So i was pretty misrable for a couple days. With my garment on and underwear on top. Best thing for me were tampons. Good thing its over.
I have a sore and tender swollen are right above the right draine and it goes up past the insicion. It might be a small seroma, I am not sure. I will go see a doctor tomorrow and let them take a look at it.
My insicion area have been healing real good. Almost all of the scabing and glue is off. As soon as it is I will start my scar therapy.

I went to my doctor on friday. She said everything...

I went to my doctor on friday. She said everything looked good and Iam healing real well. So my tenderness on one side was due to healing and i need to massage that area. Everyday Iam getting stronger and able to do things. Iam walking more and more straighter. When i get tired i tend to hunch over then my back hurts. The lipo that was done on my thighs is healing. There is still lots of brusing and knots under the skin. I have been massaging those areas everyday and its getting better. My legs are still sore from the bruises. But not bad at all.
I have finnaly slept in my bed last night. I have been sleeping in my recliner for 3 weeks. Every time i tried the bed i could not sleep. Everything was uncomfortable. I feels so good to sleep in bed. But with out the recliner i would have been miserable. I do diffenatly recomand a recliner. Before the surgery i went out and bought one. This website and evreyones reviews helped me get ready for my operation and throught my recovery. Thank you to everyone for posting your experiences :-)
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