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I'm having a tummy tuck, lipo of my hip area, and...

I'm having a tummy tuck, lipo of my hip area, and a breast lift. I'm 34 y/o and gained way too much weight with my first baby. My mom and dad will be here next week to take care of me. I'm super excited and pretty nervous too! I've completed all of my pre-op work, have my prescriptions, stool softener, and fluffy pillows. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

Surgery was yesterday...

I had my Tt, breast lift and lipo yesterday. I have four drains. The pain is completely manageable thus far, but I am definitely in pain. After I came out of surgery, I don't remember much, but I was pretty nauseous. I didn't have a catheter and am glad for that because I was able to get up throughout the night and go potty. My nurses were wonderful and helped to keep the nausea at bay, although I did throw up a few times...terrible!!!
I'm home now and will post pics soon. So far everything looks amazing and I am well pleased.

I need to cough!

Anybody have any suggestions?? This hurts!!

What do you eat post op?

What is everyone eating post op? Now that the nausea has passed, I feel like I can eat anything, but I know that's probably not in my best interest. I've tried eating yogurt and fruit and broth. Kind if boring, but I know that I'll need to go to the bathroom sooner or later (?!?!!). So, what are you ladies eating???

I need to go to the restroom

Good news is that I had all four of my drains removed today!!! Yay! And this is only day 3! I feel so much better and am able to maneuver easier. My new problem is that I can tell that I need to have a bm, but can't. I started colace yesterday and was eating a very clean, fiber-rich diet leading up to the surgery. I'm terrified to "push" for fear of damaging anything. Any words of wisdom? How long does it usually take for things to get back to normal? I expected some disruption with the pain meds and the anesthesia...

I just took a shower!

I had my drains removed yesterday so today I had my first post op shower! Yay! It was great and the doctor said not to worry about getting my incisions wet. I feel pretty good today. I'm weaning off the pain meds (Advil only now) and take a muscle relaxer every six hours. Hopefully that will help with the bathroom issues. Hope you all are doing well. :)

New belly

Post op depression? Regret?

I've read a little about this and my doctor warned me about it too so hopefully I'll be jovial again in a day or two? It hadn't even been one full week since my surgery date. I know that - yet I look at myself with my 'frankenbobbies' and yes, flat tummy, but tummy that still has lots of stretch marks and compare that to the money that I spent and the pain that I feel and the downtime that I'm experiencing and wonder if I should've just left well enough alone?

Each day gets better and better :)

This is definitely a roller coaster, that is for sure! I feel superb one moment, then weepy the next. I'm feeling great today; I'm nearly standing upright, I can shower alone and for the full time without being exhausted, I can ride in the car without a pillow behind the seatbelt - things are definitely improving! The funny thing about plastic surgery (my first experience with it and surely my last)...it makes me supremely focused on my body and ALL imperfections. I find myself looking in the mirror saying, "well this boob is a little higher than the other" or "look at all these stretch marks." Part of it is the expense - if I paid for it, I expect perfection?!
Anyway...I'm overall very pleased. :)

Went to the mall...

I had to ride to pick up my daughter today...2 hours. I was feeling great this morning and wanted to try. I continued to feel well so after getting her, my fiancé, my daughter and myself walked around the mall for awhile. I was able to try on clothes (without a bra! good times!) I was STILL feeling ok. Then I had to ride two hours home. By the time we got home though, my tummy had swollen...a lot! Obviously I did way too much. Any suggestions on how to get the swelling back under control? And I, of course, will be a good girl and won't be doing any more 4 hour car rides for a minute. ;)

Going back to work!

I'm going back to work today and am pretty nervous about it. Wish me luck!! :) :)

Unscheduled Visit with PS Today

I went to the doctor's office today and saw his nurse about some separation that is happening with one of my breast incisions. She assured me that everything will be fine and added some steri strips. I'm not so concerned about infection, I'm not running a fever or anything, the skin is bumpy and just flopping around...this is plastic surgery after all and if it heals like that then I won't have the nice, thin line that I had hoped for. I'm sure that they see this kind of thing all the time though.

Also, I'm simply distraught over my belly. Really. I know that the extra skin is gone and I'm grateful. However, maybe I made a poor decision and this surgery wasn't for me. Maybe I'm just on the down side of the optional roller coaster. Either way, I'm still riddled with stretch marks. My doctor did tell me that they wouldn't be able to get them all, but I'm covered. :( Not sure that I would have sacrificed this time, money, and pain. Sigh. I guess time will tell.
I apologize for the negativity. Normally I'm sunshiny.

One month later

I'm just about back to normal! My recovery has been really pretty easy overall and I'm super surprised really. I've had a lot to focus on though...my fiancé and his son were moving in last weekend and needed my "help" packing, I turned in my 2 week notice at my job four days after I returned to work (they loved that) and will be starting my new job on Monday! I'm still trying to respect and listen to my body for sure. This surgery had made me every well aware of how I treat my body...emotionally and physically. I have to love myself no matter what. I'm not completely satisfied with the tummy part of things bc the stretch marks are so acutely visible, but my is did an amazing job creating a new shape for me. My bad for not asking more questions regarding my marks before going under I guess. I am however, super happy with my breasts. They are perky and wonderful. Love it!
I have to make sure to eat healthy or my body will react. It may have reacted before and I just didn't notice bc of the layer of skin, but I notice now!

So, so far so good. ;)

Raised Hairline?

Has anyone noticed that their hairline is higher now? It's kind of strange, but a had on some pants that sit pretty low and I noticed that I had hair just under my scar which is much higher than it was before...I think. My body is going through so many changes is hard to be sure. ;)

Not worth it

I'm updating my review to say, "not worth it" for the tummy portion. My breast lift is great and I am very well pleased. However, for my tummy...I actually have new stretch marks if that is even possible. ?!?! I have a raised hairline so now with a pair if low riding jeans, you can not only see a scar, but *hair* if not careful. My goal was to be able to wear a bikini...not even close. I was told that the remaining stretch marks would be at or near my hairline...not even close.

I can see how this would be wonderful for people with more excess skin. I probably should have just stuck with Spanx.

My surgeon did a good job with the procedure bc I have had no complications and have healed very well with no binders and very little time with drains. I blame myself for not asking longer, more detailed questions with photos. :( I am flat now. It's a very expensive, painful, time-consuming way to remove a small amount of skin that was hidden on a body part that will continue to be hidden.
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Their customer service thus far has been wonderful.

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