Feb 18th: TT, Breast Aug, & Lipo of Flanks - Atlanta, GA

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I am 32 and have had 3 beautiful babies. However,...

I am 32 and have had 3 beautiful babies. However, what they did to my stomach...not so beautiful! A bit of background: I am 5'4" and 130 pounds. Before kids I was about 120, so I'm only about 10 pounds from my goal weight. I work out 3-4 times a week with high intensity cardio and weight training. I have an extremely active lifestyle with my 3 kids, their school schedules, church, and activities.

I am scheduled for a full TT, breast augmentation and lipo of the flanks on Friday, Feb 18th. I'm a bit nervous...really nervous and anxious about the whole surgery thing. The recovery doesn't worry me as much.

How long will it be before I can drive and get back into it? I don't want to be out of commission for too long since I am a bit of a control freak!

I will post some pictures of before and after once I get some taken.

I'm 3 days post op and my little bed buddie is...

I'm 3 days post op and my little bed buddie is about to expire...so looking forward to my first shower since Friday at 4am! I'm feeling good but have been very good about taking all my pain medication and muscle relaxers on time. I've been sleeping well and taking naps during the day.

I will take some pics after my shower this afternoon and post them. I am already in love with my breasts...hope the stomach is just a nice once the swelling goes down.

I do have to say that I"m surprised at how badly bruised I am from the lips...it's actually been the most tender and painful part during this whole healing process. Don't know if I'd do it again at the same time...it's hard being in pain all around at the same time...

8-days post-op and feeling really good. Actually...

8-days post-op and feeling really good. Actually drove for the first time today...my stomach didn't hurt but my breast and muscles surrounding weren't very comfortable.

I am wearing "normal" clothes and have been able to wear my "fat" jeans and my jeggings. My drain is still in since my output is still to high, but I'm out of the restrictive bra and into a sports bra now.

I'm still very swollen and bruised from the lipo but it's getting better. I'm loving my new cute little belly button and my breasts are getting better. The right one has dropped and settled a little faster than the left...PS said it's b/c I'm right handed and it will just take some time.

Went on a date with the hubby tonight to the bookstore for some coffee and "us" time since my mom is here helping with the kids. I'm getting excited about the results and can't wait to go bra shopping and get an actual 2-piece for this summer!

Will post and take more pics later this week!

Let's see...day 13 and I am finally feeling a bit...

Let's see...day 13 and I am finally feeling a bit better. I ended up having to keep my drain in for another week since my output was still too high at my 1 week appt. I ended up getting an infection starting on Sunday but didn't realize what it was...I just thought it was my binder too tight or something.

Tuesday I woke up not feeling well and my knees were hurting...1st sign or something wrong. As the morning progressed I got the chills and the drain sight was very sore and I actually notice the area above my private area but below my scar was very swollen and pink...and getting hot. I had an infection.

By the time I go to the dr's office, 1 hour away, and I had to drive myself w/o any pain meds I was not doing so well. She took off the tape and gauze and it was swollen, pussing, really red and so sore. She tried to squeeze it to see if liquid was inside...omgosh so painful, but thankfully no fluid. I have a soft tissue infection and am on antibiotics.

I finally started feeling better yesterday morning after 2 rounds of antibiotics and percoset. This pain was waaaaaaaaaaay worse than the first 3 days after surgery!!!! Please make sure you are cleaning your drain sight and keeping neosporin on it!!!

I have another appt tomorrow morning, I hope to get the drain out! Fingers crossed..I'll post some more pics tomorrow night!

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