So Excited! Getting TT and BBL Done Tomorrow - Atlanta, GA

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I'm so excited tomorrow I got in for my surgery...

I'm so excited tomorrow I got in for my surgery with Dr. Wright Jones in Atlanta. I have been reading and informing myself from the great people on this site who have shared their journey. I will post my results and before and after pics as soon as I am to do so. Thanks so much for the reassurance with posts and photos. I hope to help future sexies with their journey with my posts also.

Is it normal to not hear from your PS post-op?

I read so many rave reviews about my PS' bedside manners however I only saw him before surgery and never heard from again. I'm on my 6th day now and I don't live in this town. I just hope and pray that all is well with my body but everyday seems to get better so I m hoping that it is.

One week followup

I can't believe it's been a week already. I was just thinking yesterday that someone else is being rolled into the surgery room just as I was last Wednesday. I saw Dr. Jones today before heading back home and he was sweet as usual. He said I looked good (and I do, lol). My tummy is tight af. I feel like I'm about to be split in half. I can't explain the feeling but it's quite uncomfortable. It's not painful though. I notice that more I walk the less tight I feel and then I get excited and think my tummy is getting loose and then it tightens up again. LOL. I will definitely start going for long walks when I get home. Belly and booty both look amazing. Dr. Jones is a genius if he can give me a booty as I had noassatall disease. It's not a big ghetto booty but just sexy and right with a hump and now I have hips too (hips do not run in my family so we are all tall and lanky black women). I've posted a photo but disregard the ugly cut on there as it's from my allergic reaction from the tape. The good news is that Dr. J. says it's very rare so don't worry about getting that ugly cut on your beautiful belly as I have weird luck. Maybe I will win the lottery next. LOL. Good evening

Finally back home!

I got home at 2a and was so happy to see home again. I don't want to see a hotel for a long time. I'm so grateful to have had this surgery safely done and I will never take good health for granted. I'm still in recovery mode and feeling less still today. I'm on the hunt for scar away and oils to help me heal my tummy. I also need a butt massage (lol.. that sounds funny) as there are lumps on my bum. Doctor J says they will smooth out eventually. I'm attaching a photo of the binder and waist trainer I was given at the hospital. I need to buy about four more of each of these. Oh, today I sent myself free and did not wear either. They make me even more stiff. I wore them for eight days straight so I figured one day off won't hurt. I also realized that I'm swollen more than most as I did not have any drains which I'm happy for anyways but I was just wondering why some ladies were flat and I wasn't and after some research I realized it's because of the drains vs no drains. Well it's 3a now and I'm off to bed. Goodnight

My incision (see attached)

I took off my sutures last week and finally faced my incision. It was lumpy looking at first but today it's looking flatter. I just want to fast forward to next year to see how my stomach turns out because right now it's full of scars. It will be 3 weeks on Wednesday and I know it takes time. There is a strange looking knot in the middle of the incision if you look closely. For some reason, Dr. Jones charges about three times most PS do and I have seen some really beautiful TT for one third of the price. As I said it's very early but I can't still justify why I paid so much (it was $12k for the TT).

As for my BBL, it looks good but I have a big and hard knot of fat on the right hand side above my butt cheeks. I pointed it out to Dr. Jones and he said it would go away. I hope it does. Butt is very lumpy and from what I understand this is normal. I need to get some butt massages to smooth it out.

I guess I just need to be patient and go through the healing process. I am using scar away strips and bio oil along with the cream that the Doctor prescribed. The cream is helping alot with the healing of the medical tape allergy.

I have a month virtual consult with the doctor in the beginning of December and will address my concerns to him.

Post-op 5 week update

Hi dolls! I can't believe it's been five weeks already. I'm feeling much better and less sore. I've been using the Scar away long strips for my incision. I have a virtual consult with Dr. J next week and have some questions for him. I have really hard bumps in the spots that I was lipoed. They feel like big mosquito bumps and itch like hell. They are on my upper and lower back and I sometimes have a stabbing feeling in them. Is this normal? Did anyone else experience this? Other than that everything else is going well. I am wearing my compression daily and would like to get an additional one. Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is doing well and healing well also:-)

Ugly scar due to allergic reaction

Happy New Year bellas! Hope everyone is healing well or excited about their upcoming procedures. I think it's been over a month since I've been on here. I was so busy with the holiday season. I am still wondering if Dr. J was worth the $12k I paid for the TT. I have to say it was not worth it. I like Dr. J as a person but I am not happy with the ugly ass scar I have next to my belly button. It was an unecessary scar unlike the tummy tuck scar. It actually looks like a keloid. I'm thinking of having a second opinion on this scar. The main reason that I got a tummy tuck was to remove my unsightly stretch marks but now that they are gone I have a keloid scar. Isn't that amazing? What I don't undertand is why the doctor used the medical tape since there is a possibility of allergic reaction. As soon as my flesh came up with the tape I called his office and his secretary knew immediately it was an allergic reaction. So, why use it in the first place on patients since you don't know whose allergic and who is allergic. Now I have to get some other procedure done to fix this scar. It cannot be hidden like the tummy tuck scar. It's a very fleshy and meaty scar. It will be three months since my procedure and also three month since having this scar and I just done see how it's going to flatten or go away. I've attached photos of it. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this problem and how can it be fixed.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

My surgery is tomorrow but I already adore Dr. Jones and his beautiful staff. I am so excited and also nervous. They have calmed my worries and made me feel at ease. I can't wait to see my new tummy and butt! Dr. Jones is funny and so sweet. I will post pics once I am back on my feet. Please pray for me.

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