New Me 2016

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I have wanted a TT for years but financial wasn't...

I have wanted a TT for years but financial wasn't ready. Now that I have finally saved for this special occasion I want to make sure I am choosing the right PS. I wanted to see if anyone has a had surgery performed by Dr Bootstaylor. I can't find a lot of personal reviews online but when I meet with her she seems good.

Two More Days!!

I am scheduled for my bbl on Tuesday and I'm super excited and super nervous at the same time! I almost feel like I'm not prepared even though I have 98% of the items I'm suppose to have. I can't find any of the P-EZs. I ordered some from amazon two weeks ago but they won't be here until two weeks AFTER my surgery. I don't know what I'm going to use. I sure don't want to use adult diapers. I checked the drug store, no luck. Any suggestions??

Before Photos

Less than 12 hours to Go to my new booty!

I have to be at Dr J's office at 6:30am! I have everything in order thanks to my RS sisters and their post. I hoping to feel better by the weekend and have after pics posted. I currently weigh 183. Before I went to visit Dr J I had already gained 10 pounds and during my consultation he asked me to gain another 10. This has been the a long jounery and I'm ready to get this fat moved to all the right places! I had a tummy tuck a few years ago but not my Dr J. The Dr who did my tummy tuck told me not to mess up their work....sorry. I know Dr J will get me back right!

Day 6 Post

Hats off to the ladies who post on rs the day of or the day after surgery! I just couldn't do it! :-) Its day 6 for me. Feeling a lot better. Day 1 and 2 I was really sore. When it comes to sleeping I felt like a new born baby. I slept two hours then i was up for two hours. I had the nurse come out and give me a massage on day 2 and asked her to come back on day 3, but she cancelled on my at the last minute. So my husband did the best he could and has been giving them to me daily. I tell you no lie, they hurt!!!! The stiffness and soreness is slowing going away. My new butt is hard, but I was expecting that. Did anyone else see the flat look like I do? When i expect it to go away? He injected 200 cc in my hips but when to me one of my hips look a little smaller than the other. I will ask about that when i go get the tubes taken out.

Doing Too Much Too Soon

I hope I'm not doing to much too soon. I got my drains taken out today. The appt was less than 20 min. I got there they took the drains out and said let take some pics and that is. She told me I looked great and moved on to the next...... i would have thought dr j would have showed up or atleast the nurse. When i had my massages last week the lady told me not to take off the white tape. I was never told when i could take it off or what's the purpose of it. I'm not taking any more of my meds. I am taking the make me heal vitamins. Not sure if they're necessary... I've been moving on my own pretty good. Up and down the stairs no problem i can't quit bend to the floor yet so my hubby has to help me with my socks. I just hope I'm not doing to much too soon. I just really tired of laying here on my stomach so i get up and move around a lot.
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