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My first consultation was with Dr. Song at Prima...

My first consultation was with Dr. Song at Prima Center. He is by far wxceeded my expectations! Answered all my questions, educated me on the whole procedure. He informed me that i would be a great candidate for a tummy tuck! Im the perfect weight and condition. He would only place 1 draining tub in... Also do some lipo on love handles... Not even sure if i want to schedule anymore consultations :-) but maybe i should.

Before pictures

TT scheduled for March 5th

I finally scheduled my TT with Dr.Song. This is the first time im feeling scared... Im actually scared to death lol but im also very excited! I need my body back.. Lost it 10years ago when i had my son. I have never EVER wore a bikini in my life. Im also on a mission to lose another 6-10 pounds the next 30days. I already lost 60 pound so this shouls be easy.

4 weeks from today!!!!!!

I cant believe 4 weeks from today i will be on the FLAT side!! It's been a long journey! I have been waiting 10 years for this... i cant help but be a little scared. Im a single mom of a 10yo boy and a 9yo girl. I got someone to pick me up but i will pretty much be on my own. God willing i will have a smooth recovery. Im active, work out about 4-5 days a week so hopefully that will help.


I cant believe its only a week away! This will defenatly be a life changer! Im excited, scared and nervous all at the same time.

Pre op DONE! 6days to go..

Had my pre op today...went well. Got my prescriptions... Checked my Hemo, bloodpressure.. Everything looks good. I will be getting a tummy tuck with lipo on flanks, lower back and upperstomach. I so inlove with my doctor!!! He is straight to the point, honest and his work speaks for him. So this week is all about prep for me..thats food and supplies... Also trying to figure out where i can rent a recliner....he also told me to stay in my bedroom which is located on the second floor..walking the stairs 3-4 times each day will help me recover faster.

3 hours left

So its time... Getting up to take my shower with the special soap my ps gave me then ill be on my way. I have to be there at 9am for a 10 surgery. Im soooo nervous but so ready for it to be done. See ya on the flat side ladies!!

Tt was done this morning!!

I just gor home and im finally flat!! Will take pic later or tomorrow. Pain is not that bad most of the pain is the muscle repair...dont even feel my incision. It all went so fast one minut im talking to the nurse and next im at recovery!. Im so happy i did this.... Cant wait to see how i look!

2days post op

Only thing that hurts is the drains and my lower back... I cant wait take a shower tomorrow and see my stomach. Right now its covered in gauze.

3days post op

Day 4 post op

I can honestly say its not as bad as i imagined recovery would be. Im walking straight for the most part, getting in and out of bed alone, taking showers by myself, i even made dinner for the kids today... Im only taking Tylonol and my antibiotics. I been drinking a whole lot of water, green tea and smoothies. Been eating normal. I have just a little swelling where i had lipo and the drains are very sensitive. My first post op appointment is on wednesday and thats when the drains will come out.. I cant wait for that lol. I keep my garment on at all times unless im taking a shower my nightly stomach massage. Happy healing ladies!!

Day 4 pictures

5days post

6days post

Can i tell you i feel like a million bucks... But only for 10 minutes at a time lol. Find myself out of breath fast...this is so hard for me to just sit around and do nothing when im such an active person... Well tomorrow is the day these horrible drains come out...im counting the minutes!!

1st post op visit

First of let me tell you how good it feels to be out!! Been in the house for 7days straight and for anyone that knows me thats a miracle! Ok let me tell you how good i feel right about now... Both my drains were removed today!!! Thank you LORD i gained 2 inches!! :-)) standing even straighter now. I got the clearence to go back to work next week. I also got clearence to start scar therapy...according to my ps im recovering very well my scar is healing very well.

Officially 1 week post op

So today im officially 1 week post... I can tell you that i feel ok... Swelling is the worst it has been for me right now. Belly button down is swell hell and numb... I have no feeling belly button down and thets very annoying...still not walking all the way straight and doing to much gets me out of breath fast. I started my scar away sheets yesterday and took my first shower without drains tgis morning "heavenly". The CG is pissing me off..feels like its to tight. Im having a hard time getting comfortable at night... Have not slept thru a whole night yet.

Date night

Im 10 days post op today... Last night was my first date night with my new boo... Meet him about a month before my surgery and i was afraid he was not going to understand but he did... He even made sure he checked on me and got me anything i needed during recovery. Ok back to the date night...last night was my first night i dressed up and went out on a date... It was challenging...1st of im not standing all the way straight yet so that was a challange, then sitting for a long period of time is terrible. I noticed im the most stiff when i get up from sitting, feels like my stomach is about to burst, so stiff and hard. Other than that it was great getting out...going back to work wednesday so im trying to get back into swing of things.

Scar 10 days post

Before and after

1st day back to work, 13days post op

Let me start off with telling you i could have easily stayed home for another week.... For some reason im super swollen today... Sitting down is not that bad its the getting up And walking thats hard. Im still hunched over but no pain. Im walking supper slow and i made a poor decision to wear heals. Im trying to straighten out but its not happening...i guess it will happen when it happens

2 weeks post

Had my 2 weeks post appointment today. All was good, scar healing well. I was told to start forming my belly button with earpluggs rather thsn marbles..my ps stated he had a few patients get the marbles stuck. My life is back to normal just flatter lol.. Im back at work...only thing thats different is that im still hunched a little and still not working out :-( i cant wait to work out again...im even lokking for different workouts i can do without using my midsection lol like wall pushups! Walking the stairs for some cardio. I refuse to gain weight during this hiatus! Here are some updated pictures.

3 weeks post op!

Im 3 weeks post and i feel great! Im walking somewhat straight...sleeping on my back and sides with no support pillows ..swelling is still bad but mostly in the lower abdominal by pubic line...not back to my clothes yet and im Still wearing my CG 90% of the day. Even with all this swelling i love my new belly!!

Love my new me

Birthday Crop Top

For the first time in my life i wore a Crop top and it happened on my birthday. I cant tell you how happy i am, how confident i feel..i have never been this happy with my body ever!

3 week post op appointment

So i had my 3 week post op. My ps was very impressed at my healing all around. My scar looks like 6 months post according to him...he even asked me for my scar therapy secret and stated thats the best looking scar he seen in a while YEAHHH to me lol. I also got clearance to hit the gym!!!!! I can hit the treadmill but no running yet i can do elliptical, bike and lift up to 25pound. I have gaind almost all my feeling back only place still numb is right below belly button thats also the area i have most swelling, i was told this is the area that heals last.

One Month (30days) post op

Had my 30days post. Appointment today. Recovering very well. Scar fading away. My ps told me im clear for baths and swimming. My swelling is getting better. Im working out 5days a week, staying away from belly exercising. My body tells me exactly how much it can handle! Here are some pictures.

5.5 weeks post


3 month post TODAY!

Hello ladies.
I have mot posted in a while but im feeling great. Today marks 90days post for me. Best decision i have ever made. Im working out 4-5 days a week. Really nothing to post other than im doing and feeling wonderful! I still swell
Up not sure when that will stop. Still wear my Spanx. Im able to slepp on my stomach which is great.

107days post op

5.2 months post op

I have not posted in a while. Im doing great. Still swollen by the end of the day. Working out 5 times a week. No complaints really. Here are some pics.

1 year later!!!!

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