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Well I am 32 (on 7/1) and 5'4". I weigh 155. I am...

Well I am 32 (on 7/1) and 5'4". I weigh 155. I am not at my ideal weight but I have a incarcerated umbilical hernia which is become more and more painful everyday. I have done quite a bit of research and consulted with several (4) doctors both ps and gs in order to figure out what was the right path for me. The first gs said that he could repair the umbilical hernia using a 3 inch incision below my naval. The first ps said he could repair the umbilical hernia during the tt but that I would most likely not have a naval but would have a small scar in that area. The second gs said he could repair the hernias both of the ones he identified the incarcerated umbilical hernia and a Ventral hernia located above my naval about half way to my breast bone. He would do this repair using 2 incisions in my upper abdominal area. Both gs planned to use mesh during the repair. I have heard a lot of really bad stuff about mesh and hernia repairs. I forgot to mention the GERD. It's about a 3 finger separation. So I'm wondering 'isn't that just patching the problem'? So the last ps I saw (who I did a lot of research on prior) told me he could fix both hernias, even the incarnated umbilical without me loading my naval during a full TT. I am done having children and of course have always wanted to get rid of my cat belly. I figure it's now or never.

So I am scheduled for a full TT and hernia repair (plus a tubal ligation, maybe tmi) on 7/3! My doctors office has really bent over backwards to get me in quickly since i suspect my hernia is slowly becoming strangulated since it is becoming more painful, I can no longer where pants it is to painful.

I am very scared!!! I paid yesterday $6,500 for the TT and $2,990 for the hospital included an overnight stay. That does not include the hernia repair. My insurance will be paying for a portion of that.

I have preop tomorrow.

I had preop today. I went to the doctor first and...

I had preop today. I went to the doctor first and then to the hospital for blood work and press mission stuff. At the ps I just asked a lot of questions. He answered all of them and explained some others things.... Don't eat the morning before, no aspire or iboprophen (sp?) that sort of thing. I went and bought the waist cincher he told me to get. Hope it's the right thing. It wasnt that expensive though. I am still very anxious and nervous about the recovery. Looking forward to being able to have a normal life again!

Got home yesterday (7/4). I definitely recommend...

Got home yesterday (7/4). I definitely recommend the overnight say. That helped greatly getting the pain under control. My doctor repaired my umbilical hernia. He said that it could not have gone better. I have had a general allergic reaction which has caused shortness of breath, prickly rash and sever itching. My ps called in a steroid on 7/4! Between the and the Benadryl my allergic reaction is under control.

Yesterday was ruff. But today is much better!!! I am so fortunate to have such supportive family! I haven't had the courage to look at the area yet but I will post pics soon.

Got my drains out today!! PS said everything is...

Got my drains out today!! PS said everything is looking great! Still can't stand up straight! My PS said that is pretty normal. Can't wait for this back ache to get better!

8 days po - woke up this morning feeling...

8 days po - woke up this morning feeling fantastic! I have been working from home as much as I can since my tt. Today I started at 6:45 (my usual time) by 2 my left labia was 3 x it's normal size. Very uncomfortable! Called my ps and they instructed me to put my feet up and put ice on my privates. Guess I need to take it a little slower! Lesson learned!

2 weeks po - feeling better and better each day....

2 weeks po - feeling better and better each day. Still having trouble standing up straight which is causing my back to hurt. Today I noticed that I have what appears to be some fluid collecting on the lower portion of my incision. When I press on it I can see it flow/flop around under my skin. It doesn't hurt though. Some of my tape has come loose. My ps told me that may happen and to call and they would retape me. I plan to ask about the fluid then. Hope I can see them tomorrow but this can probably wait. All and all doing pretty well.

I was able to get an appointment the morning...

I was able to get an appointment the morning following my last post. During that appointment my ps drained 85 cc in fluid from my belly using a cathator above my right hip bone. I felt a lot better immediately! I made an appointment to get my stitches out on Wednesday, 7/25.

Yesterday and today I have noticed that fluid is accumulating again. Earlier today I believed that I could wait until Wednesday to go back but the tightness and pressure continues to get worse. I had been wearing my Marena garment and 2 seperate Flexees waist cinchers one around my hips and another around my ribs and tummy. I had to stop wearing the upper one (it was a smaller size,S). I felt like it was restricting my breathing. I believe that is due to the fluid build up. I think that I was wearing/applying more pressure or compression than most people do so.... I called the ps just now, after hours, and they answered! I told the nurse, Susan, about the fluid. She said that it is normal but they will be in surgery all day tomorrow. So it is unlikely I will be able to make it in tomorrow.

Also I have been experiencing the most intense itching!!!! I have been trying not to scratch but last night I woke up in the middle on the night half undressed, which I hard to do when I'm awake, itching! I put some solid cocoa butter on the itchy spots, pretty much everything below my belly button and felt some relief! I can't wait to get this tape out and stitches out!! I think that the itching is probably a good sign but not really sure. The only other time I have experienced itching like this was during the last trimester of pregnancy when I was getting stretch marks!

Looking forward to Wednesday so I can clean and message the area thoroughly! Praying my ps says I can take a bath!!! God knows I need one!

So I did get my stiches out last visit. I was able...

So I did get my stiches out last visit. I was able to take a bath. Which was so nice! Getting the stiches out felt so weird. It did not hurt just felt strange. I did notice a very small amount of bruising the next day but that may have been there all along and I just didn't notice because of the tape. I did ask the ps if the scare was always going to be as high as it was and he assured me that it would fall a little more.

It has moved down slightly since then. It is higher when my swelling is worse. Even if the scar is a little high now it is healing well so far and I think it will not be noticable after time. Being patient is the hardest part! I am getting happier and happier with my new bb everyday! It looks great! I will post some new pictures soon.
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So far my doctor has been great, very patient with my never ending questions and insecurities. The staff is great and I feel like we have the same idea of what we would like the outcome to be. My ps has returned all my calls so promptly! Even after hours! They seem to really care and go the extra mile to make sure I am doing well.

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