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I’m divorced woman soon to be 40 in November...

I’m divorced woman soon to be 40 in November 2012. I feel as if I have been in prison in my own body and home for the past few years. My self-esteem has been very low since my divorce. It's time I get released and start my new journey.

I’ve been considering a tummy tuck since I was 20 years old but have never had the financial ability to do so. Now it has become a must do procedure. My appearance( Ugly Flatty belly) has taken over my life. WHY? We really do not realize how our apperances can take over the stonges of the strong. It's time to do me.

Today I’m looking to regain my self-esteem and personal confidence back as the beautiful black woman that I am. I feel that this procedure will help me stand tall and rebuild my self-confidence back.

I have not been for a consult yet, But excited to make my first appointment.

Wish me LUCK!

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