35 Years Old, Mother of One, Smooth, Flat Hourglass Tummy...Here I Come!!! - Atlanta, GA

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I've been every size between 0 and 14...currently...

I've been every size between 0 and 14...currently about a size 8, 5'0" tall 132 lbs (hit the gym hard the past couple weeks and lost 4lbs / 1.5 inches off the tummy ...wooohooo!!)....and no matter what size I am, I still have a protruding, wrinkly looking belly....even more wrinkly when I lose weight. I've looked into having procedures done in the past, but not nearly as intently as I have these past couple of weeks. This is the first time I've actually gone as far as to have a consultation....which was a bit confusing (and the reason why I have a review for liposuction) but I'll explain in a bit. So my goal is to have a "Smooth, Flat Hourglass Tummy"....that's its official name!! I have a friend who is really supportive (she's having SmartLipo done soon and she's probably the reason I've gone so far this time....she motivated me instead of hating on the idea of it...I love that....let me do whatever I see fit to make my body look the way I'd like it to...I mean I am the one who has to walk around in it for my entire life!!!) Besides her, I've told my beau....he's somewhat supportive! He feels like I can exercise and eat right (which I've been more consistent with doing over the past couple weeks) and it'll go away. I'll show him...once I lose some inches and the flab is still there, he'll see. All in all he says whatever makes me happy so he'll get with the program in time. I'm thinking I'll have a tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and bra roll. I am exercising to lose some weight pre-op because I want the best results ever!! I want to wear whatever I'd like to wear without needing Spanx or holding my stomach in for dear life! To wear a bikini without a coverup is my biggest dream!!! hahaha

Booty Do

More on my shape...I have a butt but no breast...and "Booty Do" : Stomach stick out more than her Booty do! (Ok not quite but still not the look).

Yaaaayyyyy! I chose my plastic surgeon and date!!!

So I've decided to go with Dr. Thomas A. Cochran. I had three consultations and he met both my most important requirements: 1. He does a great job and 2. At a great price. I'm shooting for February and I don't know if I can live with this anxiety for that long, but I'm sure time will fly.

Deposit Paid...February 29th it is!!!

So now I've just got 7 months to obsess about this surgery!!!

2nd Consultation

Had a second consultation yesterday because our initial consult was outside the 6 month quote. It went well. I was surprised Dr Cochran remembered me but relieved as well. It made me feel like a person and not just another number. It was basically the same, like he said nothing changed since the first time I was there and neither did the quote so I'm happy. Just counting down....I've got 72 days to go and I remember when that number had a 1 in front of it so I'm excited.

I was given a time...7:30...be there at 7:15. Told to wear a button down or zip up top and really loose (not yoga) bottom. My preop packet is going to be mailed to me since I live an hour and 30 minutes away.

Dr Cochran was as he was the first time we met, straightforward and quick. He didn't try to sell me on anything and reiterated that I don't have a big problem but one that's easy enough to fix if I want it fixed. I most definitely do and will.
Thanks with a cherry on top!

Live in Atlanta....1 hour 30 min from Dr. Cochran's office...do you all think I'd be okay going back home after sx or should I g

Any patients of Dr. Cochran who have had surgery can answer this for me? It's coming down to the wire and now I have more questions than ever. When was your first followup?

28 Days to Go

Received my packet and read over everything. It's so surreal.

Filling Prescriptions

Just wondering the cost of the medications prescribed...they told me at the office it'd be around $20 but I went to have it filled and it was $40. I was also going to have the lab work done independently which would be $40 more than the local lab...figured the savings wasn't worth the drive...but if their local pharmacy and local lab would save me $80 I might just take that drive...idk. Help anyone?


At labcorp again...I ordered labs a couple months ago just to get an idea of where my hemo was and it was at 13.3....I hear 12 is the minimum for surgery. We'll see where I am now and hopefully it's good...these results are going to Dr Cochrans office.

For anyone interested I used Walkinlabs.com and ordered a CBC with differential...it costs $24. This time it was $61 which included the pregnancy test.

The lab they recommend at the office I believe is $20 but I wasn't up to the drive.

I made it!!!

I never thought this day would come but it did and I still can't believe it. I arrived at 7:05 am and sat in the parking lot for a couple minutes before "Janice" came to the door (because I can't remember her name) and waived. I went in and buzzed and she came into the waiting area and said there was one small procedure before mine...collected my consent forms and went to the back. She then came back to say oops, read the calendar wrong....you're first. She told me to get a goodbye kiss from my BF and led me to the back where I changed into the robe and compression socks. She took a few pics and Dr Cochran came in to mark me up. I then went into the room where Dr Cochran inserted the IV into my neck and "Janice" told me I'd taste the anesthesia and be out. And I was out! The next thing I vaguely remember was her putting me into the car. I told her I didn't want to let her go because her hands were so warm! I don't remember the drive home except for when we took the exit and I remember walking up my porch....four steps. I woke up I think around 2pm and it felt like a two ton building was sitting on top of me. I wouldn't call it pain though....just pressure. I've gone to the restroom a few times and my drain has only been emptied once and it's almost 11pm. My appetite I think is pretty healthy!! I ate a few pineapple chunks, oatmeal with blueberries and a little vegetable soup I put in the crock pot last night...also half an orange....of course this was at various times throughout the day. I've been taking my pains on schedule and I'm hoping and praying this is the most discomfort I'll feel though I hear say two is the worst.

Sorry I don't have pics...I know that's the most exciting part but I really feel there's nothing to see....I'm all wrapped in my binder and have one drain. I guess I'm supposed to shower tomorrow so we'll see about pics then.

PS The whole process went extremely fast...I was told the procedure would be about 5hrs but it really was more like 2-3 I think.

The Big Reveal

Took a

The Big Reveal!

Unraveled my binder and took a shower! I am overly satisfied with the way I look. My belly button is perfect. My bra roll is gone (will try to take a pic of my back today). I am ecstatic. Now if only I could poop.

Day 2/3 Post Op Pics

Oh and I just pooped! It was actually painless. I don't know if it was the olive oil drenched cabbage my BF cooked or the Miralax that gets the credit...I'm just glad to have it done.

More Day 3 Post Op Pics

Happy the bra roll is gone...hope it doesn't reappear once I'm standing upright. Bruising and swelling are minimal.

And a few more of day 3

End of Day 4

Got out of the shower and the burn is real...mostly on the left side of the incision which is funny because that side looks a lot better. From the middle all the way to the right is quite ugly and even leaked tonight. That hasn't happened since day 1. Other than that everything is as expected...well actually better because I surely expected more swelling. So happy that hasn't been a big issue...lets pray it stays that way.

Lift Recliner a Must

Someone suggested it and I'm like yeah I got that so thought I'd post. It has made this process so much easier. I'm renting it for $25/wk from Rent-A-Center.

Other supplies I've used:
Gauze - along incision after shower
Tape - to hold gauze down
Ice pack
Cough Drops
Ace Bandage (6" with Velcro closure) - to add compression because I can't get the binder alone tight enough
Back Board - just started using it today...definitely helps support my back

I'm draining less than 50cc a day so hopefully it'll be removed when I go to my first post op appt this Tuesday.

I wish I would have stayed in the gym now...I feel like ladies who are fit bounce back a lot faster. Random thought.

Day 6 Post Op

Day 9 Post Op

Drain Out!!! It was so quick and painless. I felt absolutely nothing. Dr Cochran also snipped some stitches in my belly button...couldn't feel that either. I can wear spanx or some other type compression garment now. I also noticed I was standing up straight once I made it home.

The follow up appt was so quick...honestly I felt rushed. That's the one complaint I have but my results are so outstanding, I can't even dwell on that.

Day 12 Post Op

Feeling a lot better...restless...I just wish my body would catch up to how I feel inside because I feel like I'm ready to workout and cook and get back to work and normal life...them I stand up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and reality sets in. All in all I'm feeling great...wearing my compression garment 24/7...my incision is mostly scabbed over...thinking I'll start scar therapy sometime next week...the steri strips are still hanging on tight...belly button got a little scary after Dr Cochran snipped the stitches...he told me to clean with a cotton swab, soap and water...I had my BF do it...I tried once and it made me Squimish...but it looks better now...it's small but not too small...I have stretch marks under my belly button which was a surprise because I don't remember having them above my belly button preop...but my stomach was a mess before so maybe it was a detail I just didn't pay attention to. So 12 days post op I'm still saying I love my results...almost ready to say all this was worth it! I think I'll really be able to say that once I can stand up straight.

1mo+23days post op

Feeling great...back to walking/jogging up to 2miles. Still numb. Using Mederma PM and essential oils for scars. Love it all and am Soooo happy I did this!

3 Months Post Op

Hey Girls...unbelievably it's been 3months and now when I look back at my before pics it seems even more astonishing that I looked that way...I've started to tell myself to feel more comfortable with myself because this me is so much more who I am.

I only had one follow up with Dr. Cochran...he told me to come back whenever I felt ready or if I had a complication....haven't felt up to the drive though...I may wait until the 6 month mark. I haven't had any complications at all...except the complication of me not being able to stop putting food in my mouth.

I have reached the point (again) of wanting to exercise and eat healthy...it's such a roller coaster for me... But I just got off vacation and really want these thighs to tone up...so here I go again.

Still treating my scars with Mederma and using Micropore tape on my incision...they're fading slowly...definitely exercising patience in that area.

Not much more is going on...wearing crop tops (woohoo) is fun! Never thought I'd see that day...still contemplating breasts (ha!)....I just really want to be proportioned and this bubble butt and flat chest are not doing the trick...even with a padded bra I almost look flat...hmmmm...idk...we'll see what's next.

Very excited about choosing Dr. Cochran. His work looks amazing, his staff was excited to work with me and I am overly anxious to have the procedure done.

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