30+ Yr Old Mom & Wife, 2 Kids, ATLANTA--- READY to Get My Sexy Back! - Atlanta, GA

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Hello All,

I'm fairly new to the RS Community. So happy that I found it! It's great to read other ppls journey and gain knowledge. Been thinking about starting a review for a while now. Hopefully I do it right! LOL
Well I'm married, 2 kids and I am really ready to lose weight and sculpt my body!

Here's the thing... last year I hired a VERY popular Celeb trainer and lost 50 lbs via his program. I paid nearly $3000 working out with him. I was about 10-15lbs short of my final goal and he kicked me out of his program! Like a blow to the stomach, out of no where! All because I was 4 days late paying him? Recall I'd paid this s*umbag... nearly $3000 and he kicked me out of his program for being 4 days late on a $150 payment!! Seriously? Who does that to a paying client? How unprofessional! The reason I was late paying was because I'd just gotten back into town from a wedding I attended out of state and I kept forgetting to pay his invoice online. I was jet lagged and adjusting back to the Eastern timezone, kids, work, etc. It kept slipping my mind. smh. I texted him my apologizes and told give me 2 hrs after a meeting at work and I'd log online and pay the $150 paypal invoice, but instead he texted me a disrespectful mssge and he booted me. Smh. Cold and F*cked up right? Anyway, fast forward... I tried to continue working out consistently but I felt blindsided. I'd built a support system with this trainer, I considered him a friend and other program members and when he kicked me out of his online program I felt lost & alone. It became harder to stay focused. A month later I had a family member become terribly sick, I had to move & relocate... it just became one thing after another and the weight started creeping back on. Then depression set in. Smdh. I gained back 38lbs over about 1year!! I literally cry out of frustration I worked so hard and I let it slip out of my grasp due to stress and disappointment.

Well it's a New Dawn, New Day! Screw the past... moving forward. Today 5/6/2014... I'm 207lbs. I'm 5 feet tall.

My PLAN: Im signing up for the HCG diet at a medical weight loss clinic. I was quoted $840.00 for a 4 months of HCG protocol w/ B12 shots and supplements? I found a few in my area and I'm ready to get started. Just checking prices/ reviews... Any suggestions?

MY GOALS: I want to lose 40-50lbs w/ the HCG Diet and exercise! I want to lose 20lbs by 6/14/14 for a wedding Im attending and by by 7/19/14 at least another 20lbs ( another wedding to attend 7/19/14).

After I lose the 40-50lbs... I have been researching & saving I am getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo of bra roll, back/ flanks and upper inner thighs. So far I had 1 consultation with a PS , Dr. Boutte in ATL and she quoted me $23,000!!! For a TT, Smart Lipo of the above areas. Seems too EXPENSIVE to me. I'm looking for Excellent Service but I feel I can find a PS to do those procedures for a lot less. I'm willing to travel to get the procedures done as well. $23,000 seems outrageous in my opinion. lol. Am I wrong? Help me out RS?

I am focusing on losing the weight again (for the last damn time, never again) and toning up. Once I am down 40-50lbs I'll have the TT and Lipo or Smart Lipo to get sculpted and get the Body and happiness that I feel I deserve! Wish me luck I know it's NEVER easy. But anything worth having is worth fighting for! I'm determined to do just that!

If any of you RS friends have any suggestions, advise or feedback, I'd love to hear from you all! Please feel free to join me on this journey! :)

HCG Diet then Tummy Tuck -OR- Tummy Tuck & then HCG Diet to maintain weight?

Sorta confused I have been researching all over the internet! So far I have heard so many pros very little cons about the HCG Diet! *Sigh of relief*

Here's what I'm concerned abt: A woman on a HCg Facebook page sd that if a person does the HCG Diet successfully and loses weight and soon after plans to have Plastic surgery... it's best to wait awhile (1- 2 months) to build your system back up and so that you're strong and healthy b4 SX. Well my question is ... will you gain weight back during that waiting time? If so, that sounds counterproductive in my opinion.

IMO- I believe when you're in the 3rd stage of HCG maintenance if you're taking vitamins and eating a healthy diet and getting exercise in, etc I believe a person would be strong enough to withstand PS. Any one have any past experience w/ this scenario? Suggestions, advise, feedback appreciated! :)

HCG Process Started...

Today I went and did my lab work to start the HCG diet. I signed up for the protocol at Advanta Total Health in Marietta, which is only 20 mins from my house! YAY! They were via personaable. Friendly answered all of my questions. Professional. Didn't feel rushed at all. I paid $79, which covers my blood work, consult w/ Dr., HCG shot, meal plan, appetite supplements and my 1st B-12 shot. A FAR cry from $840 that I was quoted before at Synergy Medical Weightloss Clinic in Acworth. smh. Yayyyy! I'm so excited. :) The clinic will get my labs results back in 1 biz day. I scheduled to see the Dr. on Tuesday 5/13/2014. If all goes well I will get my 1st HCG & B-12 shot on Tuesday 5/13/14 and be well on my way to losing weight! I'm excited, anxious and proud that I took the 1st step to become a fitter and healthier version of me! :)

I was told that my weekly cost will be $79.00. I can do the protocol for 4- 6weeks. The Dr. will discuss that with me further on Tuesday. I plan to post Before pics, current weight and measurements before I start on Tuesday. I'll post them and hopefully you all will root for my success on this journey!

Oh yeah... has anyone heard of Infinity... it's weightloss dietary supplement? I heard it's B pollen based?

Added a vid reviewing HCG diet by Advanta Total Health Clinic

Waist training...

Forgot to mention that I am also looking into waist training while on the HCG diet. I'm going to talk to the Dr. about any side effects or adverse effects it may have to do them together (which i doubt there will be) when I meet with him on Tuesday. In the meantime I'll be researching.. corseting and waist training to incorporate while on the HCG diet. Thinking I may start around week 2 into the protocol just so that I can get settled into the new regimen and eating plan.

I saw a few ladies on here who have had great results with corseting... so if you have any brands of waist trainers or corsets to recommend, please do so! Plz & Thnx :)

Weight loss isn't easy... hopefully HCG works for me

Since I had my consult yesterday and lab work I've been constantly thinking abt the results I'll have with HCG. Lol. If I'm lucky I may not need to have a tummy tuck, we shall see. That's to be determined but hopefully all goes well and I achieve that I set out to accomplish. I have a few weddings coming up and I want to feel confident, sexy and slim. This battle to lose weight isn't for the faint of heart you have to be diligent. Mindful of the choices you're making. I see that now more than ever before. I'm going to start food journaling. Making a conscience effort to be accountable of my food choices. I have to have a strategy going into this journey. Wish me luck RS :)

Picked up my HCG shots

Today I went to pick up my shots. Say with the diet coordinator and reviewed my goals. Everything checked out well with my lab work. Blood pressure was a Lil high but with this weight loss that should go down. So the journey begins...
I will be on this plan for the next 6 weeks. Tmrw I started Phase 1 which is loading for 2 days I'll go and buy all the stuff I'll need for my diet. Shopping for a 500 calorie diet shouldn't be expensive since I won't be eating a lot lol. Oh yeah forgot to mention my hubby had decided to join the Hcg journey with me and he'll also be on the protocol which I appreciate his support

Day 1 HCG Diet... Loading Day

Just took my 1st hcg shot. Wasn't painful. Also went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of food to splurge on for the next two days. Is weird to be on a diet and pigging out lol. But it's only 2 days of bliss then the real work starts. One day at a time. I got this. Pics weight and measurements later today.

Also Here's pics of my hcg shots and to show the size of the needle.... Very tiny and painless. :)

Oh yeah didn't very the b -12 shot as planned yesterday. Will that effect my results while on the Hcg diet? I just didn't want a shot in my butt lol bit thinking maybe I should suck it up and get it next week when I go back for my check up? ? Decisions. .. decisions. ...

Day 1 Hcg injection

They came in a pouch with ice packs have to remain refrigerated to keep their potentcy. 1 shot each morning.

Day 4

Sorry I've been swamped. Didn't get around to pics just found my measuring tape this morning. So will Def post soon. Well this are going great so far. Started Day 1 at 206.8 lbs. I did two days of loading and weighed 210 (lol) went to sleep and lost 4 lbs over night (yay).Today is day 4 of injections and I weigh 204 lbs. I've lost nearly 3 lbs and I can tell by my clothes I've lost inches as well. My energy level gets low at night but overall I'm barely hungry on this 500 cal diet which is amazing! ! Been drinking a lot of water. Sometimes I add fresh squeezed lemon juice and 1 packet of splenda for taste. My meals have included:

Breakfast 1 apple & 1 cup of black coffee with 1 pk of Splenda.

Lunch: Tuna or Fish & salad 2 cups of salad with apple cider vinegar. I have to find some Walden Farms salad dressing is 0 cals and very good. Tried Kroger they didn't have any.

Snacks: blue berry, strawberry, grapefruit w/ splenda or an orange

Dinner: 1/2 turkey burger & spinach sautéed with onions salt pepper & cayenne seasoning made with water only on low. Also had roasted chicken beast and some broccoli.

So far so good. Feeling good and trying to stay busy. I'm realizing that I ate a lot with my eyes & out of boredom meaning not out of hungry but when I see something ie candy, pizza, fast food I'd get it. Wise choices & portion control will Def be the key to maintenance. Oh and I'm not missing my glass of wine at night as much as I thought I would. I'm focused :)

Quick update!

Been MIA for awhile. HCG was not for me. A lot of ppl say it reduces your appetite. Honestly I was starved after week 2. Eating 500 calories per day was really hard. I did it a total of 3 weeks and lost about 8lbs. I spent a total of $237.00 in the 3 weeks while I was on the HCG diet and lost around 8lbs. In my opinion it may work for some but it didn't for me.

Though I did lose 8lbs I feel that for the amount of money which I paid i should have been down atleast 15lbs -20lbs by week 3. The clinic advertises that they the HCG diet causes dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time. Personally I was not impressed.
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