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I had a 9 lb 4oz baby boy when I was 18. I started...

I had a 9 lb 4oz baby boy when I was 18. I started at 115 pounds and delivered by c-section at 165 lbs. So needless to say i was quite stretched out! Now 7 years later I'm at a healthy 135 but left with loose skin and stretch marks galore. Tried body sculpting and wraps to no avail. Tummy tuck time!

Day Before Surgery

I've tried to research as much as i possibly can regarding the procedure itself and then recovery time after a TT - without scaring myself. There are so many mixed reviews! Some experience little pain while others regret even going through with the surgery because the pain is so great. I'm trying to keep my mind clear and think positively. At my pre-op, Dr. Jones said if you're nervous, just imagine the clothes you'll be able to wear and feel sexy in! Great advice. Although i think my stretch marks are too much to be sporting a 2 piece bikini or crop top lol...I am looking forward to wearing tight dresses without my little pooch showing through. Picked up my prescriptions yesterday. Holy oxycodone! T minus 26 hours.

12:12 AM And I Can't Sleep

Laying on the couch trying to watch reruns of American Dad to help me sleep...totally not working! Lol. So i got up to take more before pictures. Don't want to really remember my belly now but definitely want enough pictures to prove my transformation. I am worried about the pain from my incision though...Dr. Jones wants to take as many stretch marks out as possible so ill have a higher scar thats going to be long. Im planning on covering it with a tattoo...but for some reason I'm up thinking about the pain i'll experience tomorrow from that incision. I need to stop though. I'm going to be up all night making myself sick if I'm not careful. Anyhow...here are more before pics. Going to try and lay down again. Surgery in 13 hours!

3 Days Post-Op Full TT With Lipo Of Flanks

Surgery went well! Dr. Jones had a procedure just before me that ran 4 hours late (oh man was I hungry) but I wasn't too upset. I spent that time calming my nerves and watching television in the pre-op area. Laughing with my friend who came with me, praying for smooth surgery and no complications. It did seem like forever until Dr. Jones was ready for me, but once he was...we were off! I had never been put to sleep before, but that was a breeze. I remember the anesthesiologist saying something like "I'm going to put this funny thing over your face...we only use these for kids..." and the next thing I remember, my nurse was waking me up. I was in no pain. Echoes of "You look great! Dr. Jones did a great job!" surrounded me and I all could think of was...is it over? Lol. How long was I out? I must have muttered that out loud because soon someone answered "It was about 3 hours." I was put into a slightly sexy black body suit (lol) and a large white compression garment was velcro'd on top of that. The first day i don't remember feeling any pain. My muscles in my upper abs felt extremely tight though! Like i just worked out non stop for 5 days straight! but I was pretty much out of it. I remember sleeping a lot. I was however able to walk to the restroom with assistance and use the urinal without any discomfort. Yesterday, I removed my bandages. I kept saying "don't make me laugh, don't make me laugh!" because my stomach still felt too tight. Today i am not walking completely upright but can get up out of bed unassisted. I have not taken a bowel movement despite my stool softeners. I also have not completely covered my sutures with water - I have only sponge bathed! I don't want to think I'm doing too well that I push myself too hard so i have to keep reminding myself to take it easy. So 3 days post-op: no actual pain, still some soreness in upper abs but can laugh without feeling like my stitches are going to burst. In great spirits! Onward to a great recovery :)

5 Days Post Op

And I miss my independence :(
I am walking more and more upright as the days progress but I find myself feeling light headed if I stand for too long. Not sure why this is. But simple tasks like washing my face and applying a mask is proving to be impossible. My garment stays velcro'd to my body 24/7 (except when I have a bowel movement...i completely remove it for that purpose alone) and my day consists of chilling in bed with my feet slightly elevated watching Netflix. Popsicles and frozen strawberries are becoming an amazing treat. Overall i feel good...just want to drive and go back to work and back to my regular routine lol. My tummy still looks and feels swollen and isn't lying flat all the way. However, this morning I did catch a glimpse of the outline of my midsection. Im so cute and tiny now! I know i wasn't huge before but the removal of excess skin along with lipo of my flanks...wow. I just love my little frame. I can't wait until I'm completely un-swollen (lol) to really show you guys. Also I noticed most of my stretch marks were removed with the excess skin. Yay! I'm really starting to like my results even though i know they will only continue getting better. I have my first post op with Dr. Jones tomorrow at 1:00pm. Looking forward to his evaluation!

6 Days Post-Op

1 week post op check in with Dr. Jones went great! No found fluid under my skin (team no seromas!) or any other skin related infections. Still pretty swollen so Dr. Jones recommended bromelain dietary supplement and arnicare gel for muscle pain, stiffness and swelling. Picked these up at Whole Foods and started to use immediately. He also recommends I use Neosporin to help heal my belly button. Tape from my scar will fall off by itself around week 7 post op - I am to use maderma then. Scheduled follow up appointment for 1 month out to return to office to take official after photos. Will continue to check in with you guys to let you know my progress. Dr. Jones says after day 7-10 its happy healing from there. Day 7 tomorrow! Happy healing to me!

8 Days Post Op

A cool pic from my surgery! I edited it out so it doesn't look so gross. Whew...cause its gross...

12 Days Post Op

I feel good! Returning to work next week. I'm able to stand up straight now which is such a relief on my back. My love handles are still sore to the touch where I had lipo. I'm wondering when that will finally go away. Stomach is still tight! Super tight! I CANNNOOTTTT WAIT until the tension on my stomach relieves. I think the tape is aiding in this tightness...most days i just want to rip it off! Its really uncomfortable. Ive noticed the compression garment I received from the hospital is no longer super tight against my body due to me washing it 4 times since surgery. ALSO i theres a slit where my vagina and butt is so that I can use the restroom without taking the garment off. Can you say...camel toe? All day. The garment rides up because its not tight thus the slit rides up into my vagina choking the life out of it. SHEESH. So yeah i ordered a new garment on Amazon last night. Its coming tomorrow. Hopefully it will compress my swelling much better! And hopefully my vagina can breathe!

The Swollen Stage

Ok. I have a lot of stretch marks. Tears. I had a lot before surgery and I still have a lot left. I can't wait to start laser stretch mark therapy! Overall I feel amazing. Issues standing up straight is such a thing of the past! I can sit down with my laptop now and my stomach not press any keys on its own. Unlike before lol. I feel pretty sexy. Only issues I am experiencing is I have hardened areas in my stomach. Hard like a rock. Some are in the upper abs others are near my scar. I spoke with Dr. Jones and he said to massage the spots away. He also said this is normal during The Swelling Stage (which i'm still stuck in). I really don't know what they are or why they are there but I massage them hourly. I still have surgical tape on my scar...I'm leaving it on until Dr. Jones says enough is enough lol. I have my 1 month post-op appointment this coming Tuesday and will update more when I see him :)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jones is the funniest, warmest, most professional physician i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I came in for an initial consultation over a year ago after being referred to him by Sonobello. I thought i just needed lipo but the doctor said no, honey! You need a tummy tuck! When i first met Dr. Jones I instantly clicked with him. The chemistry was amazing. He was patient and answered all of the questions i had jotted down in my phone. I saved all my extra money for just over year and came back for a new consult and he remembered me! His reviews online are literally a 5/5 and the pictures of his work are flawless. Im so excited to see my results. I scheduled my surgery within 2 weeks of my second consultation. The receptionist at his office as well as the nurse at the facility stated that Dr. Jones is a perfectionist. That surgery is usually 3 hours but it will probably be longer because he really likes to take his time while operating. That confirmation really made me feel good! T minus 2 days!!

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