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I had lipo in mid - August, 5 months ago. I am 5'7...

I had lipo in mid - August, 5 months ago. I am 5'7 and weigh 150, (nothing much has changed there, no gain, no loss), and "lipo in not a weight loss tool" as they always say. I has it done to my upper hips and inner/outer thighs, the tumescent technique where they fill you up with fluid first. These areas were always tough for me to reduce unless I dieted and exercised very strictly, but the minute I gained any weight BAM! back again. SO, given I am fifty nd weight loss comes ever harder these days I took the plunge. The procedure was uncomfortable. There were times when the cannula went into areas that were not numbed quite as well (edges) and it hurt. But nothing I wouldn't do again.

I appreciated everyone's posts here and on other sites as the post op period can be worrisome! So, after lipo I wore the post-surgical compression garment provided for 2 weeks. I did seep fluid the first night but then it was pretty much overwith. RE the garment: it truly was a challenge going to the bathroom with that thing on!I did switch to another type of garment I purchased, no stays. It worked out much better. I wore this for about 3 or 4 more weeks 24/7, as I felt better when it was on, and it wasn't uncomfortable. I began to work out again (walking) 3rd post op day.

The healing process was worrisome in that my inner thighs bothered me the most (no issues with hips and little with outer thighs). Overall, I felt prickly and itchy and sore for a few weeks. I went to a massage therapist who did lymphatic massage for 4 sessions over 2 weeks and it helped a lot. To this day, I have an area top front of both inner thighs that does bother me at feels touchy and maybe swollen. But it continues to get less and less.

As for my shape: I continue to have people say how great I look, and no one knows about the procedure. I agree. My "problem areas" are gone. Now, am I perfect in a bathingsuit? Hardly. But I do look great in clothes!!! I fit into ALL my "skinny" clothes in my closet. I have maybe lost a half size which tok me from tight and lumpy to fitting perfectly in my size 8-10s, and leggings are no problem!

I have, and will continue, to be mindful about my weight. I can tell that if I pick up pounds, it will be in my belly now, and who wants that!?!? So I keep up with the gym, have started lifting weights, and I would like to lose 5-10 lbs to REALLY look great.

Have done what I said I would do and lost 10 lbs.....

Have done what I said I would do and lost 10 now I am very very very happy with the results!!! Down to an easy size 8 (almost a 6), clothes fot perfectly, happy I helped get rid of the trouble areas Mother Nature gave me.

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