Non-ablative Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks - Atlanta, GA

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I had a full TT with hernia repair on February 4,...

I had a full TT with hernia repair on February 4, 2014. I had a few residual stretch marks below my new navel that I wanted to minimize. The plastic surgery practice that I used offered laser treatments right in their office. I figured I was this far into improving my appearance, why not go the extra mile?

After one 1540 Palomar laser treatment

This was taken about two weeks after the first laser treatment. The day of the treatment my skin was red like a sunburn. After about a week, it all faded to my normal skin color. I could already tell at this point that the stretch marks had improved in texture and weren't so shiny in appearance.

Second treatment

So when you go for a laser treatment, the nurse first comes in and puts numbing cream all over the area to be lasered. It takes about 20-30 minutes to work. The actual lasering takes about 20 minutes. With each treatment, the PS is using a stronger setting.

Two weeks after 2nd treatment

This was taken three weeks after the second treatment. There is always a wait time of 3-4 weeks between treatments. This is best to achieve maximum results.

Three weeks after third treatment

This picture was taken three weeks after the third laser treatment. I was very happy with overall results at this point.

TT scars lasered too

At the third laser session the PS decided to laser my TT scars as well. They were healing beautifully, but she said she could minimize those as well. I have a super low TT scar practically in my hip folds as well as a tiny one inch vertical floating scar from where my old BB used to be. The initial scar lasering made the scar darker in color. All hyperpigmentation fades with time though. The texture of the scars are now completely flat (although they were pretty seamless before).

Six month update

So it's been 6 months since my surgery and 2 months since I finished my laser treatments. The results have remained and I am pleased. The stretch marks are still there, but a lot less noticeable to the untrained eye. : ). The lasering on the scar from my old BB has made it smaller and flat (no indentions). It will be interesting to see if the results are permanent or if I will need touch ups before every bikini season.

Six month pics!

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