Very Eager for Overcrowding to Be Fixed

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Background: I'm 23 years old and had braces while...

Background: I'm 23 years old and had braces while I was in high school. My overcrowding wasn't too bad then, so I only had to wear braces for about a year. However, since my orthodontist took so long to get me a retainer for my teeth, they shifted while I was waiting for them to arrive. It was really painful to put them in, and months later I was told if I wanted to fix my teeth shifting back, I would need braces again. For years I never really thought anything of my teeth, but lately they have been bothering me a bit. So while browsing Pinterest, I saw an ad for Smile Care Club. I thought it was great, so I saved up my money to pay for the impression kit and the monthly payments.

**Before I signed up, they were initially called Smile Care Club. Their website was formatted differently, in which they provided different pricing options for each "level" of crowding, spacing, etc., and time. They switched their named to Smile Direct Club and now only have ONE price set ($1500) listed on their website, no matter how little or long you have to wear the aligners, nor how badly your teeth are crooked/spaced.

First steps: I first paid for my impression kit on 5/20/16. I only paid $47.50 for my impression kit! I then was sent an e-mail the same day to sign the forms via Adobe PDF, which I did in the same day. I received an e-mail after signing them that they had received them. In addition, I received another e-mail for me to do the photo assessment. I did so with my digital camera and a tripod. I wanted to make sure they were PERFECT. It's a little embarrassing to do, and my lips got super chapped, but I managed to get them done! I sent the pictures in the same day and eagerly waited to hear back. The SAME DAY (5/20) I received an e-mail stated that my photos were approved and that my evaluation kit was being mailed out to me. I then received another e-mail with the tracking number for my evaluation kit. Since I live pretty close to Nashville (where they're located), I got them within two days! (5/20 was a Friday, so they were picked up via DHL on 5/23, and I receive the kit on 5/25).
Once I received my evaluation kit, I tried my best to follow the directions to the T. One of the examples of a bad impression was being able to see the tray through the clay. Basically that means there was some sort of hole in the clay that allows the tray to be seen. I think I may have bit down too much on my front teeth, because there was a small bit of tray that could be seen. The instructions indicate that you should send the impressions in regardless of you did them correctly or not, so I did so, hoping that they say that it's okay. I attempted to have FedEx pick up the package the next day, however the FedEx driver didn't seem too bright, and instead mixed up my house as a drop off location instead of a pick up location. Thus, he didn't pick up the package until really late (and proceeded to give me a wrong package in the process.. ugh...). I completely forgot to write down the tracking number, so I'm guessing as to when they will receive my impressions. I'm guessing they received them Saturday 5/28 (again, since I live so close), and won't get back to me until sometime this week (since today is a holiday). I plan to update this review as my process continues.

-I think the BIGGEST tip I could give you is to sign up for Smile Direct Club, but DON'T buy the evaluation kit. Just do the little survey, and then when they give you an instant approval, wait. Seriously, just wait. You'll receive an e-mail (about a couple of days later) giving you a coupon code for 50% off the evaluation kit. This is how I ended up only paying $47.50 for my kit! (Initially when I signed up, I got about three e-mails offering to give me the evaluation kit for free, but I was unsure of my financial situation that I didn't use the code. However, this was when they were still Smile Care Club, and not Smile Direct Club. So I'm not sure if they'll still offer it for free if you don't buy the kit right away, but it can't hurt to try! If you get a free kit, then hey, that's less money towards getting straighter teeth!!)

I also noticed that when I received my evaluation kit, I didn't have any of the papers that previous reviewers noted. In the e-mail, it said that the forms would be in my kit, but I'm assuming that they weren't since I signed them electronically. I double checked the forms, and everything that needed to be filled out was done, so I think everything in regards to paperwork is okay. If I have any issues with that, I will also update that as well.

I've attached the actual photos that I used for the assessment. Please mind the chapped lips!

Playing the Waiting Game

Just a little update since I sent in my impression kit.

I sent my impression kit in on 5/23, and received an e-mail that they had received my kit on 5/31. I was unsure that they would be approved because of some small bits that hadn't been covered by my teeth; however, I received an e-mail on 6/16 stating my impressions had been accepted and they were working on my treatment plan. On 6/23, I received an e-mail with my treatment plan and an option to purchase my aligners. My plan included switching the aligners every 2 weeks for 6 months. The only downside to receiving my treatment plan is that EVERY time I go to view it in Adobe Reader, it crashes. Every. Single. Time. (I'm on a MacBook Pro, is anyone else having this problem???). I only get to quickly look at a couple of weeks before it crashes, however I'm really happy with what the end results are supposed to be.

I was waiting to get paid before starting the monthly plan. Let me tell you, they may not be quick on contacting you during the initial process, but my goodness do they bug you about purchasing your aligners. I received 3 calls, 2 texts, and 3 e-mails about making a purchase. Initially, I didn't respond (one person contacted me 3 times in one day) because I knew I was planning to buy them in the future. Luckily, because I waited to purchase them, I got an e-mail giving me a discount on the total plan price or the down payment for the monthly installations. It went from costing $1735 to $1500, or paying $250 instead of $299 for the down payment. I still have to pay $99 a month (for 15 months), but the extra $50 I saved is going towards a monthly payment, which saves money!
I purchased the monthly plan on 7/1, and received an e-mail immediately stating that my aligners should arrive within 21 BUSINESS days.
On 7/5, I received an update stating that they were in the process of 3D printing my aligners.
Today (7/10), I received another e-mail stating that they were thermoforming my aligners from the 3D prints. I googled how long thermoforming takes (since the e-mail didn't state how long it would take), and it estimated the process to take 3-5 days. I'm really hoping to receive my aligners this week, but only time will tell.

I will update again once I receive my first set of aligners!

Extremely Frustrated - Is it even worth it?

I haven't received a word from the company in regards to my aligners since the previous e-mail they sent. It's about to be not only the 21 business days, but also a month since I purchased my aligners.
I decided to go on the live chat to ask for an update. However, the person I contacted only told me that I placed my order on the first and that they will be ready in 21 business days from the purchase date (which I already knew). When I asked if that was all he could tell me in regards to an update, he said that's all he knew. I asked to see if it even mentioned in my account that they were already done being 3D printed or whatever, but he didn't say anything else.
It's becoming extremely frustrating that I have had to contact them twice in regards to my account. This company needs to get their act together.
I asked the guy via the live chat if I would be refunded if I canceled my order. Again, he told me he didn't know, but that my evaluation kit would be refunded if I was unqualified (which I already knew..).
Either they have a 50/50 separation of knowledgable workers and uninformed workers, or they just lack communication all together. Whatever the case, my excitement is dwindling by the day, and I'm beginning to think that the process and higher cost of Invisalign might be better than attempting to go through this company. I haven't even received my aligners, and everything has been hit or miss so far. This is just making me wonder what else I will have to go through with this company.

So if you are curious about purchasing from this company, BE WARNED, you will wait months before receiving your aligners, and will deal with a huge lack of communication.
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