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I had my procedure done yesterday for my abs, both...

I had my procedure done yesterday for my abs, both upper and lower. I am 43, have had 3 babies, and am in great health. I work out very regularly, and have exercised at least 3x per week since I was a teenager. My weight has crept up a bit over the past few years, and it is most noticeable in my abs. I am 5' 3" and weigh 147, which is at the top of the range for my height. Although I do have a fair amount of muscle, so I think most people would be surprised to hear that I weigh that much. Abs are my main problem area. The upper had become even more of an issue than the lower, and I just wasn't feeling comfortable in my skin.

I had the procedure yesterday, and while it was not completely pain free, the anxiety was definitely the worst part. The initial shots and incisions were no problem. The most uncomfortable part was the lidocaine. Every now and then I felt a twinge of pain, or a little zing, which caused me to tense up all over. Then after a few minutes I would relax again. I definitely would describe it more as discomfort than pain, and as I said the anxiety probably heightened that.

I was very bloated afterwards, and drained quite a bit. I went home with a drain in, which I recommend since it is much cleaner than having the incisions leak with no containment. Last night I changed all the dressings and put on my compression garment for the first time. Holy cow, that was a work out! But once it was on, I found it to be very comfortable, and not bothersome at all.

I took a pain pill at bedtime, as some of the numbness was wearing off and I felt a little achy. It really helped and I slept fine.

Beware the shower! I thought this morning I would take a quick shower and go about my regular routine. This plan quickly changed, as I passed out in the shower, and then again when I got out. Now I have a lovely bruise on my forehead and hip to accompany my surgical souvenirs. I definitely recommend eating FIRST and proceeding with caution for your first shower post-procedure.

I did notice when changing out of my garment that I am much less swollen already and looking way flatter than before! If this continues to improve as it should over the next few weeks I can tell I will be thrilled with the results. I will upload my before pictures later. I am sure the after pictures for now will not be too impressive because of the swelling, but I can tell that the bulges are definitely gone.

Dr. Jay Kulkin

I chose my Dr because he is one of only a few Drs in GA who perform Smart Lipo with the Triplex laser, which is the most powerful laser for this procedure. This ensures the best result possible. He has performed the procedure over 1500 times, and has never had a patient need urgent care or hospitalization. He treats the procedure like a surgery, with a sterile area, cap, gloves and gown. He is also a laser expert and trains other Drs on techniques.

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