Upper/Lower Abs and Back (Bra Roll)

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My surgery is scheduled for September 14th and I...

My surgery is scheduled for September 14th and I am so nervous. I keep trying to debate the surgery in my head trying to decide if I actually need it. I am so unsatisfied with my body that its a real viable option for me.

I'm small, 5'2, 130 lbs, 20 lbs of which I have gained within the past 4 years. In my smaller size, I was comfortable to wear certain things (like a bikini) and not feel insecure about it. Now it shames me to put on a bathing suit. I have bra rolls that seem to have come out of nowhere and I am ashamed to even show skin or wear tight shirts because of them. My confidence has definitely went down. I exercise, diet and have completely changed my eating habits in the past 3 years, however, my stomach and back remain the same.

I have been researching smartlipo for a while now and finally decided to schedule a consultation last week. After my consultation, they told me that although I had a fairly decent body shape and size, that I was a perfect candidate for smartlipo. After a few days of thinking, I made the decision to go for it. I want to feel happy with my body again. I am so, so, so nervous about it though. Everyday I have a different opinion about it. The slight mention of the surgery to my friends has gotten me unwanted reactions. My friends think that I am crazy for wanting to do it, but I do have some that are very supportive and tell me to go for it.

I will keep you guys posted on my surgery and after results. Attached are my "before" (current) pictures.

Tomorrow is the big day! Still a little nervous. I...

Tomorrow is the big day! Still a little nervous. I had a pre-op appt today with the doctor. He took a look at my body and assured me that he could definitely take care of my problem areas. He suggested that I consider getting my waist done for better results. I am debating on it. They also gave me Boiron Arnica to start taking today. I will post an udate tomorrow after my surgery.

Well I had my surgery yesterday. I was semi sleep...

Well I had my surgery yesterday. I was semi sleep during it. It was not painful, but during some of it, I felt a little discomfort. After the surgery, I didnt feel hardly any pain at all. I came home and went straight to sleep. By the time I had woken up, I realize that I had been asleep for 6 hours. The pain had definitely come. I could not get out the bed and had to have my friend help me out of it. Once I was up and walking around, I was fine. When I sat down, and tried to get up, it was hard for me to get back up.

As for my results, honestly, I can't tell much of a difference. My stomach looks a little flatter, but there is still some bulge. Probably from the swelling. My back still kind of has a roll, which kinda made me sad when looking at it last night. I will post pictures today. I'm hoping that it is due to the swelling too. So far I cannot really give a good comment on my results until the swelling goes down I guess, because I don't see much of a change.

Just posted some pics…I don't know if its jus...

Just posted some pics…I don't know if its jus me, but shouldn't my back rolls at least look like they been touched or feel swollen? I can actually grab my back roll and still jiggle it and feel no pain. I literally cried this morning because I feel that my surgery was in vain and that nothing changed. I'm going to call the doctor today just to ask questions. I really want to be patient for my results, but I honestly feel like my back roll will still be a problem for me.

Day 4 post op and I am starting to see my body...

Day 4 post op and I am starting to see my body start to change. My swelling is slowly starting to go down. I have been drinking tons of water and per my doctor not eating too much salt and wearing my garment 24/7 (except when I shower). I haven't had any problem with my compression garment until yesterday, Yesterday was my first day back to work, I ended up only working a half a day because I felt very uncomfortable in my chair with my garment on. I pick up my new garment next week at my first post op appt on Tuesday. The only thing that I noticed that was not mentioned by other people is, well for me diarrhea and constipation. The first day after the surgery I had diarrhea, which my doctor told me was normal. After that I have been constipated. the doctor told me to continue to drink a lot of water to help with it. I may have to get a stool softner. Sorry for the gross out, just thought that some people may want to know that this may be something to look for after the surgery. I posted some day 4 pics.
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