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Hello EVERYONE! I just recently had smartlipo on...

Hello EVERYONE! I just recently had smartlipo on my stomach, love handles and bra line. Its only been 5 days so I am not sure if this would be helpful! Just to give you a little description about myself I am 5'3 and I weight about 225lbs. I am very curvy and well proportioned. I just wanted my mid-sectioned done because I love the rest of my body. Smartlipo, I was scared out my mind, when I got the Dr. office. The staff was extremely friendly when I was there but they do have a problem with returning phone calls. Now I understand that they are busy, but when I give someone thousands of dollars I do expect a returned phone call that day. Anywho, I was never given any medication prior to the procedure.

The only thing that I was given was shots in all the areas that were going to be done. There were several different numbing needles; from small ones to really big ones! THAT WAS THE WORST!!!!!! IT WAS CERTAINLY PAINFUL AND UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! Once I was numb it got alot better, until the Dr. hit those HOT SPOTS, which are spots that were not all the way numb or from the machine itself. Now here is the WORST part of the ENTIRE 5 days!!!!!!!!! The (((DRAINAGE))) IS BY FAR HORRIBLE!!!!! The moment I got off the gurney I began to drain......ALOT!!!!!! Once the nurse put the MAXI PADS and the body garment on me; by the time I got home 30 min later, I had to change out EVERYTHING. And they only give you one, so you will have to HAND wash the garment and out it in the dryer!

While that was going on, I was in the bathroom, leaking all over the place.....trying to get as much of the fluids out of my body! IT IS ALOT!!!!! Push as much as you can out, before the next day; once tomorrow hits for you, its OVER! You will be waaaay to sore to even touch your body!!!!! I had to change and wash out my garments about every 2 hours....IT SMELLS LIKE RAW MEAT!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BUY THE BED PLASTIC THINGS...AND BUY ALOT! YOU WILL NEED IT....TRUST ME, YOU DONT WANT THAT SMELL IN YOUR BED OR YOUR CLOTHES LIKE ME!!!!! I HAD TO WASH 1 LOAD OF CLOTHES 5 DIFFERENT TIMES BECAUSE I PUT THE DRESS THAT I HAD ON IN THE WASH WITH OTHER DIRTY CLOTHES AND EVERYTHING SMELLED LIKE RAW MEAT.........VERY NASTY!!!!!! Once you stop draining it gets better because you dont have to change out every 2 hours. See if you can find out what kind of garment your Dr use before you get your procedure done, so you can buy to change out during the drainage! The Garment that I have is a panty gartment that goes under my bust. I dont like this one, I am a 42 DD so I wish I had the one with the straps, but I will purchase on in a couple of days. Do NOT try to over do it! Your body will do what it is suppiose to do! Trying to tie your body down the first couple od days is only going to make you sick, dizzy, nauseous and feeling like you cant brethe. Remember you still have to put on your normal clothes all of that is added weight to your stomach area.....TRUST I KNOW, I DID IT AND I FELT ALL OF WHAT I MENTIONED ABOVE! NOW THIS IS ONLY MY EXPERIENCE.....THESE ARE (((MY))) FACTS!!!!!!! I can already see a differnce, NOT a big one but I do see something...so I cannot wait until a month has passed. I pray I have helped someone who is thinking about smartlipo! If you have any question please feel free to ask!

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