Having Second Thoughts About Sono Bello - Atlanta, GA

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I had my consultation with Sono Bello in Atlanta...

I had my consultation with Sono Bello in Atlanta about two weeks ago with Vanessa. She was really nice. I told her that I am interested in Smart Lipo of my upper/lower abs and flanks. After she assessed me, she informed me that I could either do Smart Lipo or Venus Freeze. I had not heard of Venus Freeze at the time and she explained the procedure. Not really knowing much about it, we continued our conversation focusing on the Smart Lipo procedure.

I had my pre-op with the doctor this past Saturday. I met Dr. Klein and he seemed to be ok. In the time between my consultation and pre-op appointment, I had done some research on the Venus Freeze and was really undecided. I expressed my concern to both Dr. Marc Klein and the nurse who was assisting him. Dr. Klein told me that I would be a good candidate for the lipo procedure but he could not guarantee that my loose skin would improve. He said that it varies by patient. At this point I'm thinking well I might as well get the Venus Freeze and save $3k. The nurse sends in one of the specialist who perform the Venus Freeze procedure. I felt as if she was trying to up sell me to get both.

After we spoke I went to the front desk to check out with the receptionist whose name is Vanessa as well. She informed me that I had to make a decision the same day whether or not I wanted to proceed with the Smart Lipo or the Venus Freeze. She was not very polite, actually kind of rude. She took a personal phone call while she was waiting on me. Apparently someone was trying to get in contact her about some reservations or something. Whatever the case, it was unprofessional. She could have at least said excuse me and walked away instead of discussing her personal business in front of me. It seemed as if she was dealing with some personal issues. After she hung up her cell phone, I asked her if I could get a copy of the rest of my paperwork. Apparently she had given me copies of another patients paperwork... oopps. I still did not receive a copy of all of the documents that I signed, but my primary concern was the financial statement. So I asked her again to provide that document. After she filled it out, she then began to read it aloud. I'm not sure if she thought I would have a problem with it reading it, if she was purposely attempting to annoy me, if she wanted the audience in the waiting room to know my business or if she was just still in a bad mood from her personal issue and decided to take it out on me. So she read aloud the procedure that I am having and all of the charges. It was a little embarrassing. I mean everybody in the room knew exactly what I was getting and how much. (blush) I'm pretty sure she did it to embarrass me because I asked her for the document several times. I wasn't really prepared to pay because I just met the physician and had not done any research on him.

That was Saturday, I called today (Monday) to ask about Dr. Marc Klein's credentials and if he had any pics of his patients. The rep who answered the phone, Nicole, told me I can use Google. I politely informed her that I googled him but could not locate any of his patients pic and that he was not on the Physicians page on Sono Bello's website. She told me that he was new and that she would email me his credentials and private practice website. I did receive the email, however, there is a small about of pics and two other doctors at his practice. I can not identify which patients are his or not. My research ended there. I plan on calling tomorrow to ask for more information about Dr. Klein. He only has two reviews on Realself and I'm sure one of them is fictitious. I can't find any info on the web about him either which makes me a little worried. I've read several reviews about Smart Lipo and the healing process and I'm thinking I would just rather go with the Venus Freeze. I'm not satisfied with the customer service at this facility, nor the lack of information available for the Dr. I would really like to see before and after pics of him performing this procedure before moving forward.

If there is anybody out there who has had work from Dr. Marc Klein I would love to know about your experience and his. The sooner the better. Procedure is Saturday....

BTW... apparently Sono Bello has been sued before from a patient dying from Smart Lipo! SCARY!

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