Ok, So I Finally Decided to Do It - Upper, Lower, Flanks, and Arms - Atlanta, GA

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I just had my procedure done yesterday Sept. 27th....

I just had my procedure done yesterday Sept. 27th. It took 4 hrs., which was good because they were able to remove a lot of fat. I had my upper, lower, flanks, and my arms done. Last night, I felt great! I even went to my son's football game. Very little pain at all. I was expecting to be in a lot of pain but wasn't. I think that the pain meds that I was given in the office are still working. However, about 3am, the pain hit!. After taking pain meds, I am still very sore but I feel that it's all worth it. After they finished yesterday, I could see the results. And yes its true, you should expect A LOT of drainage. I took the advise of another women that had posted and used puppy pads. They work great. By the way, I had my procedure done at American Lipo Center in Atlanta Ga. I will start posting pictures in a couple of days when some of the pain goes away. I feel that this is important because if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have had this procedure done. I have read so many post and the pictures are great. When I start posting my pictures, you will be able to see how my stomach was. I was a skinny women who just had a little pouch to remove. I had a very large stomach with fat rolls! Ok, well I am going back to sleep as I am in pain.
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