3 Days Postop......lipo on Inner Thighs and Arms - Atlanta, GA

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Ok so I had my arms and inner thighs lipoed on...

Ok so I had my arms and inner thighs lipoed on 6/17/13 .... I took it like a pro with only local sedation so I was awake the whole time. I could feel the tugging but it was tolerable. Procedure started around 8:15am completed around 11:15am....It went by so fast. I was a little groggy but still able to get off operating table with a little assistant and help with putting garments on. My experience was not bad at all. I was starving afterwards they and was given apple juice and a granola granola bar. My ride home was good....was awake and talking most of the ride. Got home had to walk up two flights of stairs was able to do without assistant. My daughter placed bed liners on the bed because there was a lot of drainage. Pain is still very minimum like you've over done it in the gym.

Last night after I showered I did notice more bruising and little more soreness I'm guessing the numbing meds is wearing off. Drainage is easing up.....mostly draining from my left arm at the elbow. I can't wait to start feeling normal again.
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Dr. Okoro did an outstanding job on my brazilian butt lift (includes lipo of upper/lower abs, flanks, lower back and fat grafting to butt and hips) with additional lipo to bra roll and upper back. My results looked so natural of course I was going to return to him when I decided to get my inner thighs and arms lipoed. Dr. Okoro and his staff are amazing. I walk into his office everyone knows my name, asks me how i'm feeling , if I need anything, tell me how great I look......just like they're family. Dr. Okoro and his nurse both called me at home to see how things were going and to make sure I was following instructions and had scheduled my followup appt. So happy I chose Dr. Okoro.

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