33 Years Old, 3 Kids In Atlanta, GA

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I am so glad I found this forum. It has been very...

I am so glad I found this forum. It has been very helpful for me when it came to making my decision. I've decided to get the gastric sleeve. Let me tell u a Lil about myself. I'm 33 330 lbs. with 3 kids. I began gaining weight when I was about 20 yrs. old. I've tried every diet out here dads, videos weight watchers, hcg drops, everything. I would lose weight then gain it back and more. I want to live a long and healthy life for myself and kids. I'm very excited about this. I had my 1appt. Aug.18. Did my labs and Ekg. My insurance require a 6mo. program. I'm ready for this life change. Any recommendations or advice my fellow sleevers has are greatly appreciated.

5 yr Diet Log

So I'm required to do a 5 yr diet log complete with all the diets and ways I've tried to lose weight in the last 5 yrs. Included with dates, how long it lasted, how much weight was lost, etc. Has anyone else had to do this ???? I'm been busy making appts trying to get everything out the way. I'm still very excited, can't wait to be sleeved. Time is going slowly. 6 mo end where are you ????

Psych Evaluation

So, I went for my psych evaluation on Friday. It was OK nothing like I expected. She was very nice. Dr. Portabello in Snellville, GA. She recently had the procedure herself. She gave me Alot of helpful tips. It was nice she knew exactly what I was going through. The nervousness and excitement. I don't know how it works. She said she would send her results over to Emory. I hope everything went OK. She also told me she has a support group that meets once a week. If I was interested after I get sleeved. Also, I'm still working on my 5 yr diet log.


I need some help. My insurance company said I have to see a certified nutritionist. I see one at the hospital but I have to see a independent. I've called everywhere. Can someone recommend a certified nutritionist in GA near the Athens, Conyers, Snellville or near the Atlanta area ? I so ready to be sleeved. My legs hips knees ache all the time. I been told I have sleep apnea. I've started to work out a Lil using weights drinking more water. To minimize as much sagging skin as possible. It seems as though these months are dragging. Feeling a Lil discouraged but I'm ready. Going to post some pics

One more month

So Alot had happened sense I posted last. I go next week for my EGG. I have all my requirements done. I have one more nutrition visit and then everything will be submitted to my insurance Co. I'm very excited and nervous. I can't wait to start my journey. I'm tired of being fat and unhealthy. Losing weight is hard. Despite all the negativity I've gotten from my family and friends. I know I can do this. I will do this. The Lord will be with me. I'll need all the support I can get

Surgery Date Finally I need your help

I have finally have my surgery date for April 14,2016. I excited and nervous. Scared about all the things that can go wrong. Pre-Surgery jitters I guess. Y'all pray for me.Any advice on the liquid diet as far as meal replacement and other things I can have. I know everyone body is different but I want to be successful. I will need all the support and advice you guys have to offer me. I appreciate the support from you guys.

Surgery went well

Well, I had my Surgery on April 14 th I stayed in the hospital 3 days. I was on a emotional rollercoaster the first few days but I made the right decision. I'm doing well. I had a those gas pains for the first 4 days. After that no more problems thus far. As the days go by I'm getting better at getting my liquids in. Whenever liquids go down I feel like my new stomach burp with every sip if that makes since. But I haven't gotten sick or anything. I haven't had a bowel movement yet is that normal ?I actually lost 14 lbs on the week liquid diet which I was very happy about. I haven't gotten on a scale since surgery day. I've decided to only weigh once a week. So tomorrow I'll get on the scale. I'm sure as far as exercise go what I should be doing. So I've just been walking. I'm excited about my journey. I'm always welcoming any advice that can help along the way.

7 weeks post op

I'm here at 7 weeks post op everything is going OK. Today was my first day back at work it was hard gotta get back in the swing of things. I'm at the gym 4-5 days a week. I've started on weight lifting. Everyone notices the weight loss. I'm a little hard on myself I can tell a difference but don't feel it if that makes sense. At first I was having a hard time getting my water in but I'm getting better everyday. I worry about my stomach alot.Like I know I'm going to have excess skin but I want to target the fat in my stomach. Anyone know of some exercises that'll help. This is one of the best decisions I could of made for myself. It's a long road ahead of me but I'm worth it...... It's worth it.
HW: 330
SW: 328
CW: 286
GW: 165

4 1/2 months post op

I'm doing great I've lost about 78 pounds since surgery. I'm doing great. It had been a journey for sure. I've lost some friends along the way but it's ok. My support system has been great meal prepping had really kept me on track. If i over eat i do get nauseated sometimes. Somedays i can tolerate more food than others. Moderation is always key. I go to the gym 4 days a week I've kicked it up to 1 hour 20 mins each time. I try to change it up what i eat because i get tired pig the same thing. I still do shakes to make sure i get my protein. I feel so much better i can tell in my walk and talk
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