Ugly Nose in Need of Surgery :( - Atlanta, GA

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So, when I was about 12 my aunt made a comment...

So, when I was about 12 my aunt made a comment about my big nose. Ever since then, I have been very insecure. I've never really been happy with my appearance, and I've always just kept it to myself. I have bunions on my feet, I have very small breasts and a big nose. I really hate so many things about myself, but the number one is my nose. I hate it so much because it's on my face... it's not like I can hide it. I never feel confident. I know I will not be able to have surgery for a few more years. I am only 17 years old. I haven't really brought up the fact that I want surgery to my mom. I told her a couple years ago that I hate my nose, but she just said it wasn't ugly and just didn't really take my comment very seriously. I'm constantly comparing my nose to other girl's noses. I wish it was smaller and kind of turned up. Hopefully I'll be able to get the surgery done in a few years, but for now I'm stuck with my big ugly nose. ):

My ugly nose.

Just a few more pics..
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