3rd Revision and Hope This One Allows Me to Focus on Other Things! - Atlanta, GA

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So, a little over two years ago I had a revision...

So, a little over two years ago I had a revision rhino with Dr. G in Los Angeles. My primary rhino had taken place in Orlando, Florida with a Dr. Scott Greenberg, who was not a facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Greenberg had been very aggressive in removing all or most of my nose base cartilage and placed a silicone graft in my nose as a bridge. Of course, once he had removed that lower nose supportive base cartilage the weight from the graft began to collapse and the result was a visible obtrusion of graft and a beaking effect toward base and tip.

So, Dr. G did much good work to revise and reinforce what had been taken away in the primary.

But, with time things change. Swelling no longer obscures the picture and my nose was still experiencing the effect of the primaries cartilage loss. My nose shape, especially profile wise was fantastic! I still believe Dr. G is extremely skilled, but my tip was over projected and my nostrils showed very apparently. Also, asymmetry started to appear in one nostril being larger and the other dropping a bit. I would place a q-tip at the base of my nose above my lip and hold it straight across, but only one nostril would touch it- the other was millimeters higher.

Also, my nose height was still rather flat or closer to my face- which is what you would expect being I had no support beneath it.

While still in LA, I had consults with two doctors. One, is rather famous and has done some amazing things with a celebrity recently- I can’t say names because it would be obvious, but I am certain he was very skilled. His price quote was upwards of $20k and I wondered how I was going to make it happen?

During that time an opportunity came about and we moved to Atlanta, GA. Once, I was a little settled in- I was determined to return to my quest of a revision.

I found three doctors, that I felt had really good representations in their galleries and were well credentialed in the facial reconstruction area of plastic surgery.

My first consult was almost my last. The doctor’s office was posh and located within a beautiful hospital complex! An office like this in Los Angeles would have been reserved for the stars and rich folks! The doctor and his staff were so incredibly nice- I mean, I thought wow- why should I look any further?

They proceeded to examine me, take my pictures and do the video image to show what my results might look like.

The doctor did a quick photoshop type edit, but to be honest I wasn’t sure I liked it. He really only manipulated one or two little aspects and the result made my nose look long, de-rotated and bit older!

Now, I’m logically and I understand that these images are not likely to be exponentially accurate to the outcome, just a potential example. But that image stayed in my mind.

The doctor then discussed with me how he would achieve his results, he mentioned a cadaver rib graft would be used to reinforce my tip and lengthen my nose and then maybe some nostril work. His price quote was surprisingly affordable- maybe because he was already in a hospital or the fact that this was Georgia now, compared to Los Angeles…I couldn’t get over how the price had reduced to less than half what I’d been quoted in LA.

I started the process to commit to surgery- sat with his office staff and arranged the nearest surgery date with plans to be post recovery well before Christmas.

I knew I had made other consultation appts., one was that following Monday and there was a fee involved. I was contemplating cancelling it, as I was already moving forward with this doctor in my head.

But, something woke me in the middle of the night. A bit of terror coursed through me, as I lay thinking about the cadaver rib graft- what if my body rejects it? Is it safe? Is it moral? Would I feel weird after having a foreign body part incorporated into mine? I had so many questions, I know it’s done every day and is common, but I personally knew little about this option.

I decided to keep my other appt. just for the sake of comparison and it’s a good thing.

Dr. Marc Yune, very calm, very thorough and genuinely engaging with the person he is talking to. These are the things that struck me right off the bat.

We also did a video imaging and he so impressed me by taking the time during his edit to even point of things I hadn’t brought up, like my bridge being slightly deviated and him using cartilage to fix. He said we don’t want a long nose, but to slightly deproject that tip and reduce the nostril appearance.

He went a step further to talk about other aspects of my health, such as weight loss in order to achieve what I additionally wanted which had been lipo under my chin.

He could have said yes to all and lined his pockets, but instead he told me to lose the weight first and then we could explore options for reducing under my chin- if needed.

The quote for just my rhino was a little more expensive and I was only getting the one procedure now instead of two, but I liked his focus. He seemed to be a doctor that would take his time and I really wanted that! Also, he said he would harvest my own cartilage…not a cadaver.

So, for me it became an overwhelming absolute that Dr. Yune was my man! We had to schedule surgery for a week later than the other doctor and my recovery would be smack in the middle of Christmas, but I felt good about my decision, despite all else.

Surgery happened on the 18th…..today is December 25th- Christmas, I am day 7 of my recovery.

Cast off and results are beyond expectations!

I will update with pictures, but I am feeling emotional right now. I have been unhappy with my nose for a long time and revisions are difficult, because now you go in knowing what to expect as far the recovery- which is not the most fun of all processes...you just want things to be done in a way that results in the best possible outcome! This was so worth the struggle and process.....I'm glad I pursued this and especially or most importantly with Dr. Yune...I will provide a more detailed update as soon as possible, but I'm just still adjusting to life without the cast and all I need to catch up on. Until then!

13 days post op

My nose is still swollen- it may be hard to see the definition on camera, but I see it and know that over time the shape will come through. But, my nostrils are definitely less noticeable, my tip is no longer over projected and the nose is a bit longer and more proportionate for my face.

Really happy for these results- will take more pics as swelling continues to go down.

After the cast

Initially your nose looks shapely....then it can swell again and throw you off a bit. Today, my nose is less swollen. Been sleeping on my back, refraining from any alcohol, watching my salt intake and just trying to do things that won't contribute to swelling. Here are pics from this morning.

Previous nose pics

1 month and 5 days post op!

I know I am lagging on the review updates, but all things are still going well. Catching up on work after the holidays and life have been really keeping me busy.

At this time I choose not to upload too many pictures because honestly I have to get comfortable with sharing that degree again. I know many like pictures, but I also hope the written words can be helpful.

Dr. Yune continues to impress me. I believe that there are two very good reasons for a Doctor who is willing to follow up, one to make your clients feel important and two, because the Doctor feels confident enough about his work and wants to be around as you progress.

In my previous surgery, there was very little follow up. Only, once after the cast was removed and again after 2 weeks for a post op, but afterward there was no communication from Dr. G or his office.

However, this experience here has been different and I love my new nose more everyday!

Swelling sucks, no easy way around it….makes you see things not as they are. There have been days when my nose looks different than it did the day my cast was removed, but I also have felt that heavy sensation in it…so, I know that is liquid/ blood filling in spaces to aid with healing, thank you for that God…you’ve built extremely efficient human bodies… but the visual effects of those amazing efficiencies are the tough part.

The only one who really knows what your nose looks like is the surgeon who saw you directly after he closed you up and you lay there on the table. So, I have been trying to do my part in stopping myself from any activity once my nose starts to feel heavy, sleeping on my back, avoiding alcohol and foods that lend to swelling….Oh yeah, and I had a cortisone shot! My nose after a few days looks very improved.

I have another follow up in February, so I will probably post pictures soon after that.

My nostrils are not the first thing you see!

I'm really happy with progress- I think it looks in much better harmony with the rest of my features. Previously, every picture I took- I focused on my nostrils. Now I can see the rest of my face in pictures. I am still healing, but I truly feel humbled and blessed to have found Dr. Yune!

I know my make up is looking a little white and not well blended, but just look at nose shape.

Facial lipo

I will be going back to Dr. Yune for facial lipo and contouring and will try to update RS on how that goes!

As for the nose, it is still progressing and I have to be active in my own recovery. Keep my head elevated and sleep on back- not the sides, get my cortisone injections....My result was really pretty when the bandage came off and I have full faith and trust in my doctor.

Hope you guys are doing good!

Recovering from SMJ liposuction

Swelling. That is the story of my life for the last few months, combining this procedure with the Rhino done in December, but I know, that this is time and a process that I just have to wait out.

I adore Dr.Yune and his office.

They are so amazing, it just makes me want to get more procedures, LOL! But, seriously I have to take some time to heal.

Things I am doing to help my healing? Focusing on foods I eat, reducing food that adds to swelling; alcohol mainly, greasy foods, high sugar foods....adding avocado as a staple, taking fish oil supplements, drinking more water...Sleeping on my back with head elevated, contemplating using some compression support- taping nose and under chin nightly. This is my own personal experiment for a best case scenario recovery. My previous surgeries- I did none of this and I think my results could have been due to my own lack of positive effort. So, we will see and I will keep you informed. Best to all you RealSelfer's!

Almost 3 month mark- update

Previous nose, nostrils very apparent

I feel like seeing my nostrils makes me look more harsh. This was a revision by Dr. Grigoryiants and I think he did a great job, (my primary surgery was a disaster and he fixed it!) just over time I was hoping my tip dropped a little more than it did. It also became less symmetrical- where one nostril was larger than the other.

Post op 3 months

I really like the projection now and the diminished nostril view. There is a slight bump on my bridge that I am battling from a kenelog shot and scar tissue atrophy- hopefully that will reduce over time, but outside of that I am very happy with the progress and Dr. Yune's work.


The lumps and bumps from the tissue atrophy are wrecking me. For basis of comparison, I put up two of the same pic taken today. I would be so happy right now, even with swelling if I had my smooth bridge again. I have really worked hard to massage the scar tissue and soften it, but I am worried it may never go away. So, disappointing after everything to have this be a result. Stay away from kenelog shots.

Almost 4 months

Feels like the atrophy is stating to subside. I have been working hard to help it go away. My face is still swollen, plus I think I've gained some weight- gotta get to work. But, I can see it taking shape!

Two days of enzyme therapy, swelling has come down a lot

Bump on nose seems to have reduced and is almost not visible with make up on.

4 months

My nose bump seems to be flattening. Face is less swollen. Next goal is work on weight loss, but this is officially 4 months post op.
Roswell Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have to say that his bedside manner is the best I've experienced. Dr. Yune is so calm and he listens to you. I really liked that during our consult. Afterward, he has followed up with me and made me feel like I was important. Although, I am in the midst of recovery as I write this, I have other procedures I'd like to get done, so based on what I have experienced up until this point- I would not think twice about Dr. Yune and his office for all of my surgical endeavors!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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