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I am so happy that I decided to take this leap of...

I am so happy that I decided to take this leap of faith and go ahead and get rhinoplasty. I've never really liked my nose because I hate the way it spreads when I smile as well as the bulbous tip. I also felt that I need a bridge. A coworker told me that if I was interested in any type of plastic surgery I should check out RealSelf. After that, I started following the rhinoplasty post as well as looking for doctors to consult.
I went to about four consults before deciding On Dr. DeJoseph. He is located in Atlanta and the surgery center is right next door to the office.
He was very patient and listen to my wants and concerns about my nose. Then he told me what he could do so that a would have a conservative change without loosing my ethnic appearance. We decided on a bridge, bring in nostrils so they don't flare to much when smiling and a more refined tip. Also No cuts on the outside of the nose. Dr. DeJoseph is a Facial Plastic Surgeon and ENT. I do have breathing issues so he did inform me that once he is inside of the nose he always checks for deviated septum etc., and would repair at no additional cost! I thought that was great because during my other consultations I was told that it would be an additional charge. The procedure was originally quoted at over $8000, but if you pay your deposit within I think 7 days than you receive a 10% discount; so that how I ended up paying $7302...
The staff in the office as well as the surgery center are extremely nice. Dr. DeJoseph talked to me after the procedure was over and later that night, I received a call from the office and I also received 2 calls from the surgery center. They were very attentive!
I do not live in Atlanta so I am staying at a hotel for the week until my splint is off. I also had to hire a transportation service to take me to the surgery center than back to the hotel.

Day 5-Recovery

The swelling in my face is almost gone and the bruising around my eyes is pretty much gone. I haven't taken any pain medication since Day 2.
For those of you that maybe on the fence about Arnica; I do believe it has helped me a great deal with bruising and swelling and allowed it to stay at a minimum. I started taking the Arnica pellets 3 days before surgery and added the Arnica gel along with Bromelain/Quercetin(taken on an empty stomach; help with bruising, swelling and inflammation) the day of the rhinoplasty but after the procedure. I still continue with these items faithfully each day.
I also use a neck pillow at night for sleeping. I sleep on two pillows plus the neck pillow. It has help me to stay elevated while sleeping.
Splint comes off Monday! I can't wait to see my new nose!!

Day 7! Bye Bye Old Nose!

Well this is my new nose! I am so happy and wish I would have done this a long time ago! Dr. DeJoseph gave me the same nose but a smaller version, just as I ask!! I wanted my nose to still look natural while keeping my ethnic appearance. I have a bridge now which is something that I'm going to definitely have to get used to, before that the area was flat:) The bridge really makes other features more striking(lips, smile, eyes and cheek bones) tip is more refined and not as bulbous as before and my nostrils/nose doesn't spread as much when I smile! The left side is still a little swollen along with the tip. Only cut was placed on the columella, so no scars!! I have 1 more week off work so I will spend time getting use to my new nose. I can't believe this nose is mine! My next appointment is in 6 weeks November, but I will also post more pics this weekend with make up on!
Picture 1 and 2 new nose
Picture 3 old nose


So I had my 6 week appointment on November 14th! Dr. Dejoseph says nose looks great! Perfect! He Loves my profile....Still some swelling. He says it's going to really look great after 1 year when the swelling is's really been a confidence booster! And looks so Natural. I take pictures of myself all the time! The one thing I was paranoid about was my upturned tip. This is no longer an issue! Tip dropped after about 2 weeks!!! Next appointment in March(6 months).

Healing Process
So I am no longer taking Arnica. Just trying to eat as healthy as possible. Back on my more sleeping elevated....currently, I only use the Saline Nasal Spray a couple times a day to keep nose clean(dr. Said to keep this up)....ohh yes! I do use the Biore strips for my nose once a week! Also I wear contacts lenses during the day and glasses at night, but I haven't started wearing my glasses again since the surgery. I think I'm going to wait till after 6 months just to be in the safe side. Don't want any indentions on this $7000+ nose:) so glasses can wait!

Has anyone been able to tell!??
Remember, I told no one about my procedure!
So far the only person that was able to tell was my mom. She says my nose isn't flat anymore! She likes it. One of my friends ask me when a group of us were out if I had surgery on my nose....I said no!!....and the other friend said it looks like I just contoured....of course, I went with it:):)

8 month Update and Still Thrilled with Results!!

So today I saw Dr. Dejoseph. He said my nose looks great and he along with staff were more excited than me! He said my nose was perfect and profile is exceptional! I'm so happy! I will see him again in 12 months. I love my results and completely trust Dr. Dejoseph. As far as my healing process: he said my nose will only look better as the swelling continues to go down and the nose continues to take shape. Sometimes I still have a little swelling in the mornings and when I drink alcohol, which is not often. I wear my glasses at night when I'm home from work and have not had issues with indentions but initially I did not start wearing my glasses till after 4 or 5 months. I am so happy I did this. No one knows about my surgery except my mom. People know there is something different but can't figure out what. I received compliments before but now, i get tons of compliments on how pretty I am even from complete strangers. It's amazing what happens when your facial features have balance. My confidence has soared...I can't stop looking at my face! I absolutely LOVE IT!! Thanks Dr. Dejoseph!
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is a patient PS that listens to your concerns. He will let you know what he can and cannot do. He definitely wants you to be happy with his work. He also has a lot of before and after pictures to show of his work. The staff is also just as nice!

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