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Hello! My surgery is going to be April the 15th. I...

Hello! My surgery is going to be April the 15th. I am a 27 year old single professional. I broke my nose when I was 14 and never had the septum repaired. Now that I am in the position to take the time off work and have the insurance to help me with the financial burden...it just seemed like "why wait?". Along with a multitude of internal problems, purely cosmetically, the tip of my nose turns down pretty severely, especially when I smile and I have a pronounced bump that cast ugly shadows in photos so I am going to have those things repaired as well.

I have always debated with myself if I really wanted to go through with this surgery because even though my nose is what some people would consider "ugly"...it's mine. I just don't know who or what I will look like without my distinctive nose. I finally made up my mind that this was the right choice for me when both my breathing problems and the amount of photoshopping I was doing to my nose in photos increased last summer.

I'm actually not that scared of the surgery or the results because I trust and really love my surgeon already. I do fear, however, the splints that will stay in my nose for the first few days (and how I will breath/sneeze, ect.) AND the final cost because my insurance company should be covering most of the internal mechanics portion of the surgery, but they can't seem to give me a quote as of right now as far as final dollar amounts.

In summery: I am very excited to have found this forum and look forward to the support you all so kindly provide and I look forward to being a part of that for other people going forward.

Question! I am 10 days from my surgery and have...

Question! I am 10 days from my surgery and have extremely bad allergies. On Monday I say my general physician and she put me on a zpac of antibiotics to ward off the sinus infection that was beginning in my sinuses, but I finished the antibiotics and am still very congested. The reason for the surgery in the first place is my constant struggle with congestion and sinus infections but I am worried now that it might effect the surgery and/or my recovery.

Did any of you have congestion going in to surgery? Any advice would be much appreciated!

I had my pre-op appointment today. I can not get...

I had my pre-op appointment today. I can not get over how much I love my PS. She is so so easy to talk to and an excellent communicator. They took a few photos and did some digital imaging that I am posting now. I am having a hard time determining how much of a change I want so this helps to a certain extent (or maybe just creates more questions because when she asked me which of the two images I was leaning more towards, I honestly couldn't make up my mind. I am just ready for her to decide for me. I know I am going to love my new nose because a) it will be an improvement from what I have and b) I will be able to breath in a month or so. Holy crap I can't wait. Like I told her today, my biggest fear now is the walking around with a swollen nose after the cast comes off part.

I'm 4 days from surgery and I already have my bags packed (going to my parents' house for the week) and I have all my groceries purchased. I am making myself a bunch of low sodium veggie filled soups and fruit filled popsicles. If they turn out well I will post them on my blog and put the link on this page. I've really been focused on getting healthy and eating clean in the weeks leading up to my surgery and just in the last month I have lost about 15 lbs and I'm feeling really fit and healthy going into my procedure.

I will post again after my surgery. Wish me luck!

Hey guys, sorry I was going to wait to post again...

Hey guys, sorry I was going to wait to post again but I have a big question about the morning of surgery. I realized after meet with my PS on Thursday, I want something a little different than what we talked about.

Does anyone know if it is standard to meet with the Doctor before you are sedated the day of surgery?

I emailed her a photo and explanation but I am worried that she will not get it. I'm worried I'm going to have to tape the photo and email to my chest going into surgery! hah!

(also I posted a photo of the cake I made for my parents who are taking me into their home for the week, and the note I am leaving them)

Guys, I did it! I'll write more in detail soon...

Guys, I did it! I'll write more in detail soon when I don't feel so eager to keep ice on my eyes. Long story short, surgery lasted 4 plus hours and I had a very large bone spur that my surgeon had to work extra hard on which is why I only have one back eye. I felt a little crummy right after and until I got a little nap in at home but I feel all and all pretty good right now. No pain except the open wounds/stiches sting a bit and my forehead is sore. All I can say is that I found the best surgeon of all time, she was an honest to goodness God send and came with a fabulous anesthesiologist and team. I am SO grateful. Also, thank you all for your kind words and positive thoughts I needed them!

I woke up this morning to my stupid eye left...

I woke up this morning to my stupid eye left swollen shut. It turns out I was having an allergic reaction to the detergent that my mom used to wash the Tshirt that I made an eye compress holder out of. Such a silly thing to cause such a terrible reaction. My eyes were itching like CRAZY!

Also, it turns out I am allergic to the surgical tape they use to attach drip pads so I've had to rig a piece of fabric that goes around my ears to hold up the gauze. I'm still having to use the drip pads, not so much for bleeding anymore more I am SO congested and even though my nostrils are swollen shut, I'm still getting some drainage and I'd rather not have a constant runny nose so the gauze is doing the trick for now.

I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon yesterday. She made sure everything looked okay and answered any questions, although she gave me her personal cell number which was SO nice the first night. Anyway, the worst part of the the appointment involved a tiny metal suction that she stuck UP MY NOSE! it was terrible. I almost fainted. But the interesting part of the appointment was getting to hear about the surgery and this crazy bone spur that I had. It turns out it was not just in my nostril, it curved into my sinuses, she said it was about 3 inches long and a half an inch wide. No wonder I couldn't breath! Anyway, the spur would not come out as she wanted it to and that is why the surgery took a full 4 hours and why I only have one black eye.

The last 3 days haven't been fun, keep in mind, but they haven't been terrible. The worst parts are the swelling, the fact that I have zero sense of taste or smell, the pressure in my ears (especially when I try to swallow liquids) and trying to sleep (I keep waking myself up with my little snoring).

My new favorite things that are making this process bearable...marshmallows! (they seem to take some of the congestion out of my throat when I swallow them), Jello, cucumbers (to lay on my eyes), the new season of The League and YAWNING I can't even explain how good it feels I can feel and see my nostrils expand when I do and my old nose didn't do that, it is the coolest sensation! I added a new photo from today and a photo of my profile, my face looks terrible and swollen but you can see the cute tip of my new nose.

Well...I might cry. I just spent the last hour...

Well...I might cry. I just spent the last hour and a half typing a VERY detailed description of the last week and I hit a button and it all just disappeared. Let's try again....

Day 6, CAST OFF DAY!!!!

I want to start with a list of the things I would like to address that I have learned from the last week and the people who should read my review if they are going into a rhinoplasty procedure. Septal Bone Spurs/Breathing Problems, Internal Splints and Skin Allergies.

Septal Bone Spurs/Breathing Problems:
As I stated in my first review, I broke my nose as a young person and I have suffered with allergies and sinus infections and have always attributed those to the trauma caused to my nose as a kid. After all of my consultations with ENT's and my PS I was told that I had a "sizeable bone spur" in my left nostril. Well I was imaging a quarter inch hump in the septum that curved into my left nostril, boy was I wrong, it turns out that thing just kept growing...allllll the way into my sinus cavity. My Mom has let me know that the surgeon indicated it was 3 inches rather than 4 but either way...I can not believe something that substantial was blocking my airway and digging into my nasal tissue and I was able to leave it untreated all these years. It blows my mind. I also mentioned in my review that I was struggling with allergies going into surgery so not being able to breathe the week of surgery seemed like it was just to be expected bc all that gunk was probably building up over the week bc it was stuck due to the swelling. Well it turns out that was not the case....

Also, because with the complications of the size of that spur...my surgery ran way over the estimated 2.5 hours. I was notified when I woke up that at hour 3 they inserted a catheter due to all the liquids they were pumping into my IV. I didn't really even know what that was but they let me know that it might hurt to pee, which it didn't, but this was disturbing news to wake up to. I wish someone mentioned it was a possibility beforehand.

Nasal Splints:
I spent the entire week after surgery 100% completely congested. I only passed the occasional (very uncomfortable) air bubble through a nostril when I was talking or swallowing, yuck...and I kept reading about people getting breathing back in their noses around day 3 or 4 so I got VERY nervous. Although luckily I managed to avoid having a sore throat even after an entire week of nose breathing so that feels a little bit like a super power. I also could not smell or taste a single thing the entire week, which might have been a good thing because I only ate jello and grapes and low/no sodium soups that I made for myself and I wonder if the lack salt helped keep the swelling down. Also, for anyone who wonders if this is normal...I had a VERY hard time with liquids all week, when I swallowed them my ears would pop and my head felt like an over inflated tire. Anyway...when I went to have the cast removed today I assumed the removal of the internal splints would create at least a momentary gust of air into my nose (I assumed these things were just metal wires of sorts that stuck into the sinuses...I never really understood what they were for...) well...when those sucker came out...POW...air! I was breathing immediately. It turns out those "little splints" are like GIANT collar stays with a little wire attached that sits in your nostril and is attached with a single stitch. The splint is flat, about 2.5-3 inches long and plastic looking and felt like a snake coming out of my nose. Seriously, whoah. She vacuumed out my nose with the tiny vacuum and all of the sudden I was breathing better than I ever have to date. At that point I didn't even care what the nose looked like...I was just SO happy to be breathing freely!

Skin allergies/Sensitive skin:

It turns out that I was actually not allergic to the detergent from my cold compress headband like I thought...it was the ARNICA GEL that I was using under my eyes, the gel got into my eye and one actually was swollen shut by the end of day 3. :/ Also, it turns out I was not allergic to the medical tape but i had a bad reaction to ripping it off too quickly which caused blisters. I treated the blisters with vitamin E oil and once the dried and quit stinging I exfoliated the skin and it seems to be back to normal. Just a warning!

It was a very long and very quick week for me. I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow..ugh (but also my company AND boss sent me beautiful flowers last week so that make me more excited to go back! I'm starting to miss them!) but also, it feels like a lifetime ago when I walked into the OR.

Oh! my best funny story from surgery! My anesthesiologist who was adorable and maybe my Dad's age happened to walk into the OR the moment that the nurse was untying my gown in the back in order to "keep me from laying on knots". So the gown is open in the back and he walks in and says "You better be careful there...or we might start throwing dollars". It was completely my sense of humor and I laughed and that was about the last thing I remember before they put me out.

Clearly I could not be happier with the look of my nose. Later, when the swelling goes down and the tape comes off I plan to do a side by side of the final simulation photo we chose just hours before surgery and the now...because I can already tell it is that exact nose. but it looks even better in person. I think the thing that I like most is how feminine it looks. I have always LOVED distinctive noses, especially on men (Daniel Day-Lewis anyone?) And I adore my family members' noses that all have parts of what my nose looked like but for whatever reason I just never felt like that nose belonged on my face..like it made me look sloppy or unrefined in a way that I don't see on other people...just me. But now I just look like the version of myself that I always had in my head...like what I assumed everyone else was seeing until I saw photographs and realized that was NOT the case! I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that! It's a really odd unexplainable feeling unless you have experienced it.

But I think the look of my nose has taken a back seat to how amazing it feels to take a deep breath of air in both nostrils for the first time. I had no idea what I was missing out on!

Once again, Dr. Sethna in a goddess....she even came into the office on a Sunday today just to take the cast and stitches off because in her opinion "5 days is not long enough and 7 days is too long". I honestly admire so much the work that she does. She certainly found the correct career path, except maybe she should have been a sculptor/engineer!

Thank you all for your support and good vibes! This forum was my serenity for the week.

Day 6 Cast Removal Continued: I forgot to add.....

Day 6 Cast Removal Continued:

I forgot to add...the in between my eyes area has been very swollen all week and was when she took my cast off, my mom calls it my "lion look" but within and hour or so the swelling went down in that area (see the photo in the car with the tape on my nose). Also, apparently the skin on the bridge of my nose has not properly fused with the muscle so that is why I need to continue having it taped for the next week. I always wondered why some people have to do that and others do not....I also had concerns that the tip might drop so she taped that up to...just to be safe.

I will update once all tape comes off one week from today!

Day 7: Went out tonight with my long time crush...

Day 7: Went out tonight with my long time crush and penpal. I had a bad headache all day (that I attribute to salad dressing w tons of salt that I had for my victory lunch yesterday) but I pushed through it because I have been dying to see him. The point of this review is to say...this guy, who has known me very well for almost 4 years, told me he didn't see much change in my nose. More of a testiment to it looking natural!
I also found myself more comfortable in conversation with him, not worried about which angle he was seeing me from. Tape and all I felt very proud of my new nose. I wanted to write this review so I could remember this feeling: Confidence in a way I have never felt before; puffy, taped, bruised and still confident. So neat. :)

Happy Friday Everyone, I am at day 11 and just...

Happy Friday Everyone, I am at day 11 and just wanted to add a little information. After my last post, I feel like I got some negative feedback about being super happy with my new nose. I just wanted to let everyone know that it's not that the nose is perfect or not swollen or all of those normal things...it's just that I am so happy to know that eventually it is going to be wonderful and even this swollen taped thing on my face is SO much prettier than the nose that I was born with. I even starting pulling my bangs out of my face and I WORE MY HAIR IN A BUN for the first time ever in my adult life on Wednesday and I felt SO confident. :) I am adding a couple of photos from this week. The front view is hard to get used to and I can't even think what it is supposed to look like in the end because it is so puffy. It seems like sodium or just diet in general makes a HUGE difference in my nose (especially the tip, see photo!) , because of that, I am very nervous about taking the tape off for good on Sunday because then there is nothing left to hide behind. It looks like I have a couple of months left on the dressing-less salad and banana smoothie diet. As always, please let me know if you have any questions! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Hello everyone! Today is day 17 with my new nose....

Hello everyone! Today is day 17 with my new nose. I'm still in love and life has gone back to normal. Half the time I think that nothing really changed so that is why I put my before and afters side by side, it's been really fun for me to look at how much younger I look and how cute my new nose looks in comparison. I also added some side by sides to show how much the swelling decreased in the week after cast removal.

My only real annoyance and concern right now is my breathing. I still can not really breathe out of my nose. I was only able to on the day the splints came out and then it just swelled shut. :/ I can smell and pass just a little air here and there but it doesn't really seem to be improving. I meet with my surgeon in a week and she will hopefully be able to confirm that this is normal. I'm also having issues with the bump coming back and I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if it is the product of the healing process, but either way I don't really mind it. My new bump is kind of cute maybe.

Now I'm sitting just kind of waiting for the bill for my new "Summer 2013 Look" lol.

6 weeks and still so happy!

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in awhile because a) I don't ever think about my nose or the forum anymore. (I've switched my obsessive internet time to Pintrest haha! ) and b) The changes so far have been very subtle so there isn't a ton to update anyway.

I met with my PS this morning, I am going in to my 7th week post surgery and I have zero pain, discomfort, or problems breathing anymore (yay!) and the swelling in my bridge is mostly gone but this stupid tip...it looks just like it did before surgery...if not bigger! My surgeon assured me this morning that the structure of my nose under the swelling is much smaller and more refined than what I see currently, but the bad news is that I have very thick skin for someone of my ethnicity so it could take a full year or longer to see the full results of what my nose will look like. I also have a small break between the bridge of my nose and the tip which is causing a bump that resembles my old bump (just much smaller!) and Dr. Sethna agrees with me that she is not happy with it either but she reassured me that it will go away once the swelling in the tip subsides and if it is still noticeable there are injectable fillers that can fix the problem.

All in all I can say is that I am 100% happy with the results (although they are not drastically different). No one even notices I had anything done...even when I tell them. ha! But the best news is the amount of confidence I have now...I am this new fun person who wears her hair up, and goes to the pool without makeup on, and jumps in front of a camera when she can. Pretty cool stuff ya'll! ;)

Oh! A funny story I forgot to tell!

Only my nose friends will be able to understand the humiliation of this one!

My last post with all of my side by side before and after selfies I updated from my work computer. I never keep personal stuff on this computer but that night I got lazy and forgot to delete the photos off the desktop. Well, the next morning I was working away and received an email from a (male) superior in my department that said...

"Our desktops have merged. I sent a ticket in to IT. The pics look great btw."

So clearly I was mortified. I cried I laughed so hard and then the real humiliation set in when I realized that the entire IT department had seen my photos and none of them knew I had had work done, until that point. I still laugh when I think about it! No more personal photos on my work computer for me!

A year later :)

Hello everyone, I am 1 year post op and I just wanted to let anyone who is nervous of debating about the procedure know, don't be. It's the best thing I ever did for myself. Find a surgeon that you trust and go for it! My nose is still a little swollen but I honestly don't even think about it anymore. If I hadn't told so many people about my surgery, I don't think anyone would have noticed.
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