24 Years Old, Frontal and Mid Scalp Restoration. Atlanta, GA

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A recent shock loss from minoxidil pushed me to...

A recent shock loss from minoxidil pushed me to finally go in for a consultation to weigh options for a transplant. Since I am still to young, I was recommended the PRP therapy to help thicken and regrow the hair I still have. I just completed my 2nd PRP treatment and both times went very smoothly. My practitioner was very compassionate when applying the anesthesia and injecting the plasma into my scalp. It's only been a month so I haven't noticed much other than a decrease in the number of hairs falling out. I was told that major results usually don't show until the 3rd or 4th month so I'm trying to stay optimistic. I was nervous at first because there are barely any people who post before and after pictures of just PRP treatments without a transplant included. I will update this and provide before pictures and 1 and 2 month post pictures when I go back for the 3rd treatment.

1st week

So here is what my scalp looked like a week after the injections. My blood was drawn and placed in the centrifuge. After that was finished, I had anesthesia injected into my scalp. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so all of these needles do not bother me. After the anesthesia I really could not feel anything of the PRP injections. Very smooth process overall.

2 Months Update (January 15th)

From what my doctor stated, and reviews from others, the general consensus is that results won't truly show until around the 4th or 5th month mark. Though, it seemed as though I was beginning to see a lot of growth at this point. Compared to my first picture, the already existing hairs look longer and thicker. I'm going to stay positive assume this isn't just my hopefulness skewing my imagination.

6 Month update (May 21)

So at this point I can't lie and say that I'm not discouraged. Either my expectations were too high, I'm not suitable for the treatment, there's still more time needed, or a combination of all three. From what was being fed to me I at least though that my existing hairs would be very thick and the dormant hairs would have grown much longer. If this was a transplant, I believe I would be seeing at least 70% of the results by now, but I really can't tell if this treatment is doing anything at this point. The physicians are basically saying to give a little more time. I'm going to try and stay positive until at least the year mark.

Hair Transplant

Overall, I'm done with PRP after about 14 months. So I've finally scheduled an appointment for surgery this summer. I will make another post dedicated to that soon.
Dr. Julie

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