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I had upper liner and brows done, and I'm very...

I had upper liner and brows done, and I'm very happy. Right now they are both healing from the second application, so I hope that I'll be able to go back and upload another picture once they are healed. Something that is very important to remember is that your makeup may not look perfect after your first application. The woman who did my eyeliner said that 95% of people need a touch up to make it perfect. Be sure to ask the person doing your permanent makeup if a touch up is included in the price, or if it's an additional cost. I thought the eyeliner hurt like hell, even after the numbing cream. I think a big part of it was psychological, as I don't like things close to my eyes. After the first application, I had a lot of swelling in one eye. I looked like I'd been punched, but without any bruising. My skin did not take the ink very well, especially on one eye. There were spots where there was a space in the liner where the ink didn't take. It looks perfect after my second application, which was included in the price of my liner. Right now I'm four days after the second application, and my liner is scabbed over and flaking. I had a different person do my first brow application as I bought a groupon type deal. The brows did not hurt nearly as much as the eyes and wasn't bad at all. The woman drew in the shape of the brows before tattooing, but for some reason she squared off the insides of the brows instead of rounding them as they were drawn in. Also, one brow on the inner corner turned down too soon and was too thick. I went back to the person who did my liner, and fortunately she was able to fix my brows. Right now my brows have scabbed and peeled, and the color should fade a bit after a few more days. The attached picture is after my first brow application. I wasn't super unhappy, but am still glad that they were able to be corrected by rounding out the inside ends and extending the one brow that curved in too soon.

UPDATE: I'm all healed and thrilled with the...

UPDATE: I'm all healed and thrilled with the results. Photos are attached! The eyeliner is thin and subtle, so is a bit difficult to see in the picture.
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