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Hello!! Had consultation in February 2014 and...

Hello!! Had consultation in February 2014 and surgery is on 8/27/14!!! Cigna approved it and will have to pay around $700 out of pocket. I wanted to cry when I got the call tht I was approved. I made a list of all the reasons I want to lose weight and it amazed me how long it was. Simple things like being able to cross my legs, playing with nephews without being exhausted after 5 mins, lower BP and blood sugar, not have to ask for a seat belt extender on planes, etc!!!! So excited for this tool and inspired even more by reading about other people's experience on here! Let's do this!

Day #6 Pre-op No carb diet

I am on Day 6 of the 2 week pre op no carb diet to shrink liver. So far so good! However I am sick of Turkey Burger patties. I don't cook a lot so I had bought the 12 pack of frozen turkey patties at Costco and have used that as my protein all this week and I need a change of pace! That's the worst part. Haven't craved sweets yet. I do wish I could drink a cold beer but since I'm trying to shrink the liver I figure I better not. Plus it would be half of my daily carb allowance so it's totally not worth it.

I'm 11 days from surgery and the days are dragging by! I know it seems that way only because I am so ready for it!!!

Day #10 Pre-Op No Carb diet

On the no carbs and its been a struggle but worth it. I lost 5lbs in 7 days doing this. On Saturday, went to lunch with friend and they offered me one of their french fries and I turned it down. It felt good to just say NO. lol I wanted it, yes, but I knew if I slipped and cheated with just 1 french fry, I would be more likely to cheat a little here and there and thats the habit I need to get out of. I have to remember that this is the way things will be for a while so if you can't do it for two weeks pre surgery, how will you do it post surgery? I was having headaches daily around day 5, 6 and 7 and I think it was just from sugar and carb withdrawals. Since then I have been fine and I seem to be more energetic. I keep reminding myself what this is all about. THE BIG PICTURE. I'm having to train my brain to think before I act and ask myself, "Will this be worth it? Is what you are WANTING to eat really worth messing up what you have already worked so hard for?" If I stop and think about it, really its not worth it. I think about when I had my Biometrics done for my insurance back in Feb. and when I got the results, it told me that according to the results of all my test, I am 54 years old. I am actually 37. So I have basically subtracted 17 years off my life at this point from bad eating habits and not taking care of myself. I'm so ready to reverse this and cannot wait to see what my biometric age will be next Feb. So I'm staying on track. Surgery is 7 days away. I'm ready! Lets do this!!!
Dr. Paul Macik

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