A New Beginning- African American Rhinoplasty - Atlanta, GA

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For the last 5 years I've been wanting a...

For the last 5 years I've been wanting a rhinoplasty but have been unsure on doing so. In the African American community plastic surgery is still somewhat taboo especially regarding rhinoplasty people think you are denying your heritage or want to be white but that is not the case for me. I still want an ethnic nose but not so much nose lol. Originally I was going to make this a graduation gift but then I decided why should I wait on happiness?? tomorrow is never promised. My nose is way too wide and bulbous I hate how much of my nostril's flare when smiling I feel as if my noise is masculine and brings more attention to my nose than my eyes or smile. I was contemplating on posting my journey on Real Self in fear of people I know may see this but reading countless reviews on this site has helped me tremendously on taking a leap of faith and finally getting a rhinoplasty also I want to help the next person who is unsure. This site has also helped me choose my Dr. I had 3 consultation in the Atlanta area for a surgeon who only specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and had plenty of experience in ethnic patients. I believe it's best to choose a surgeon who only specializes in facial cosmetic surgery because he/she will be more knowledgeable than having a Dr. who does it all. Dr. Brian Maloney will be doing my rhinoplasty on the 23rd of this month while meeting with him twice for my consultation I felt very comfortable on having him performing my procedure I read reviews and saw pictures on here from other African American patients and their results were realistic and not over done. At the moment I am more excited than nervous!! I am not much of a writer but I will try and keep you all updated as my post op days and weeks progress.

More pics

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who wished me well on my journey it means a lot! In my first post I didn't mention what all I am getting done. I'm getting my bridge and nostrils narrowed and a refined tip with an implant. I uploaded more pics of my nose from diff angles. Tonight I start my low sodium diet how fun! I love to eat so this will be a challenge. I had a slight cold scare earlier this week I immediately started drinking green tea and honey everyday and night to get rid of my sore throat. Thankfully Its gone I would've been so mad if a cold was the reason I had to resched my surgery. So yeah 4 more days till the big day I can't wait!!!

One pic didn't upload

This pic of me not smiling looking forward didn't upload

Day of Surgery

I had my closed rhinoplasy today thankfully I do not have any bruising and or racoon eyes. I believe taking the bromelain pills, arnica gel and tablets 1 week prior as well as taking vitamin c plus a multivitamin two weeks prior to my surgery played a huge part in preventing swelling and bruising. Hopefully I am not speaking too soon. Currently I still have a slight sore throat and mild decongestion and no nausea I woke up to a headache in which I took tylenol for. I can definitely see the size difference with my new nose it's way smaller in width the only concern I have is my nostrils appears rotated or turned down. My right nostril was always bigger than my right so the Dr. did his best to make it even with my left. I am not sure if it's swelling and is too soon to panic but I am not liking my nostrils at the moment. I spoke to him earlier about it but I believed he thought I was asking about the width and not the turned down appearance. My follow up is next Wednesday I will definitely bring this to his attention this way I can point at what exactly I am referring to. I do believe I am panicking too soon I know it's only day one but I would love some honest feedback about my nostrils thanks anyone.

Cast removal

The cast removal was painless the only discomfort I had was when dr. Maloney cut my remaining stitches that didn't resolve. I feel silly about panicking about my nostrils in my prior post I am liking the curved nostrils the dr gave me they don't flare out as much. My right nostril is still uneven but I chalk that up to me still having swelling. My tip is still very swollen I know from reading other people posts that my tip will be the last to subside. In order for my tip to be more refined dr. Maloney skinned my nasal tip I have to see him each month for steroid injections to prevent scarring. I can't wait for all the swelling to go away and I get to see my end result especially in my tip right now it's so bulbous! I understand my nose has a long way to go in swelling wise but In all I love my new nose it's like my old nose but smaller.

In the first pic you can see how different my nose looks once the cast was off compared to the other pics that were taken an hour later.
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Maloney twice for my consultations and with each visit he was kind and patient I never felt rushed or an inconvenience.

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