Tummy Tuck with muscle repair (1/3/14) - Atlanta, GA

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After 3 children, all C-sections, I'm ready to do...

After 3 children, all C-sections, I'm ready to do this for myself! I will be 30 in January so this is my present to myself. I have found this site SO very helpful! I look forward to my new journey. 36 days left till my consultation!
My background: After baby 2 I lost 70 lbs and even got abs! Baby 3 was a surprise lol but I've been diligent in my workouts and clean eating. I am having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen this time, betting I have a hernia or some really jacked up muscles.
My lower stomach has always been pudgy and numb. I can do ab work all day and not feel anything from my belly button down. I know surgery is needed and I'm ready to feel confident at the pool or beach. No more pooch! No words for how exciting that is for me!
I am also going for a breast lift. My husband says my boobs look fine, but I want to be able to wear bikini tops that aren't wired! I have a very full C and no matter what my weight loss has been after each baby, the girls are here to stay! Which I guess is a blessing. Figure if I'm already going under for a tuck then let's just get it all done and over with!

Before photos and stats

I forgot to add I'm 5'4 and currently weigh in at 178. Nobody ever believes my weight, I'm just a very muscular build. So I don't go by weight, I go by clothing size :) I'm currently in 8 and they are very lose. My final goal once these stubborn love handles and pooch go I can be in a 6.

Had a delay, but I'm all set to go now!

I had some delays with arranging child care/help for me/etc so I had to push back my surgery. All set and ready for Jan. 3rd!! Getting very nervous, giddy, and emotional crying mess all in one lol I hope that is normal. Not sure why I'm crying, I just don't think it's set in that I will FINALLY not have to hide behind clothes at the beach or hide in the dark from my hubby. 2 weeks left, I'll def post pics and updates :)

One more day! Freaking out!

I have decided to not do the breast lift, guess my nerves got the best of me. I am just not comfortable with being under anesthesia for 6 hours! So for now I'm doing the full tummy tuck with muscle and hernia repair. Lipo of the flanks.
I'm in full freak out mode! I can not wait to "wake up" and be on the mend :)


I stayed one night over and I was able to get up 4 times to pee. Nurses and Dr. Nahai were very glad with my results and movements.
I LOVE my dr! He came in today, on a Saturday to check on me. He also called several times through the night.
I am taking Arnika Montana, Bromaline, & Aloe Vera capsules to promote healing and reduce swelling and bruising.
I'll post pics soon. But already I'm so glad I had this done!! I look so tiny and that's with sweeping so I'm way excited to see how I look unswollen.

First night home

Had a 2.5 hour drive home, it wasn't too bad unless there was a big bump or when we made a turn. Got home and my drainage bags were full! So I'm guessing it was from all the bouncing on the road.
I felt ok all day, sleeping like a baby in a recliner. Lots of pillows really make it comfy. My cats won't leave my side :) so at least I have company lol
Just got up at 3am to pee, then out of nowhere nausea hit me. My face went white and I was certain I was about to throw up and was cringing at the thought bc I knew it would feel like I'm ripping apart. Hubby grabbed strawberries and a cold rag. So as I had 1 strawberry I had instant relief. Guess I needed some sugar and food in my tummy. I took pain meds on an empty stomach around 10pm. Note to self, EAT before taking meds. That was scary!
So now I've had fruit, Cheerios and some water feeling great and back to sleep for me.
I also want to cough and that hurts so bad. I know it's important to clear the lungs but the pain is intense. Guess you never realize how much of your core is used until it's tender like this.
Oh and I also took the garment off and will out it back on when I wake up. That thing would be comfy if not for the drain lines getting all jumbled in there.
I'll post pics soon :) Very happy with everything so far!

Side view sitting

First night home, sitting side view. It's much flatter when I stand. And if course it's pretty swollen.

Day 2 feeling awesome!

Feeling so good today! Had a nice shower, took my belly button bandage off, everything looks so great. My garment was just pinching my sides where I had lipo so today I switched to a compression underwear that just pulls up to under my boobs. Much better! Garment hooked and zipped in both sides as it was killing me to wear it. For now, my undies are working perfectly:) adding another pic. I'll be posting a lot lol just way too excited! Ready with snacks and water tonight before I take pain meds. Never want to feel nausea like I did last night. So ladies, always eat and have snacks handy! I get fuller faster so I'm trying to do healthy snacks every 2-3 hours to keep energized and sugar levels good.

So far so good

Healing nicely so far. My draining has slowed way down. Getting nothing over 20ml and most times just getting 10ml out. And it's mostly yellow. Hope drains can come out at my first visit :)
Feeling pretty good as well. Lipo areas are the worst but it's nothing unbearable. VERY itchy all over so I keep a body brush with me to relieve the itch and it's long handle helps me reach my back.
Just ready for swelling to be gone and to see my results.
Stay positive ladies, it really helps you get through this easier :)

Day 5 post op

So last night I became more swollen. I'm guessing I got up too much & moved around more than I should have. Didn't get a nap in at all so I went to bed really early, slept all night in my bed and didn't get up till around 8 am. Still swollen but I don't feel as bad. Just feels weird.
Lipo areas def hurt way more than the actual incisions for tuck.
Drains only put out 30 ml on each side yesterday. I have my first checkup on Monday, hope to have both drains out. Dreading the 2.5 he drive. Making sure to medicate heavily before we leave.
Today is my last day format blood thinner shot. My hubby had been an amazing nurse. I love how he concentrates so hard to help me clean in the shower, a whole new level I love for this man :)
Attaching a photo of the supplements I picked up to hopefully help my recovery. My Dr said he saw no problem with any of them.
Almost done with the first week. Ready to be unswollen and feeling more helpful instead of useless around here lol

1 week post op!

Hit the one week mark. I don't really need pain pills anymore. My draining has trickled to less than 30 ml in 24 hours. I have my first appt on Monday, really want the drains out so I can be more comfortable in my garment.
Speaking of garment, bc I spent $140 on my Marena I'm just wearing it even though the side hooks/zippers are killing my lipo area. Hate to not use it lol
Going to get a faja for my next garment, still searching online for the perfect one. Anyone have a recommendation?
I'll load some week 1 pics, these were when I first woke up. So swollen but I can envision the skinny under all that :)
I'm basically obsessed with this site too. I keep looking at pics trying to get ideas of where I can be in 2,3,4 weeks etc...
I go on a cruise end of March so I'm really hoping swelling is down and I can rock a bikini :)
So impatient lol

Drains are coming out!!!!

It's a Saturday, Dr. Nahai called to check on me. After telling him how little was coming out of the drains, he said we could go ahead and take them out & no need to come in, it was a simple thing to do from home. So he talked to my husband, gave him the rundown.
This should be interesting lol going to take a muscle relaxer and pain pill just in case :)
I get to drive myself to my appt on Monday, starting to feel more and more human! It's the small things lol

Drains are gone!

Ok so it wasn't that bad. Felt weird and hurt for a few seconds while the bigger piece came out of hole. I'll upload a picture so you can see the part I'm talking about. Don't look if blood bothers you.
Feels so much better to not have those drains in :)

I'm a fitness coach so I'm big on health anyway, here's my supplements

I have been using Arnica gel for my bruising, Bromelain, Apple Cider Vinegar capsules, Aloe Vera capsules & my daily Shakeology (70 superfoods)
I usually drink apple cider vinegar each day but I gotta say I like the capsules better bc of the lack of taste lol
I do not need a stool softener, between my Shakeology & my apple cider vinegar and aloe (all aid in digestion) I have been going #2 each morning with no straining or problems. Tmi but the last thing I'd want to do is to have to strain to use the bathroom. Ouchy! I like painless bathroom trips :)
I drank a gallon of water a day before all this anyway and was a super clean eater so I'm back to my normal eating and water drinking.
If anyone needs help with figuring out how to eat healthy, workouts later message me! I am a fitness coach :) love to help you!

I overdid it :(

Day 9 post op....so yesterday I was feeling sooo good! I had great energy and so I thought I could clean up the kitchen. I mopped, unloaded/loaded dishwasher, took out the trash (I know I know I should not have lifted that) and before the night came, I could FEEL the soreness creeping on. I started getting really swollen. So swollen that my belly button is popping out a bit? Has anyone had that happen? So I have been basically in the recliner all day, even put frozen peas on my belly. Lots of water and my supplements. Garment on. But I'm still feeling way puffy :(
My appt is tomorrow at 11:45. Dreading the 2 hr drive but hopefully there will not be a need to draw fluid off. Ewww I am just really praying that is not needed.
Trying to chill but getting worried with the swelling.
Guess it's kinda a bad day :(

First checkup- 10 days post op

Had my first checkup on Monday. Everything went well, he out me on another round of antibiotics bc one of my drain sites was a lil red.
He said he wished all his patients healed so quick and good :)
Nutrition is key ladies! Eat well and drink that water!
Posting a pic of how I looked after I got home. First pic with no ugly drains :) I'm so very swollen too but I still love my results so far.
Turned 30 today! Finally at age 30 I can really be proud of my body after 3 kids. Who knew?! Best decision of my life!

2 week post op

Feeling great, lots of energy all day! By 3 pm I can tell I'm swelling a bit so I tend to rest for the rest of the evening.
Love everything so far. I can tell a difference in my swelling from a week ago, it has gone down a lot so my garment fits so much better :)
I alternate between my full length Marena to just a high waisted spanx underwear. Marena is very tight so il 'take a break' a few hrs a day and use my spanx. Tried to use my Belly Bandit but I'm so long waisted it doesn't cover all areas.
I'll update with more pics next week :) Happy healing ladies!!


I'm getting so antsy and ready to see what I really look like....trying to be patient, having a hard time with this. Please tell me I'm normal ladies lol Do I really have to wait 3 months or longer?! ahhhhhh

3 week post op

I can now stand all the way up! I tried to wear jeans today but the band was not comfy on my incision so back to stretchy pants.
I now can sleep on my sides. Such a relief to my back and butt lol ready to sleep on stomach again.
Still swollen but trying to be patient.
I started doing lunges, squats and sitting while doing small arm workout with 5 lb dumbbells. I can't stand to not use my muscles I'm feeling so mushy. Plus I've been picking my 1 yr old up since before I hit my 2 week mark. I know that's a no no but I don't always have my hubby here so what can ya do. It doesn't hurt at all and I'm very careful with how I lift.
Attaching some pics. Once I hit the 4 week mark, I'll do side by sides of the weeks to show the improvements.

Week 4 post op

Week 4, still wearing a compression garment. Got a MariaE faja to wear and boy is it tight! Love it though, my 1st garment was just getting too loose.
Still dealing with swelling especially in upper abs, not sure what is up with that. Annoying bc if look so flat if that would just go down lol
Appt with my dr next week so I'm excited to see what he thinks.

Progression pics

Here's my first month of before and after. Can't wait to do this each month to compare! Some days you feel like you've had no change till you look at pics. Take pics every week ladies! You'll be glad you did :)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He is very laid back and has never seemed rush or bothered by my many questions. He has been so caring! Glad I choose him I'd highly recommend him!

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