Reclaiming my Bikini Belly! 3 months post op with pics. Atlanta, GA

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I am 37 and mother to 3. 19;14 & 2 1/2! I know,...

I am 37 and mother to 3. 19;14 & 2 1/2! I know, I started over....anyway, I am 5'4" and weigh 138lbs. I have had stretch marks for as long as I can remember (after my first at 17). I had a BA 8 yrs ago and was never happy with the size. I ended up as a 34DD and droopy(especially after the last baby). I chose not to go with a lift at the time bc I didnt want the scars...I am over that now. My husband and I had always discussed getting my boobs redone and a TT. After our baby was born, we decided to let me get to a decent weight and our daughter a little self sufficient. When we bought a boat this past summer, I decided it was time. Even though my tummy is very flat, feel so self conscious about my stretched out tummy and saggy boobs. I had a consult with Dr. Connors and I instantly felt very comfortable with the type of care and results he would offer. I scheduled quite quickly for Oct.9th due to hubby's travel schedule. I had my pre-op last week and he deflated my breasts. Funny enough, I really like my "new" small boobies. The implant is obviously still there and the right one folded over itself so, I look a little deformed. But, am very excited to see my new body and having
the confidence to rock my bikini next summer without trying to hide my tummy in photos!
I will post my pre-op photos this evening.

Pre surgery photos

Here are a few pics of me before surgery. Breasts were deflated last week and they are quite saggy. Look better in clothing!

2 days till go time

Whew! I go in for surgery on Wed. AM and boy are the nerves setting in! I have done pretty well so far. Had a great weekend and slept really well but, I guess the gravity of what I am about to do is starting to sink in and I am feeling very anxious. Got a call this afternoon from Ashley (dr Connors nurse). I had run into her at the grocery store and mentioned to her that I was happy with my smaller breasts. She called to let me know that her and dr.connors had pulled my file and wanted to assure me that my 350cc size would give me a very nice full c cup. Which is what I want! She wanted to put my fears at ease and I truly appreciate that. I feel that with my previous BA I was not vocal enough as to what I wanted and therefore ended up with a look I was not happy with. Don't get me wrong, I played them up at times, but ultimately they didn't suit my idea of "sexy". Started my bromelain and arnica yesterday. I'll start Colace today to keep things moving..

Night before sx pics

Well, it's almost that time. Night before and decided I should post some pics in my bikini in order to compare afterward. So, here they are. WARNING: They are not pretty! But I guess if they were, I wouldn't need a MM!!

Surgery Complete! Time for recovery to begin!

So, had my sx at 7:30 am yesterday. Don't remember it! I opted to stay at the surgical unit overnight. Well worth the money. I slept in and out all day yesterday and last night. i am feeling really well rested this morning. I got up at 10pm and walked. Like everyone says, it's a tough one. You really do feel like you are going to pass out (and you just might) so be careful and have help that can pull you off the floor (preferably carpeted at that). I got a sneak peak AT&T tummy. Dr came in this morning. Said everything looked great and he cut out some fat and went with the smaller 350cc silicone. They are very very high right now, so the girls are a bit sore. So happy to see I no longer have stretch marks!! Here's a pic of my tummy. Scar looks low, I am laying crooked, not my scar. BB is super cute from what I could tell!! Happy mommy

Day 2 post-op. swollen!!

Today is day 2. I left the surgical unit yesterday and came to a hotel. My wonderful and very thoughtful hubby realized this would be the best place to get the most rest. He was right. They have a lower bed, a higher toilet seat. We got a suite so the kids can come visit and have room to sit with us. My left arm feels very swollen. I am doing well with my pain. Down to 1 oxycodone every 5hrs and my Lyrica. Will post pics later! Hope everyone else out there is healing well!!

2 day post-op photo

BB looks good!! Swelling is horrendous. Maybe too much walking...can't see boobs, look like a good size.

3 days post op

Still hangin out at the Hotel. Been takings MOM since Thursday and Holy BM! It happened today and felt great. No pain or discomfort. I have beenanaging my pain pretty well but, I have gotten really bad headaches! I took a second oxycodone and that seemed to help. I am not sure what is causing those, but I am hoping I can take aspirin for it instead of prescription drugs. Like many on here, my back is pretty sore. I have played around with different positions and have found a few comfortable ones almost on my side!! I am a side sleeper, so that makes me delirious!! Also, my gauze fell out of my BB, I sure hope this isn't a problem. I can't get it to stay. Well, my butternut squash soup and fresh berries with cream has been delivered. Gonna eat now. Happy Healing to everyone!! Hope you're all doing well.

Day 4:

Well, to explain how I feel today is difficult. It started out a bit rough. Heard from my Dr's nurse last night. She suggested halving my meds. That really helped. Slept well but woke up about every 2-3 hrs. Finally slept from 3:00-7:30 straight. Had to take more meds (Lyrica, blood thinner shot, and antibiotics) all that had me feeling icky so, I took the anti nausea medicine. Rested for an hr or so and now I feel great. Sitting in the sofa with my hubby drinking coffee. I am not anxious to see myself. I think it's bc I feel swollen and know my scars won't look good with my tummy so fat! These drains also give me hell so, I'll just try and be patient. For now...I really want to wash my hair. This dry shampoo looks great, but my head itches!

5 days post op photos. Had to peak!

So, last night was my first night at home since my surgery. Things went well, slept decent but had to take a Melatonin. I am on 1/2 oxy about every 5-6hrs. Not feeling much pain. BUT, I had a terrible dream last night. I was wearing a bikini and my stomach looked like raw hamburger meat! It was so disgusting, I wke up and was determined to look. With that, I also took some pics to share. I also realized that I have not been taking my antibiotics correctly...hope this doesn't bother my incisions! Have my first post op appt tmrw am and so we'll see!

Also 5 days postop

I know I am terribly swollen. I feel the swelling and so I am fully aware that this is not my final results. I do hope the incision is lower than it appears! I also hope I can get these stupid drains out soon so that I can 1)take a bath and 2) try on bathing suit bottoms! Then my real feelings will come out. All in all I am pleased with what Dr.Connors and his staff have done for me. Ashley has been great and quickly following up with my questions/concerns. Happy I picked him and his team!

Day 6: so far, so tired of these ball drains!

Soooo, had my first post op appt today. It went well, of course I can never remember all my inquisitive questions when he comes into the room! Hate that.. Got all my bandages removed from my breasts. It wasn't bad, I am very swollen and a little bruised. They look good, I guess for being completely reworked! Yuck. I had to tell the wonderful Ashley that I did not care to look at them. They made my mouth salivate and NOT in a good way. I have such absolute confidence in Dr. Connors that I am not concerned at all however. He said they were perfect works of art and who am i to question him?!? he went to Harvard! But Yikes, that looks like it should hurt a lot more than it does. I did not get my drains removed. Boooo... I really hate dragging around my "balls" as I have started lovingly referring to them. Ashley says that I can come in anytime this week if I should start having less than 25cc/day though. If not, then it'll be next Monday at my next follow up!! Wanna cry, I feel so good but those darn drains hurt like hell...and also, maybe too much TMI but I have been suffering bouts of diarrhea?!? WTH? I am not even taking MOM or Dulcolax. Oh well, the burdens we bear for our beauty ;0). Will post pics first thing in the AM! Happy Healing y'all !

I have officially entered "swell hell". Day 7

It's official! I am swole and it is hell. Iyar have overdone it yesterday. My oldest has been here helping and I have taken advantage by having him drive me around everywhere. Lesson learned. So, here are a few pics from this morning. It's funny how your body knows just what you need: I have been craving pineapple since yesterday. Need to jump on that. I also learned that peroxide will take out those blood stains from your binder(Ashley shared and it works). Also, some have been asking about what bra for post op. I was fitted with a Marena. Its great and very supportive. i was fitted In a 36C but, Ashley says that it'll be a 32 when I'm done with the swelling. Oh, can't wait for the day. Think i'll stick to protein shakes today and try to get some of this swelling down.

A few more pics from day 7

Post op day8

Soo, tomorrow I get my drains out and fitted for my binder!! Yippee. Am quite swollen. I have started during coconut water with pineapple and have felt much better. Tonight not so much. Spoke to Dr's nurse Ashley and she said all is well (she saw me on Tues). But, she is going to address it again in the morning to quell my concerns. This has been the best staff to work with!

Ugh, day 11 and I am tired of this recovery already.

Guess RealSelf was down yesterday. Well, on Friday I got both my drains out!! It didn't hurt per se but, it pulled and I had to go to the "potty". It felt like diarrhea but, it wasn't. I also got my stitches removed from my breasts. Went to lunch with a girlfriend and felt decent, got home and was able to shower. That was like heaven... Put on my garmen and that is when things started going downhill. What a miserable piece of fabric that thing is! I aske my nurse how tight it should be, bc it was snug in my belly but loose at my knees making the option of most any clothing impossible! It also had zippers up the sides and was hot. I chucked it after 24 hrs and have been wearing my spanx that go up to the waist and to the thighs. They feel tighter and I can at least wear them under clothes. My left breast is in a lot of pain/discomfort. It is quite swollen and very tender/irritated. Hope it gets better soon, am gonna take some Advil and see if that helps! Will post pics soon, may even climb in that sweat box just for show

On a positive note

Feel like i should find a positive. It is still day 11 and my tummy swelling is the best it has been. I am fitting I to one pair if jeans with a rubber band around the button (like a pregnancy belly). They were quite big before the sx so, it really isn't some great feat, but it's a start... There is some light at the end if the tunnel.

Day12: updated photos

Showered this morning and thought I should change the steri strips under the breast. YIKES! I am going to assume this looks normal (mostly because Nurse Ashley tells me so) but, it is not pretty! I am sleeping like crap, mostly bc my left breast is very sore and it is such a pain to turnover in bed. Against my own best advice, I jumped on the scale and low and behold..I lost 3LBS! Wouldn't have thought that possible, been eating bad and not working out. If this keeps up, I am never going back to the gym ;0).
I have decided that the key to optimum results (I do not hold a medical degree so, I kinda just pulled this one outta my a%#!) is the right CG. Did a lot of online research and have settled on Maria E Fajas. All reviews say they run small so, I am completely prepared to be humiliated when my L does not fit,
I'll get over it. Nurse Ashley called today to make sure I was feeling okay. Told her I was walking the dog and my daughter was on her scooter. She told me to take it easy and son do too much. I thought I was doing that. Sitter came and stayed for 3 1/2 hrs and I have stayed on my butt most of the day. Guess I need to start doing less and stop running the streets. Bummer..overall, a good day. Still have constant swelling, but hopeful one morning I'll wake up and it will all be better! Hope everyone else is healing well!

First spitting stitch

So, I was surprised this afternoon when I noticed a white little stitch poking out from below my incision. Called my PS office and they said I could pull out if I felt up to it or I could come in tomorrow and Nurse Ashley could do it for me. Well, I'm a "doer" and said I could manage it.. Haha. It didn't quite work out well for me. I pulled and pulled a little more and then I realized that it was knotted and then I got nervous. I quickly admitted defeat and made an appt with Ashley and I am glad I did cause when I removed my scar away I noticed a lot of drainage from under my breast. So I touched it to see if it was wet and it was not wet, but it had a smell like foul milk!! Uhh, I am not lactating and I am hopeful that I am overreacting, but I immediately called ps and told the I also wanted Ashley to check my breast for fear of an infection. I felt better when after my shower the smell was gone. However, I was extra careful to let everything air out and even used my blow dryer on it. On a more positive note, I received my Maria E faja CG and stuffed myself in that thing like a sausage in a casing! It fit... It is so tight that I have decided I should not wear it for extended periods until I talk to Ashley, but it is so much better than the long,zippered CG they had given me. I can actually wear shorts with them and not to mention I can fit into my pre-op jeans with it on. I have to be honest though, I have really been struggling lately on staying positive. I feel like my scar is pretty high and my stomach doesn't look as flat as it did pre surgery! That's a tough one for me because I paid so much money. I will probably spew my verbal diarrhea all over poor Ashley tomorrow..I am happy with my breasts so far. The left one is dropping very nicely and I seem to be a 34D. Not only that but they are so perky! Just hope all is well with that incision. Will post photos tmrw. Too late and am tired. My almost 3 yo wears me out!

3 week post op! Finally a flat day!

3 week post op

Its been a little while since I have updated. I had my stitch removed last week. Nurse also told me that there was no infection under the breast. She did say that if it continues to stay moist after showers and such and I am having to replace the tape often to just remove them and use my scar away sheets and aquafor. I have not had to do that yet. So, I went to the gym for the first time last night. I walked for 30 minutes at a steady pace with some incline. I was sure to wear my CG during walking. I did not have any noticeable discomfort or swelling afterward. I do have a very sore/tender left hip scar though. I am keeping an eye on it. It looks swollen sometimes and then it seems to go down. The discomfort is constant though. I posted photos from this morning. This was the first day I felt "flat" and could see a glimpse of what my final result will be. The scar looks extremely dark, this is because the glue from surgery has yet to fall away. It is peeling in places but, I do not mess with it as per my PS. My breasts are starting to get much softer. I am worried I am a little larger than I wanted but, It may be because the implants are still pretty high. They are a beautiful shape and prettier than anything I ever had, so I should just shut it and be grateful!! Haha.. I have started back to my "healthier"eating habits as I am 5lbs heavier than presurgery. On a positive note: I started my cycle today and therefore will be finished when I hit my 4 wk mark! I am not sure if this had anything to do with the flatness of this morning, will be interested to see if this continues to improve. I personally feel great and am ready to get back to my routine. Breasts are tender and nipple sensitivity is through the roof. Hope everyone else out there is continuing to see improvements too!

Had a setback--and I did it to myself

Well, I had been feeling great all this week. Very flat, getting to the gym, minimal swelling and eating well. Overall, a very successful turn in my recovery. Then yesterday my little one wanted to go out and play. It is nice weather, so I said okay. I wanted to wear shorts and try going without my CG. Big mistake! My daughter was running around me and I turned to follow her and to my surprise she was right under my feet. So, down I went. It was like slow motion...I landed in the grass on my knees and palms. I immediately felt pulling but, nothing excruciating. I tried to immediately go inside, but she's 2 and threw a huge crying fit. So, I tried to ompromise and let her ride her scooter around a little. It ended up being nearly an hour later before I got in the house. I took ibuprofen and was very sore. I put on my CG and laid down. I woke up this morning swollen and more tender than I have been. I sent an email to Nurse Ashley and she actually called me. She said to keep taking the ibuprofen and to take it very easy (it's Halloween!). So, I have been laying around all day. I have some tugging feelings mostly in the groin area. I iced my tummy and that seemed to help quite a bit. I hate that I was careless. This feels like a setback. Hopefully, it will get better in a day or so. I took pics yesterday before the tumble and am trying to post them.

3 week post op pics

1month post op 4/06/13

Not much noticeable change since last week. I was only sore for about a day after my fall. I have been doing much more around the house but notice that I just can't do it all and my energy gets low quickly. I have been wearing my binder and or spanx pretty much 24 hrs per day. I have been trying to get to the gym to walk (it's exceptionally boring). So, basically my get up and go has gone! For the past 2 days I have had a lot of drainage from under my right boob. To the point where I have had to replace the steri strip. I also have a knot under there that hurts and itches. So, I emailed Ashley a photo today with a description. She replied and said the knot is a suture breaking down and to keep the steri strips off and just use aquaphor and scaraway. I am so grateful that they have been so good about everything. This staff has not abandoned me because the sx has been completed and they have been paid. I would recommend them to anyone. With that, I got a glance at my breasts with out the tape for the first time in 3 weeks. There has definitely been a lot of progress but, I was a bit surprised at the shape of my areola. It is a little oblong. But, it's not bad and I am hopeful that once they start to settle more that it will round itself out. I like the shape of my boobs and they don't seem to be too large. My left has dropped more than the right. Ashley says that because I am right handed and the muscles are probably tighter on that side. The glue on my tummy tuck scar is starting to peel away gradually. I've noticed that the scar has started to move lower and that makes me ecstatic!! I was worried. I will be happy to have all the glue gone and not have to wear these CGs anymore. They are cumbersome and make me feel fat. I find this ironic since that is the opposite of what they are supposed to do. I am going to post some photos but I have had a hard time finding the right lighting. I will post some more tomorrow, perhaps with clothes. On that topic, I am fitting into my pre-op jeans, but they are tighter in the hips than they were before. I hope like hell that is just swelling..I have not dropped below 140 since my surgery, I guess I really need to get on that. It'll be hard with the Holiday season coming up but, I want to look fantastic for all the parties, my birthday and NYE so, I need to get focused. I start back with my trainer in December, I am sure that will help. happy Healing to all my fellow MM's and good luck to those of you that are awaiting. This surgery is tough on the ego but, is well worth the outcome.

4 weeks post op

11/08/13 4 wks 2days post op

I have been meaning to post pics with my clothes on because I have seen a lot of improvement there. But, I usually exhausted by the time I get all my CGs on and then clothes that I don't do it. This afternoon I felt better even though I have a little swelling so, I thought I'd try clothes/bathing suits without my CG. I also posted a photo from under my right breast. It has been giving me some issues. The other night I pulled a stitch from it and that felt much better. But, it is still draining. Also, I posted a photo wearing the same panties as day 11or12. You can really see a difference in the TT scar position. I do not have my photos backed up so, I am not sure how to do a side by side. Should have thought of that sooner...happy Healing everyone!

11.12.13 5 weeks pot op update

Had a post op appt yesterday and all of my steri strips were removed! I am now starting scar treatment. Dr gave me Biocorneum and I am to use my silicone sheets on top. They also gave me a sports bra. Its a nice one too. I love to run and this is def going to keep the girls in place! Dr instructed me not to do too much and then to my surprise, he said that I could not work my chest muscles ever again. I thought I misheard so, I asked again and he said that he has had so many women come to him because the muscle has pushed the implant to the armpit area! Ouch.. That said, he did say that a few pushups were okay, but I won't be in any contests. I was also told I could shave my pubic region. I will tell everyone that you SHOULD NOT get a Brazilian wax 5 weeks post op. I seriously thought she had ripped off 3 layers of skin and could see my insides! It hurt that bad. But, I had to let her finish. It's done now and I feel better today, but damn... It made me question my own intelligence! I was also told I should start weaning myself off the compression garments and binder. It's tough, my tummy feels so weak and vulnerable without it. My swelling has been manageable and am quite pleased that I haven't suffered the way some have. Nurse Ashley says that I will continue to get smaller in the waist and tummy area and that more definition will form. That makes me excited. I took a few photos this morning. Not much change, but you can see I no longer have the steri strips.

11.12.13 5 weeks post op

11.20.2013 6 weeks and a turning point in recovery!

Today marked my 6th week post op. I woke up early this morning and immediately threw on my gym clothes. My normal routine is to work with a trainer on Mon, Wed and Fri from 9-10 am. There is a small group of us with one trainer so, you get more sessions but it's not one on one. This is great for me bc I have met some of my best friends in this group and we support each other in our fitness goals. I have missed my group terribly and so today I got up and went to the gym. I will join back in December at my 8 week mark. Back to my story. I felt great today. Driving to the gym felt just like the old days. No tummy sensitivity, not tired, just ready to have a kick ass workout. I opted to try and run and I did! I did 2 miles running pretty easily but opted to walk a 1.5 miles in case I started to hurt. I did not. I spent most of the day without a compression garment on (I did wear spanx at the gym). Today I can truly say was the first day I felt like my old self! It was definitely a turning point for me. My nipples are a little more sensitive today. Probably from the running, but there is no pain and that is key to me. I do have some swelling around my incision still and my pre surgery pants are still a bit tight, but overall I am very happy with where my results are headed. I will post photos in the morning. Hope everyone is feeling great!

Almost 8 weeks post op

I will be 8 weeks post op on Wed. I had family in for Thanksgiving and have had no time to update my profile. I'll keep this quick as I will update with photos later in the week. I have been in the gym pretty routinely now. I start back with my trainer 3day a wk on Monday. I have not been wearing my garment hardly at all, even working out without it. I cannot run without it though. I am still swollen but, even more now because I started my cycle. I really feel fat from the lack of exercise and poor diet. It is affecting how I view my results. I am hopeful when I get back with my trainer I'll start to feel much better. Still numb in the tummy and nipples are a little sore to the touch. I am fitting in all pre-op clothes. will post again later in the week!

12.3.13 8 wk post op

Here are a few pics. Had a session yesterday with my trainer. The only thing I couldn't do were the planks. Caused a burning sensation in my abs. Didn't swell but I did opt to sleep in a CG. These photos are from this morning. I still have minor swelling around my TT incision. Tummy is still numb.

3 mos post op

So much has happened the last 4/5 weeks! With all the holidays and parties, I have not felt that my results have been as optimal as they should be. This is because of me and is no reflection on my surgeon or my aftercare! I have resumed all of my old routine. I still have swelling and the tummy is numb. Unlike most, I do not swell more in the evening, it stays pretty consistent. There have been a few occasions that it has gotten bad at night. I had my 3 mo post op appt last week and Ashleigh let me know that the nimbleness meant that I was still healing and the swelling is normal. That made me feel good, I would like to see the last of my "pooch" go down! I have started working out again consistently 4/5 days a week. I struggle with tummy exercises as it burns and pulls. Dr said not to "work" the abs, and I don't. But, there are so many other things that require ab muscles that its tough not to. I have had no spitting stitches and Ashley have me a cream to lighten my scars since they are pretty pinkish. I had my breast sized in my normal Chantelle bra and was so excited until I found out that my size did not change!! AT ALL...this was a bit disappointing but, given how much nicer they look I need to just be grateful.. I am very happy I did the sx, no regrets. I will post about every 4 weeks from here on out unless something happens. Hope everyone is healing well and to those that are about to undergo it, Good Luck and Happy Healing!!

3 mos post op

Photos did not post, so am reposting. I also forgot to mention that my bra size is a 32 DDD or a 34 DD.

9 mos post op

I realize its been awhile since I updated, so I thought I should post a few key moments into recovery since my last post. At my 6 month follow up, I was given a steroid shot to help with the appearance of my vertical scar. It is not healing as well as the long TT scar. It is raised and dark pink. The actual TT scar is fading nicely and I have no complaints. The steroid shot did a number on me though and for about 6 wks I was unable to run/walk for long periods of time. This setback has caused me to put on a few LBs (as is evident in my photos)! I am running again and hope to she'd the rest of this weight. My nipples are still sensitive but have healed and look great. I still have a bit of an oval shaped areola. It doesn't bother me though. Going into this surgery, i knew perfection was not going to happen. I still have some numbness in my tummy region and feel that swelling does happen occassionally. I think I would benefit from wearing a garment but, I have not made it a priority. I do still have stretch marks. I do not still have the extra folds of skin though! I am much more self confident than I have been in a long time. I am using skin bleaching cream that Dr Connors have to me. It is working (slowly)...I have posted a few pics from today.

They have a great office, very chic and the staff is always friendly. Greet me by name when I walk in and I never have waited more than a few minutes to be seen. Dr.Connors seems to have a great bedside manner and takes what you want your results to be into the utmost consideration.

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