Mommy Makeover for Non-mommy Scheduled Soon - Atlanta, GA

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I am a 60 year old woman having a mommy makeover...

I am a 60 year old woman having a mommy makeover without having been a mom. I have always disliked my breasts and now with middle age, I have gotten these rolls of fat around my waist despite no weight gain. I am in great health so I see no reason why I shouldn't go with this at may age. My surgery date is April 9. My doctor will do tummy tuck, breast lift and gel implants. She will also do flank, thigh and armpit liposuction. This will be a big event for me. Both excited and nervous. Will see if I can get some pictures to post after my pre-op appointment.

Post Op day #10 - Sorry, I am only updating now....

Post Op day #10 - Sorry, I am only updating now. My surgery went fine - five hours which the doctor expected and I spent the night in one of their recovery suites. I went home the next morning with two drains and a big smile. I live alone and have therefore taken care of myself for the entire recovery except for a driver to the checkup appointment. I had planned ahead and had all the food together and meds I needed as well as books. I have done great and feel great. On PO day four, I drove myself over to a nearby Thai place for shrimp pad thai. Most of the pain has been due to the liposuction and I have huge bruises on my legs but they are fading.

I went back to the MD this past Monday, and all incisions are healing well. I am draining alot so I still have a drain - one fell out Tuesday evening but the other has picked up the drainage. I had some breast tissue to start with so she chose to put in 225 gel implants. I will be a 36-38 D and that is fine. The bigger they are, the harder they will fall and I want my nipples to point forward in the future, not down. They removed 5.5 pounds of tissue/fat in the OR and I am now 8 pounds lighter than when I went in. My appetite has been good and my desire for sweets has lessened - good side benefit.
The best things I had going for me was good health, a calm, positive attitude and plenty of pre-op reading on the procedures - much from this site. I am also an RN, although not practiced in years, so I knew what to look for in the recovery period.
Thanks for listening and the support!! :-)
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