4 C-sections, 4 Wonderful Children: Soon to Be Fabulous at 40! - Atlanta, GA

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Only about two more weeks left before my Mommy...

Only about two more weeks left before my Mommy Makeover. I am super excited and also nervous. I have scoured this website for information and I have found some very good reviews. I hope that my review helps to inform others, as well. I have had 4 C-sections, a hysterectomy, bladder repair. These procedures plus the weight gain from having children has stretched my body out of shape. I do feel that I still look good in my clothes. However, I use shape-wear underclothing to help mold my body so that the cellulite is not as noticeable and so I am more comfortable walking, as my thighs rub together. My goal for this makeover is to have the ability to wear shirt or dress without a bra and to be able to fit my clothes without my hanging stomach showing through. I would also like to have the "bra/back fat" removed. I am not interested in a BBL, but if he can do something to shape what is already there without adding more fat, I would be grateful.

Around the corner...

Confirmed my consult and surgery. Strange to me, the surgeon is asking me to stop my blood pressure medication (Labetalol) 24 hrs before surgery and my anxiety medication (Ativan) immediately. This is new information for me as I have never been asked to stop my meds and I have had 4 C-sections, hysterectomy, colonoscopy, endoscopy and other procedures while on these meds. As a matter of fact, when I had my hysterectomy, the doctor told me to make sure I took my medicine. Anyone else have to stop taking routine meds?

"nervous and excited"

I am shuffling between anxiety and excitement throughout the day. I have 4 wonderful children, and I'm a single mom, so it gets scary at times to think about surgery. The crazy thing is the surgery and expected pain after don't bother me. (I have been cut open a lot). I just don't like being "put to sleep"! But, alas, this type of surgery requires it, so I'm gonna keep praying that God guides everyone involved in my care and blesses me with a speedy and healthy recovery.

On a great note, the doctor is allowing my daughter to accompany me to the consultation. She is almost 9 years old and super excited to meet Dr. Jones since she and I both watch him on TV. All he gets are GREAT reviews. I am hoping my experience will be awesome, as well.

Update with pictures...

So, I see Dr. Jones tomorrow afternoon. I guess this would be a good time to post some "before" pictures of myself.

I have been thinking about this surgery a lot. I am so nervous sometimes about the "what ifs", but I am desperately trying to remain positive. I want to get this surgery. I also want to be safe and healthy. I have read so many reviews, some good and some awful. I have looked at the beautiful after pictures and the horrifying ones like when a person needs a wound vac. I do feel that after I see Dr. Jones and ask him questions, I will feel more at ease.

On another note, I went to the doctor and got my blood work done. I also went to the Cardiologist to get my EKG. The interesting thing is that my first set of labs were off. By that, I mean that the technician (in preparing the sample) or the lab (in testing the sample) did something wrong and had my Potassium reading an 8.2! The labs were also showing that my sodium was low and my PTT/INR and TT (clotting tests) were off. The doctor's office that drew my blood asked me to come back in for a re-draw and would not tell my why. So, since I was going to my heart doctor for my EKG, I asked them to fax the results to her. After reading my results, my heart specialist said, "A number that high for Potassium is incompatible with life. These labs are wrong. I'm going to order new ones." She also did the EKG and cleared me for surgery from a cardiac standpoint on that same day. So, all I had to do was wait for the labs to get back and see if the results were different. I had a good feeling that they would be because there is no way in the world that she would have let me leave her office if my life was in immediate danger.

Well, what do you know, I got a notification from my cardiologist today that my labs were in and the new results came back normal! This is precisely why we should question everything. While I was waiting on my labs to return, I did quite a bit of reading on false high Potassium levels and I learned a whole lot about how clinching your fist, pumping your fist, tourniquet time, wrong tube order, delay in testing and centrifugation can affect a person's Potassium test. Therefore, it is imperative that if a high Potassium reading comes back that does not match with the person's kidney function tests results like Creatinine, etc., the doctor must order a re-draw.

Well, to the photos. I have been hesitant to post these because they show everything. But, this is what this site is about. Hopefully, by showing my before and after photos, I can help someone else who is considering these surgeries and also considering getting them done by Dr. Jones. I am currently 190 lbs and 5 feet 3 inches tall. Here goes!

Saw Dr. Jones today...read below for price breakdown

I have read a lot of good reviews about Dr. Jones and, I must say, he does have good "bedside manner." I liked the fact that he was interested in talking to me about myself, my children and my life and not just the Mommy Make-over. Having said that, I did have PLENTY of questions for him. He did a good job of answering them all and I did not feel rushed. It took me a while to get in to see him as there were other patients there, but aren't all doctor's offices like that? Nevertheless, when he was with me (and my daughter), as I said, he took his time and I did not feel rushed. Even when his assistant kept reminding him that he had other patients and needed to "wrap it up", he stayed with me and continued to answer my questions and explain everything in great detail.

Anyway, I can say that I do feel that the consultation went very well. My nervousness has dissipated for now (but it will probably return right before the surgery). It could have been both a consultation and a pre-op appointment, but my Cardiologist called and asked me to see a Hematologist for clearance before getting this procedure done. So, I am having to post-pone the procedure for another two weeks. The reason for the Hemo clearance is because she found that my PTT was 40 seconds. That means that it is showing 1.5 seconds off, which is not much and should not hinder surgery, but I am going to follow her instructions and make sure that I get that clearance first to be on the safe side and rule out any underlying issue that may be there in relation to clotting time, which I doubt.

Now, for the information that no one seems to want to post. What will I have to pay in order to get the surgery? Here is the breakdown:

1. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) - $6,350
2. Breast Lift with Anchor-shaped Scar - $5,000
3. Liposuction Flanks - $2,000

Other Fees:
4. Facility - $3,200
5. Anesthesia - $1,600
6. SUPPLY: Garment (Above Knee) (x1) - $50
7. SUPPLY: Surgical Bra (x1) - No Charge
Total: $18,200

I was personally hoping that the charges would be less. Would have been nice to haggle! Seriously though, Dr. Jones is a professional and this is how he makes his living. If you can't afford to pay for the best, then you have to search elsewhere. I know that other women may be offered lower or higher prices than mine, but each case is different. Therefore, I am accepting that this is what it will be for me to get the body that I want. I hope and pray that the good doctor delivers!

Had my consultation today! Please read my posts to get more information about my visit and the estimated costs for my Mommy Make-over. As far as Dr. Jones goes, I really liked him and so did my daughter. He is really patient and kind - takes his time explaining and answering all of your questions in detail. He seems to be a humble and caring man. Great visit today!

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